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Found 2 results

  1. I know I mentioned it before in some other posts, but I'll probably address it again more directly. This is about direction of the difficulty scaling on clementine, and also the drops again. I understand that in PSUC, players some players may have wanted harder difficulty scaling, but I feel it's important that it probably should've been left as official, and instead, offer more GAMs (guardian's advanced missions) for harder content with appropriate loot to compensate the limitations around type level, and player levels, It would alter what weapons players can use for that particular content. The issue currently is that there wasn't really much of an option for the players that didn't want this change to begin with. This would be perfect for old events like IC where you can experience the mission as it was intended rather than having to make it a generally easier experience for everyone. GAM is design in a way that it's meant for party play for doing harder content, Strategically, A lot of time's i've noticed whenever someone complained about the difficulty, the only answer to that was... what.. do a lower difficulty instead of what was originally intended for your level? PSU wasn't exactly designed to be a hardcore game in particular, but forcing that onto players isn't exactly a good idea to begin with. We always had the option, but in the current state of clementine, we currently do not. GAM should be more of an endgame feature, maybe revamp all the existing missions with a new twist, enemy patterns and gimmicks, there's so much potential that could be done inside of GAMs and it's really where the hardcore focus should be. Maybe I should just ask for core systems of the game to come back in some light as there's now plans for gas to be implemented at some point? It's like when Kritika NA had already more difficult than original "existing" content made even harder because players were running it too quickly, and then the patch came and everything was made overly difficult for little rewards, (atleast they made drops slightly higher at the time while also having linear progression..) and that's why the game died in the hands of Enmasse. Now with its re-release its dying cause its p2w af lul. In the case of clementine, content was made harder Not exactly harder, just enemies are tankier and more and more enemies have sword and shield buffs now meaning some enemies can one shot you because they're also overscaled, Drops were also nerfed, not in just value, but physically as its very uncommon for just basic mobs to drop anything at all, and to add, community was also smaller than official server, so having a steady supply of something is also an issue. Item's like Twin Caladblog, don't really exist due to it being on A rank difficulty and no one farms it. it would be healthier if more enemies dropped more items rather it being tied to a clear box that usually holds nothing but note seeds and photons. <--- Materials like these should be removed from the clear boxes and clear rewards should be more rewarding for the effort you put in. There's been many more times where I wouldn't even see a single weapon drops, iirc the drops were made in accordance to not knowing the existing drop formula the official server used, so that's also understandable. I could be entirely wrong, so if I am, please slap me. It's demotivating sometimes when you go into a mission, run out of PP chargers, kill a boss and leave with maybe just.. 10k? cause the money drops on enemies were also nerfed into the ground, and don't scale appropriately at higher levels, also with enemies being scaled higher, something like a random foie crit or an enemy freezing you in place without being able to move, you end up dying, or on some other cases, maybe the player doesn't have higher than 21 stamina, and doesn't have Vijeri / resist, then your going to be replenishing Scapes, then you replenish your Trimates and stars, and buy all 10 of your photon chargers over and over, sometimes It feels like I lose money rather than gain it, until maybe one drop maybe. (there's been many more times where I wouldn't even see a single weapon drop) iirc the drops were made in accordance to not knowing the existing drop formula the official server used, so that's also understandable. And before its brought up, not every class can attack from range and deal appropriate damage to deal with these sort of situations where you don't need to be near an enemy, and not everyone plays the exact same way. That would be pretty boring, and not how PSU was designed to begin with. A lot of changes have been put into the game in accordance to the new difficulty alterations, like techs gaining wider range, having LB built into the class from the start, bullets being buffed to deal alot more damage than they used to, and bullet/techs having higher SEs. I'm not saying these are bad changes, but it doesn't solve all the issues in the game even when the other PAs are out. I feel like if the game was too easy before hand, Then why are some mechanics not being worked on to improve the difficulty, like enemy Debuffs and functional turrets with proper damage scaling, or having explosives deal 80% of Max HP? instead enemies were made artificially stronger with cheap alterations to their stats so they can cheap shot you with spells, enemies getting stronger due to the fact people joined my missions isn't exactly fun when you consider some specific enemies have absurd amounts of HP, so while it may work for most enemies, it really sucks for those tankier mobs if players can't tackle it accordingly. Restricting player level and increasing the enemy level to be higher creates a new issue for players which cause them to mission alot more than they're used to, and there's no way around it currently as our level cap is 119, but our enemies are 150~170. In the cause of Robotanical Gardens, Enemies have gone from being 140, to 170. yet for our S2 cap. Not only this, drops don't exactly get easier the higher the difficulty goes, missions remain rather dry over all. Not only this, but it seems players are adjusting their playstyle to suit these difficulty changes rather than playing the class they'd like to enjoy. It's forcing players to shit to a sort of meta. For example more and more players are playing hybrids to take care of two issues, Enemies having high defense, or enemies being weak to incapacitate. Is one thing being so strong that it completely negates the need for the others? Then it needs readjustments if its too good, or other aspects of the classes need to be brought forward to compete. It seems like alot of classes have a way to get around their weaknesses except for some melee classes, unless you have things like incap weapons, or something to deal with annoying mobs. so I would like to suggest something like either Super armor where melee users can take a hit, without being knocked 50 yards and having to run back to hit their enemy, And allowing some weapons to pierce enemy defenses like spears, great swords, axes, maybe even rifles and shotguns. but are readjusted so the damage doesn't end up just being like bows being spammed all over again. It's funny seeing people say the game is easy when they use like 1 or two tools to completely trivialize the games difficulty, regardless of how strong that enemy may be. If it's too powerful then its something that needs to be readjusted and looked at because it will only seem to get better and better as the difficulty increases and player level caps grows. Anyway, what are your thoughts? What are your disagreements/agreements to my statements? Feel free to also drop your own rant below. Getting out frustrations is a good way relieve some stress. Just keep it civil, and mature and give constructive criticisms. No one is ever right in their opinions, but also keep in mind to not devalue those opinions, and be mindful of them.
  2. When the "best" items are expected at 100+ runs, it really doesn't feel good, and your gear is not going to match your plevel and type level. I believe lots of players have this problem, myself included. Basically, you can't expect good gear progression from drops. But the drop rates act as a deterrent to "everyone has everything, everything costs nothing", and it works. I, myself, can probably play 30 hours a week at most, and I rarely reach that amount of hours. Regrettably, I couldn't expect to find any drops. However, there are other community members that do have hours to sink into the game. These are the type of players that have to get the best equip, high %, and 10/10 grinds., and they will keep playing to grind for them. That is their goal. If drops are too easy to get, they will get these items real quick, get bored, and quit. So, getting higher drop rates is actually detrimental to server health. And, while it sucks to not be able to get drops yourself, as these players continue to get drops, more and more handmedowns become available on the market, and eventually are available for cheap. So, in actuality, we are getting a good supply of gear as well as not sinking the economy the way that things are now, all we have to do is make sure we are earning that meseta so we can afford the gear. On the other hand, if drop rates were to increase, <50 hour/week players may feel better about getting drops, but I don't feel like it's worth losing people to play with.
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