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  1. I can't use anything or attack anything. Nobody else I play with has this problem. and I have to rely on lightning TECHNICs to do anything. Here's a couple gif's of it. This happened in another mission I was on. I thought if I just reset I would be fine. So I joined in on another mission and it wasn't resolved. What was happening https://gyazo.com/bc2281d1dc84234719553a59d43b241e The only thing I could do https://gyazo.com/98142a2c257fd711cc9d87990a193b56
  2. Tried to post about this before, it wasn't all that great. Trying again with a bit more information to work with then last time I don't know how to make things look all nice and organized (sorry) Used on A rank Delsaban which I didn't know until now, have 2345 Max HP Infection should be 5% a tick. Currently it's 2%, but does seem to at least deal the damage every 4 Seconds as intended. Burn % Should Follow Formula (Burn % of Max HP = (Burn Level +1) Example , Level 4 burn should be dealing 5% of Max HP https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1TBk70UGel8X47P6CqHARIw9nXee-iHgs91hIdzHWhsE/edit#gid=0 If 5% is 117 , then 4% should be 93, 3% should be 70, 2% should be 46. If I did math right. I usually don't. Adding Poison does seem to be 3% damage a tick compared to infections 2%. Adding that an enemy that is Infected seems to be burnable also if the Infection is followed by Burn. The enemy will both be burning as well as taking the infection damage as long as each duration allows. (Both of the damage %'s will pop up, and enemy will show both status effects.) THIS BUG WAS FIXED IN AN UPDATE Adding Milranduil pointing out that %'s don't account for Multiple Player / Enemy HP multipliers ( I honestly never noticed) <-- Has been explained. Added : Burn cannot be reapplied while an enemy is currently Burning. (If the chance for Burn was high enough , could reapply Burn on target resetting the Burn timer. Then the burning would only stop when it ran its course , stopped reapplying /simply wasn't accurate enough to reapply or the target had too little HP left to Burn anymore.) Adding; Speculation ( Can't quite remember) Infection not doing flinches if that's what it did. Infection ticks used to knockdown high flying enemies down with a damage tick which it currently isn't doing.
  3. In this video on that timestamp, you'll notice that I've run out of Stun Trap EX. However, the game states that I have 0 Stun Trap EX in my inventory. Is this a bug, likely caused by them being in my palette, or an intended feature?
  4. So, I bought this item (G.R.M. Express) in the decorations because it looked nice, and when I placed it, it was all okay. When I exited decoration mode and interacted with the Item (I actually just mashed A), the game softlocked. I could see my character moving, but I couldn't move the camera, walk, cancel, etc. I could still hear mail sounds and open the message logs.
  5. Good day everyone, I really need to report that. I had 87/300 items in my storage on my partner machine and everything in it is not there anymore, nothing. Not even one thing I had. I had some weak synth. items in my storage, and some grinder A and S bases (7 A bases, 12 S bases). I lost Te / TECH PP Save, my Halarod, my fourth Gaozoran Rod, my 4 Shato's, my third Uransara Wand, my 4 Promoto Pit, all of my clothes (things like the Sarisa Replica and Karren Replica). Now I'm really sad about that, because I spend a lot of time there to get all thies things, but now everything is away. I hope you can fix that ...
  6. NPC shops, namely weapon and armor shops, are too expensive. I'm aware of this being a bug, but I feel as if it's been ignored for weeks. Oh, just grind and you'll get there eventually you say? What if I don't have the time, or don't feel like grinding for hours on end looking for weapons to sell? How are people supposed to test the weapons if they can't afford them? With the money I make running B-rank missions, if I buy a weapon and a PA, I'm already broke. I'm not a developer, so I don't know how painful coding it would be, but this is a crucial fix.
  7. as title says techs scale off ATP + TP making hybrid casting ability almost on par to full MF in straight damage, easily confirmed by adding/removing an arm slot unit from your line shield.
  8. character name: Emil character ID:10001497 I have slower run speed than my party members. Tested against Newman and a Cast. Uncertain if it's race related or because I had the old version of Clementine + patch. (That's the only difference I could see between me and my friends.) Edit: Reinstalled 'new' Clementine client (Id had old client before) and everything is back to normal run speeds.
  9. I'll let Seority and/or Hanzo describe this in this topic.
  10. After using the bullet on the same crossbow (a cubo mamba) for some time I was noticing that even with my health low I wasn't killing enemies any faster. While the game does show larger numbers coming from my crossbow at low health, it is taking the same number of shots to kill enemies as if I were at full HP. I also cross examined this using a regular bow and the numbers don't add up with the output I'm dealing when comparing the different weapon. For example a level 110 Mizura has around 8,500-9,000 hp (calculating an average damage with my bow dealing 735 damage per shot and taking 12 shots to kill). The numbers my crossbow are showing at low health are averaging out at 650 per bolt at 4 bolts. It take me 7-9 shots using the crossbow (depending on misses) and landing every bolt when I fire to kill a mizura. Even if I took into account 2 bolts per trigger pull missing (which isn't happening) the damage I'd deal is 9,100-11,000 damage. If we only account for 1 bolt missing per shot (which is closer to the actual) it should only take 5 shots to kill the Mizura. I also tested this strictly using the crossbow against numerous badira. with no buffs At full HP it took me 7 shots to kill a badira, at 15% HP it took me 7 shots to kill the badira even though the game was showing each of the four bolts doing roughly double the damage as their full hp counterparts. TLDR, the game is showing larger numbers with Yak Zagenga but the damage being calculated in the background is actually the same no matter the HP the player is at. I would also ask anyone using Nosmegid to test if the "HP affects damage" is working correctly on that PA as well.
  11. So my friend invited me to tag along with him with a B rank forest of illusion run, it was a full party. I was struggling to get some hits on the mobs to get some EXP; I'm a fortetecher, so he gave me his double daggers to hit them (it wasn't that effective; I was too slow). I tried to equip it to my palette, and it woudn't let me. It said it wasn't my type, it also didn't show its letter ranking. So I just kinda brushed it off. Then we got to block 2. I loaded into block 2, the daggers were equipped, not even in my palette with 0/0 PP (look at the screenshots). I ended up using then for the rest of the mission to try to keep up with the party. So we finished the mission with no problems, so I go to sell some of the drops I found. This glitched dagger is apparently worth 16mil. So, I ask my friend if i could try to sell it, he says sure. I try to sell it, it says equipped items can't be sold even though I never equipped it, so I unequipped everything in my palette; then I sold the daggers to get 0 meseta.
  12. Well, I listed my Goraduke for sale last night 8% ICE and let it sit in my player shop for about 15 hours then i decided i wanted to buy an ICE hiken to use with the goraduke so i took it out of my shop this morning about 15 hours later and now its neutral and no attribute. This is all the info i have
  13. Whenever I use Retsuzan on my grinded slicer, my PA appears as a level 1-10 PA. But when I use my clean, ungrinded slicer, my PA appears as its proper level range. Can anyone confirm if this is AF specific or a general bug?
  14. ^The title I was doing a solo run and when I got to block 2, after killing a group of enemies, a key card appeared but it didn't register when I picked it up. I didn't try to run it a second time so I'll do that and then edit my post. Edit: I tried it a second time and the bug appeared again.
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