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Found 8 results

  1. Valen's Upscaled Textures This project is an idea I had gotten inspired to do after seeing Bando's textures. This project aims to upscale everything eventually. That being said, that is a huge undertaking and I am taking this slow and as a hobby, so updates may take a while. This project is now in a "Beta" state. It appears that this project should be possible. Upscaled Areas: Guardian's Colony, Moatoob, Falz Memoria, Fantastic Voyage, Almost all boss arenas, Hive, PSO Areas, Seabed Relics, Inherit Laboratory. (Falz Memoria doesn't look the best in my opinion and it needs to get touched up.) If you notice any issues or want to give feed back, please let me know! P.S. We know about the Upgrade & Repair area breaking the 4th floor and moatoob, but as far as we know, there isn't anything we can do about it. Install Guide How to install: 1. Backup your DATA Files before installing. 2. Download Here 2.5. If you already have the previous version of the mod, you can download the update Here. 3. Open the zip file and extract the contents of the folders you want into your DATA folder. (If you Time Attack, you may not want the Missions as it adds a fair bit of load time.) 4. Change the graphics option "High LOD models" to 32 max in the clementine launcher. (If you don't, you WILL crash). Changelog Credits Thanks to Bando for inspiring this project. Thanks to Killroy for helping me test and upscale things. Thanks to Gotanks for redrawing some assets. Thanks to Marm for telling me some elusive file names. Thanks to Agrajag for the parser. Previews
  2. Hey everyone ! I've been following the developpment of clementine for a while now and i always wanted to contribute to it. I decided to try to upscale psu texture (which are usually 256*256) to higher res (1024*1024). For now i've only done the basic room it's more of an experiment for now so let me know what you guys think :). I'll upload a download link soon. For now i will most likely only do this for rooms since they have far less textures than open areas and this process is quite time consuming. Here's a few screenshots : Before : After : Before : After : Before : After : Before : After :
  3. Hello everyone, I got tired of looking at the fuzzy, pixelated and blurry Area / Mission Select Maps so I decided to upscale and give them a bit of a clean up. DOWNLOAD MOATOOB NEUDAIZ PARUM A PARUM B All source files included on the git, throw the files into you DATA folder, backup your originals of course. https://github.com/JoycieC/psu-upscaled/tree/main/Area Maps/DATA Files Note that the Space Map is not included at present. PREVIEW (Warning big files) https://github.com/JoycieC/psu-upscaled/tree/main/Area Maps/Map Previews There are two versions of Parum because I couldn't decide which one looked better, of course the results vary between maps and I'm not 100% satisfied with the result for some parts, so I may revisit these later as there is a lot of detail loss when upscaling such low resolution source files. They are not intended to be professional replacements, but hopefully somebody will find a use for these or be inspired to make better versions. These were made using Topaz Gigapixel AI and cleaned up in an image editor after.
  4. Metsume

    PhotonFX ReShade

    This is a ReShade for PSU created by 8Phantasm that was lost with the old Clementine forum. It helps with a lot of the jagginess, makes colors vibrant, adds bloom, etc. Huge thanks to 8Phantasm and anyone else involved for their hard work and I would not be able to post this if it weren't for Andromeda (DandyP#2536 on Discord), so shoutouts to him! Super helpful and friendly guy. I've attached the files needed to get this working. All you need to do is open the folder after extracting the rar and drop the "ReShade" folder, "d3d9.dll", and "ReShade.fx" into your Clementine folder, so 3 items in total. No need for ReShade installation! Here's a simple comparison of what it can do: BEFORE ------------------------------ AFTER Here's a video I found that can help with any setup you may need, like customizing settings, but really just drop the 3 items into your Clem folder and launch the game. Also, fun tip, the Scroll Lock key will enable and disable the effects if you're interested in seeing the difference in-game. Have fun trying out different settings! See you guys out there! Backup download link PhotonFX 1.0 - ReShade+Framework 0.18.7 Preset.rar
  5. I know a person named Nemo (https://psu-clementine.net/community/index.php?/profile/675-nemo/), already did something like this but... (no offense) his method is pretty much outdated. So, I'm gonna give you guys the updated version for Reshade 4.3 (or under if possible you have one) Srry, I rushed the first one ;3 Link to the config file will be right here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1FWdiqH9lbIPtTUG6L8iYQzvkbQdpR0e2
  6. sorry for the video quality if it does bother anybody but I do say exactly what to do on the tool. - At the beginning of the video my audio did get cutoff, and I do apologize. I said: Today I will be showing you how to use custom music on PSU. - Keep in mind I made this video when I did not have access to the old server, I however had access to the old test server. - For anybody that gets lost below the video will be a text tutorial as well as text doc files with some of the basic areas with music, etc. Text Tutorial: 1. Download and install PES Sound Converter. 2. Once installed, open the program and change the conversion types to be MP3 to ADX 3. Drag and drop or browse for a song, and click next. 4. You should now be in the settings tab, go ahead and tick [Save ADX file with complete loop from start to end] 5. Save the converted file wherever you wish. 6. Look at the music list and find the one you wish to replace and rename the converted ADX file to the songs name [Example: Clyez City G Colony e189f5205c961dcea1feba0007cba2bd] and remove the .adx extension. You must have file type extensions visible to remove file extensions directly, go here for a tut on how to make file type extensions visible 7. Move the new custom song to your PSU: Clem DATA folder, You can either replace the file, or backup the original file then replace. - I recommend you backup the original file. Downloads: 1. PES Sound Converter: https://mega.nz/#!1ltUmI6b!tdhX4WMr1upNAvl81l7GFwN-u0qwa8QZSqawMfU_9Bk - Virus Scan: https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/1f4e323320440dd5e1ca9d03d8ea9a2afcb54a9433262e8881f89dd493d77e40/detection The scan has 1 false positive. If you don't feel safe using the sound converter then do not use it. The sound converter is 100% safe. Look up PES Sound Converter, or find another MP3 to ADX sound converter that will loop from start to end. However that's the only converter I found that would work properly! Here is another tut for those that do not trust PES Sound Converter, but the process is much longer to accomplish. 2. PSU Music List UPDATED: https://mega.nz/#!181xmCzR!uSsyQTIZ8tZfhDvGX4_AeIhxM2d9JOdL-ML9osQ3TZE - Virus Scan: https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/5482c07e8377de43b7c68b3bd3804f83b741a3bf283ea9f0cbc14653c5d996e9/detection IMPORTANT: How you get your mp3 files is on you! I do not condone piracy in anyway shape or form.
  7. I know Metsume posted the Photon FX Shader Mod and I'm not sure if it's the same but I've been using Sweet FX. First thing is first it's best to have Open GL 2.1 or higher capabilities and be playing in Direct X 9+ that last one is an obvious though lol. The links below are not download pop-ups you have the choice to review the parent website and determine if you feel safe but so far it hasn't effected me since 2014. It's really easy to mess up a step so follow closely. We need to start here Download the shader files for Sweet FX here --->> https://sfx.thelazy.net/downloads/ https://imgur.com/Y5S7DnL Next I'm pretty sure this is optional but lets just follow this guide for simplicity, download the file here --->> https://sfx.thelazy.net/games/preset/4023/ https://imgur.com/YJlU5Sp Okay now that we have the files let's create a temp desktop file called Sweet FX , you will need an extractor program there are plenty on the web I prefer using " 7z. " Open your Extractor program or right click the " SweetFX_1_5-23364 " file and extract it into the SweetFX folder we manually made. https://imgur.com/NHZ2OHL Now let's just click and drag the " SweetFX_Settings_Phantasy Star Universe_PSU Ultra " into the SweetFX folder we manually made. https://imgur.com/KX9nFf5 Last we need to Download the " SweetFX Configurator " located here --->> http://sweetfx.thelazy.net/?cat=3 https://imgur.com/D4Hrc1B Drag or Copy the contents into the SweetFX folder we manually made. If it asks you to Overwrite and Replace, do so replace files. https://imgur.com/u4JHjgQ Last Step before you get to configuring Now that we have everything in one place click drag or copy the contents of the SweetFX folder we have prepared into your PSU Clementine directory folder that has the Online and PSUC.exe in them. https://imgur.com/neAvhTS -------------------------------------------------- Once we have everything setup go into your PSU Clementine folder and Open the SweetFX Configurator >> Bottom Left Click "Add new game " >> Select " PSUC " . You should see PSUC.exe on the top left and it should say Active (13) to the side. If you see this everything has been done correctly so far. Screenshot for referencing. https://imgur.com/aD6jzp3 Okay so now that we're here there's not much I can tell you. Everyone's computer is different so there isn't really an all in one setting. What you do here to edit the effects is you click on " PSUC.exe " on the top left you'll see this area populate with different types of settings. Each setting you click on has subsettings and precise configurations you can make. It's best to start low then raise the settings to your liking. The best ones to edit in my opinion are the following below. FXAA Anti-aliasing ,Bloom ,HDR ,Luma Sharpen ,Levels ,Lift Gamma Gain ,Tonemap ,Vibrance ,Vignette I've provided an example of what it would look like when you click on Bloom in the red boxes I've marked. Each setting has a good but brief description of the type of changes it will inflict on the post processing. https://imgur.com/mgjxXVN Once you've made all the changes you click " Save new Config " on the bottom middle then click " Save / Load configuration " on the lower right side. A pop-up window should appear make a name on the lower left and click new preset. Click on the preset name in the Preset list on the top left then click Export Preset. Export to " SweetFX_Settings_Phantasy Star Universe_PSU Ultra " which should be in the folder that has opened up if not search for your PSU Clemetine folder and do so , replace the folder and that's it. You can press the Scroll Lock key on your Keyboard to toggle the effect's in-game but as I noticed my Alienware Laptop doesn't have that so you might need to use a USB Keyboard which is what I have been using i guess I never noticed because I always use my USB keyboard lol. Any questions ask me I'll try to answer promptly.
  8. I did have this up on the old forums but obviously it got wiped, so I'll post it here too. This is a mod I made that replaces some textures in the game to look cleaner. I also retextured Moatoob to make it into a snow-focused lobby. Only the main city though, not any other lobbies. Download: https://goo.gl/Lpqk8w (Couldn't get spoiler tags to work because I'm a retard, so apologies for the wall of screenshots) Screenshots: Guardians Colony 4th floor: Guardians Colony skybox: Moatoob's snow retexture: If you want a video of what it looks like, here: There was a report of a bug involving the Moatoob files, so i am quoting what they said here for visibility:
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