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Found 5 results

  1. Just checking up on everyone to see if anyone wanted to leave any input on how they feel about the current game state. I saw a few comments on discord about how the market has been. Mixed comments. I do want to state how my feelings were effected during the whole grinding change. First I want to explain myself that I fought extremely hard to have mods/ community members to look closely at grinding. I invested heavily into this game, and my play style revolved around buying 1/1 weapons and trying to buy 0/0 weapons. Paying millions of meseta in the early game just to acquire such weapons. Just for them to be destroyed by the update. I also spent countless hours pouring every single resource into accumulating S+10 grinders. Just for their value to to diminish with a swift motion. Leading up to the grinding change I was playing regularly. Taking note of a particular mod (Ethateral) who would remove some of my trade posts on discord just because he disagreed with my opinion on grinding. It truly felt like the odds were stacked up against me. One thing that really busted my bubble along with the people I played with was that an honest players' opinions were overlooked. I never cheated in my time of playing Clementine. However, the opinions of people who played with client hackers were put into more consideration than our own. It was a bad deal. So you can understand why a guy like me would quit the game. I do want to note that I will be back on Clementine. I will bring some people back onto the server as well. This will be towards the "end game." When all the weapons are available and all the cheap weapons are obsolete, I will come back. There will probably be a leveling event. I will easily acquire some of the rarest weapons during that time of month. Then I would take some of my S+10s being held by a friend and easily 10/10 the end game weapons. Boom, game complete. In the mean time, I will being working towards my PhD in economics and spending my time more productively than with a game that an elementary schooler can pick up and easily play. Grinding is the sole mechanic that makes the game difficult. Clem Flex channel- just so you can show off fruitless accomplishments? okay Maybe in the future, or after a wipe, there could be a server for people who have a different preference on grinding? Maybe you could swap servers but have zero influence on the market/ trades depending on your home server? Maybe I am just a hollow shell of a player talking to myself. Thoughts? How is the player count? How is the gameplay? Do you die often?
  2. Greetings friends. I would like to propose that the next grind boost week to be held on the week that holds Easter. I would also like this post to be the end of all the nonsense over how hard grinding is. The current grinding system is in place for a reason. Once the end game weapons come out, the final weapons to come should not be receiving their finishing grinds IN A WEEK OR TWO. That would simply kill the game. The general agreement on Discord during last test server was that there were to be grind weeks. We already had one so why not another? Grind weeks, EXP weeks, I would even like to see Mat weeks, Meseta weeks, Class EXP weeks, etc. Most people agreed that a system similar to PSO2 was to me implemented for grinding. Looks exactly like what we got. I believe all the discussion on changing a core function of the game should have been said during the different test servers. No more test servers please. anyways, Can I get a CHEERS for EASTER ?!?
  3. Hello Clementine community, I am here to start the discussion of weapon grinding and how it can be improved and/or changed as a whole for a more enjoyable experience. I wrote out my own view on how things can be redone which can be found at the google doc link Here (Its a bit of a long read). I have shown this to several members of the staff as well as all the other helpers / balance team members and they mostly liked it but if any major change is to happen, the rest of the player base would need to look it over and give an honest review of it. After you have read it and are willing to give a critique or response in general, I humbly ask that whether you like it or dislike it, that you add as much details as to why that is and how it can be more improved as well as your own ideas that you may have as I would love to read them! Somethings to note is that none of the rates on there have been tested, nobody at this time would have any idea how they would feel and would need to be ran by several people in a test server to get a general idea but I'd also like to add a few extra questions that could help that process: 1) With this system you would be using a decent amount more grinders than you normally would. How many grinders do you think it would be reasonable for to achieve a 10/10? What is too much or too little based on your experience in obtaining grinders. 2) This system is mainly to promote people to add a few upgrades on weapons without risking its entire value. How far on grinds with the current grinding system do you usually go to before you consider too much of a risk / loss? 3) What are your overall opinions with the current grinding system? What do you think about upgraded weapons in general? I understand that this isn't anything how "Official" did things but a lot of Clementine isn't how official did things but it seems the majority of people have enjoyed all of those changes so far. Nothing feels worse in PSU than spending a very large amount of time trying to get the weapon you want (and if its a melee weapons, you need that high % too) and when you go to grind it, it comes out 4/4 and your previous gear is still better and you feel as if you wasted all that time trying to progress but you accomplished nothing. I hope that at the very least this has inspired some of you to think about other new ways to approach PSU systems that aren't very fun, I'm looking forward to all of your responses on this matter! Thanks for reading / participating.
  4. Keystone

    Grind Idea

    Hi folks. I've seen some of the topics hating on grinding recently, so I came up with a master plan for you all. The idea is 1 or more final grind_difference variables. (In programming, a final variable is basically a variable with a set value that doesn't change.) The effect would be the following: grind_difference = 1.0 (no change to your weapons' ATK, TP, & PP as they are now) grind_difference = 0.8 0/10 Hiken PP: 311 -> 334 (+23) 5/10 Hiken PP: 357 -> 371 (+14) 10/10 Hiken PP: 424 (+0) x/10 weapon stat = 10/10 weapon stat - ( grind_difference * ( 10/10 weapon stat - x/10 weapon stat ) ) With a smaller grind_difference variable, someone not wanting to risk lowering their x/10 weapon's max grind potential would feel less pressured to do so, because the weapon wouldn't be as weak as it is presently. There could be one grind_difference variable for ATK/TP, another for PP, or one for both. It could also only affect weapons between certain grinds, like 3/10 to 10/10, so 0/10's would still be crappy. Specific weapons could be ignored, like the very grind-impacted Agito Repca sword if desired. Grinding would be kept as a system, but the variable value(s) would change according to how over/underpowered the community felt 10/10's were. Edit: rewrote "break their x/10 weapon" to "risk lowering their x/10 weapon's max grind potential" at Hatsodoom's request.
  5. Whenever I use Retsuzan on my grinded slicer, my PA appears as a level 1-10 PA. But when I use my clean, ungrinded slicer, my PA appears as its proper level range. Can anyone confirm if this is AF specific or a general bug?
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