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  • Before you continue...✋
    Clementine is a private server for Phantasy Star Universe™: Ambition of the Illuminus. It is a labor of love, and as such it is free, and will remain free throughout its entire lifetime.

    It is important that you understand:
    You do not need to donate or pay in order to be able to play on Clementine, or access any content. 

    Everything that Clementine and our team has recovered and implemented is all available free of charge, and it always will be.

    Whatever you decide, your support is greatly appreciated, whether it's through Discord, Patreon, or simply spreading the word.
    Thank you so much for your support!

  • Clementine is a custom server, using our own unique code and data, written from scratch. 



    Boost our Discord server with Nitro.
    Boosting our Discord server lets us improve the users experience, and overall Clementine. It enables features for us, like:

    Vanity URL, which lets users find us a lot more easily.
    The server banner, where we can display basic information such as running events.
    Better audio for party voice chat when using the Clementine voice channels.
    More custom Emoji's that we can have created, or add by the communities request.


    Discord Rewards:
    Supporting us this way grants you access to our contributor channel, where you can talk to us, share animal pictures, and just have a relaxing time. Cheers!

    You can help us cover our hosting bills via Patreon.
    By supporting us in this method, you help us cover the server hosting bill, which is upwards of $250 every month.
    PSU:Aoti is not a well optimized game, and unfortunately it is very network heavy beyond our control. To keep the server running, it means we are limited to hosting options which can keep up and push the amount of data that PSU requires.

    Here are some important points that you should be aware of before continuing:

    • Donating to Clementine does not get you any special treatment or service. It does not excuse you from our rules.
    • Pledges to our Patreon are recurring, but can be cancelled at any time. If you plan to make a one time donation then please remember to cancel your recurring payment.
    • Cancelling your pledge will remove all of your rewards immediately, so consider cancelling toward the end of the month to get the most out of your rewards.
    • We can not refund you, so please be sure that you want to donate before continuing.

    If you still wish to donate to our project, then you can do so here:


    To claim your forum rewards, you can link your Patreon account just here:


    Thank you so much for your support!


    Discord Rewards:

    Gain the Supporter or Super Supporter role, respective to their pledge tiers.
    Gain access to our Contributor section in our Discord server.
    Select one from a number of custom name colors for your Discord name.


    Forum Rewards:

    Gain the Supporter or Super Supporter group, respective to their pledge tiers.

    In the future, we plan to have other Forum/Discord rewards and features, which we hope you will appreciate.

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