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Found 2 results

  1. Hello fellow Guardians, o/ First, I want to say thank you to Agrajag and Shadowth117 for creating the tools needed for this to come to fruition. PSU Tenora Works Mod Tool Set Second, I want to say thank you to Parallaxed for this post: (It inspired me to try to do the same for the awesome PlayStation folks!) So, I had assumed how Parallaxed had achieved this was by pulling the assets from the Xbox 360 .iso I thought, hey, I could do the same with the PS2 .iso *SPOILER* it wasn't that easy. I shouldn't have assumed that the parser could read the PS2 textures because it never claims that on the github Either way, after spending some time tinkering I have came up with something I'm proud to share with you all. Download with Attack Ring, Alternative Download without Attack Ring, Alternative Installation mini-guide: 1) Choose which version you would like and click the corresponding link 2) Download the corresponding folder and save it to a safe place 3) Navigate to your Phantasy Star Universe Clementine install directory 4) Find and open the DATA folder inside the Phantasy Star Universe Clementine install directory 5) Copy and Paste the files from inside PSUC Playstation 2 Controller Interface to the DATA folder inside the Phantasy Star Universe Clementine install directory 6) Done!
  2. I notice everyone just posted to get a link so here I am lol
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