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  1. None of these are show stoppers, more like data errors, 1) Displayed model for Twin Varista / C is incorrect. Single Varista displays properly, but the twin version displays as Twin Supressed Guns. Stats are correct, though. This may apply to the normal Twin Varista that one gets in the rare PSO Caves C-S* mission as well. 2) Some units have incorrect ratings / rarity; I've noted Mega/Power (should be a "B" unit, listed as "C") and Tero/Hit (Rarity is 7*, should be 6*). 3) I think the drop rates for Rappies are, well, borked. I've run into more Rappies on Clementine than I did on PSU XBox 360, so that's good. What's bad is I've gotten nothing better than 3* synthesis items out of any of them and that includes some L55 Rappies (Unsafe Passage S, aka Megid Hell). No Rappy Feathers, no units over the course of 50 encounters across 4 characters. Nothing is more Frustrating than dealing 16K in damage to kill one, and you get... a monomate. Twice.
  2. So after many runs of testing and promising new players a nice starting fortune to acquire a box drop from A rank event missions I'm here to conclude that A rank event mission clear boxes are currently broken. I have ran the mission Scorched Valley A rank in pursuit of obtaining a Phantasy Burger but came to the realization that the boxes are possibly broken. Here is my reasoning. I feel as if the clear boxes are actually regular boxes. If you run S rank, and higher the boxes behave differently than A rank. S rank will always open as most of the boxes being empty except for 2. While A rank will have all clear boxes containing a drop such as photon charge. This completely different behavior of clear boxes is one reason why i believe A rank is broken. Another reason is because after many many full party runs with lower levels all ended up with no labeled box drops whatsoever. And after asking around each of the many parties all the lower level players i played with reported to me that nothing on both protectors kappa and SV has ever dropped. Some telling me they could have run the missions around more than 50 times. The number of A rank runs with full parties i ran is about 30 and ive offered 5-7mil to any box drop acquired to these low level players. Often leading to many disappointments. One thing i would like to suggest if this is fixable maybe there can be a raising of the rate of clear boxes for lower levels. Low tier box drops are not dangerous to the market and could help lower players economy in my personal opinion. Just like the current situation with Rabol Umbra not dropping in lambda S4. I wonder how many event box drops are actually broken. A rank has to be forsure but im curious if C B or other ranks are not working as well. A fix to clear box drops is important to fix before the final wipe and the increased clear box rates for lower ranks could help with testing to see if all of them work too.
  3. I upgraded my armor and got a new arm unit slot, not bothering to buy something cheap from the NPC i just played a pair of Event missions (Kappa) without equiping any unit and noticed that sometimes when i picked up a craft material item i was unnable to deal damage with physical and ranged attacks / PA's, only TECHNICs worked. I just quit the mission and sell some stuff to NPC, but noticed that a material was "equiped" to me, when trying a new mission with that material equiped the bug still persisted, droping the material solve the issue. This bug haven't show since i got an arm unit.
  4. The only restriction is basic types can't use Feri-senba. Please fix this!!
  5. Hellooo! found a mini bug This S Rank [ Cati / Rainbow ] Body Unit dropped for me after I ended a SEEDs life. On PSUPedia it says its suppose to be [A Rank] not S
  6. Hellow there community. I got a bigger problem for the last 2 days now and nothing has changed a lil bit. I can't level up my PA's (Diga and Radiga for example). I tryed everything to fix it somehow but nothing happened and I'm so sad right now that this is not working anymore. I really need to level up my PA's but I can't If someone knows the problem, just tell me how to fix it ;w;
  7. Conker1

    No sound

    My friend launched the game and started task manager and it closed his game he logged back in and had no sound. Any solutions?
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