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Found 3 results

  1. Valen's Upscaled Textures This project is an idea I had gotten inspired to do after seeing Bando's textures. This project aims to upscale everything eventually. That being said, that is a huge undertaking and I am taking this slow and as a hobby, so updates may take a while. This project is now in a "Beta" state. It appears that this project should be possible. Upscaled Areas: Guardian's Colony, Moatoob, Falz Memoria, Fantastic Voyage, Almost all boss arenas, Hive, PSO Areas, Seabed Relics, Inherit Laboratory. (Falz Memoria doesn't look the best in my opinion and it needs to get touched up.) If you notice any issues or want to give feed back, please let me know! P.S. We know about the Upgrade & Repair area breaking the 4th floor and moatoob, but as far as we know, there isn't anything we can do about it. Install Guide How to install: 1. Backup your DATA Files before installing. 2. Download Here 2.5. If you already have the previous version of the mod, you can download the update Here. 3. Open the zip file and extract the contents of the folders you want into your DATA folder. (If you Time Attack, you may not want the Missions as it adds a fair bit of load time.) 4. Change the graphics option "High LOD models" to 32 max in the clementine launcher. (If you don't, you WILL crash). Changelog Credits Thanks to Bando for inspiring this project. Thanks to Killroy for helping me test and upscale things. Thanks to Gotanks for redrawing some assets. Thanks to Marm for telling me some elusive file names. Thanks to Agrajag for the parser. H CAZ for helping with the texture issues. Previews
  2. Hey everyone ! I've been following the developpment of clementine for a while now and i always wanted to contribute to it. I decided to try to upscale psu texture (which are usually 256*256) to higher res (1024*1024). For now i've only done the basic room it's more of an experiment for now so let me know what you guys think :). I'll upload a download link soon. For now i will most likely only do this for rooms since they have far less textures than open areas and this process is quite time consuming. Here's a few screenshots : Before : After : Before : After : Before : After : Before : After :
  3. Hello everyone, I got tired of looking at the fuzzy, pixelated and blurry Area / Mission Select Maps so I decided to upscale and give them a bit of a clean up. DOWNLOAD MOATOOB NEUDAIZ PARUM A PARUM B All source files included on the git, throw the files into you DATA folder, backup your originals of course. https://github.com/JoycieC/psu-upscaled/tree/main/Area Maps/DATA Files Note that the Space Map is not included at present. PREVIEW (Warning big files) https://github.com/JoycieC/psu-upscaled/tree/main/Area Maps/Map Previews There are two versions of Parum because I couldn't decide which one looked better, of course the results vary between maps and I'm not 100% satisfied with the result for some parts, so I may revisit these later as there is a lot of detail loss when upscaling such low resolution source files. They are not intended to be professional replacements, but hopefully somebody will find a use for these or be inspired to make better versions. These were made using Topaz Gigapixel AI and cleaned up in an image editor after.
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