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Found 3 results

  1. Just give them more incentive to actually use their techs so they don't feel like a gimpy forte fighter with buffs is all, I think most Wartechers would be happy lowering S rank wands to A rank for this is it's deemed too strong in it's own right, thoughts/opinions? reasons for to me is because of the obvious synergy you would have with using a melee in the right and magic in left hand, akin to what guntecher has now with their combo, switching off melee to a wand doesn't feel very fluid an slows down combat I think it would serve them a lot better to be able to do both decently without having to swap weapons an might and magic combination is what this class is themed around, currently there is little reason to cast techs as even resistant monsters go down easier with twin claws maybe with this change they can make a use for it. It will also buff their support options allowing them to heal without swapping off weapons though albeit they can do this with just A rank fine so /shrug Edit: made a low effort post slightly less low effort.
  2. as title says techs scale off ATP + TP making hybrid casting ability almost on par to full MF in straight damage, easily confirmed by adding/removing an arm slot unit from your line shield.
  3. Hello! I have been messing about with the damage formula when testing to see if the defense debuffs are working and I found out that DFP and MST, as a whole, seem to be weak and ineffective... Here are my findings: TL;DR defensive stats don't do much when it comes to protecting because of the way it is calculated. Armors (in a lot of cases), along with defensive buffs and debuffs, are meaningless because of it. Zalure seem to be increasing very little and isn't worth using First of all, the maximum damage formula is as follows (taken from Psupedia) : maximum damage = floor(crit x (atp x pa x (1 + ele) x buff - enemy's dfp) / 5) Keep in mind that, in this post, when I mention ATP and DFP, it also covers TP and MST. techs are the same! The only thing that change is that ATP is swapped for TP and DFP is MST along with a 1.2 multiplier to TP if you have a rod. Here's (quickly) how the formula works. First, "floor' means that, whatever number comes out, it will just chop off everything after the decimal. 1034.9 becomes 1034. Next, crit/just attack is multiplying whatever damage comes out by 1.5, it does not affect DFP or ATP and will be left off for now. Then we have the bracket where the damage is calculated. ATP gets multiplied by PA power, element and buff applied on the attacker. At the end of the bracket is where DFP reduces the total ATP (damage) by a flat amount. Finally, the division by 5 is just to balance numbers. Now, the problem... In short, ATP gets many multipliers from multiple sources while DFP acts as a small non multiplicative damage reduction. This causes DFP to feel ineffective but also affects the way armor and defensive buffs / debuffs work. EXAMPLE: Here we have a character using rising strike (191% PA power) that has 655 base ATP + 280 from a 4* pallasch (neutral), hitting a Lv. 65 Badira that has 304 DFP. Running all of it through the formula gives us 296 maximum damage. Not bad! Now, let's give the player a Lv. 1 shifta buff (+11%). Maximum damage goes up to 335 (13.2% increase). If we remove the Shifta and add Lv. 1 Zalure (-11%) to the enemy, it's DFP is now 270. The maximum damage is now 302 (2.1% Increase). The damage increase is very low for a 34 DFP reduction compared to Shifta that was casted BEFORE the fight. This issue affects player armor too along with defensive buffs. Armor right now has very small impact on damage that is either physical or an element that your armor does not cover. It works in the same way zalure doesn't reduce damage much. Deband is in the same boat as it increases a stat that has very low impact in the damaging process. Debuffs, right now, feel completely useless because of this. I have now explained why I think the defenses are flawed and am willing to offer solutions but I also want to see what the community thinks. Thanks for reading and here's hoping for clementine to keep evolving! Have a nice day !
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