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  1. FIRST ANNUAL DRAWING CONTEST THIS CONTEST IS NOW OVER!! Hello Friends! Welcome to the 1st Annual Phantasy Star Universe: Clementine Drawing contest! I want to start off by saying that this is a community based event that will be ending on Valentine's day 2021. The 2 rules to be followed are below: -No NSFW -The drawing must be of the star of the contest. Mankini Cowboy You might be wondering by now, "But what is the PRIZE?" The prize will DEFINETLY grow in size and is not restricted to Meseta. *As of January 4, 2020 the current prize pool is: 1st place prize- 10 Million Meseta AND you may have your in-game character drawn by a special guest artist. 2nd place prize- the FIRST 10/10 Phantasy Burger on the Clementine Server made by yours truly, Ronald McDonald. Along with a 10/10 Sand Rappy Bow and a random assortment of 50% weapons. 3rd place prize- a *tradeable* Rappy Suit of your choice. The prizes GROW, and will continue to GROW. -As a special note. There will be multiple judges for this contest- Don't think good ol' Ronald McDonald will just leave you hanging without giving you some inspiration for your work!! Look below fellow artists!! As some additional inspiration, the winners of the drawing contest will not be judged upon by quality. The winners will be chosen through the passion put into their work. It can be as simple as a small doodle. This is a community based contest that is brought together for the community, by the community. PLEASE submit your work any way possible. Leave a reply! Message me here on the forums! Message me on Discord!! @ HEH#7539 Good Luck Guardians! -M The Judges have decided and the results are in... CONGRATULATIONS Ferligan Ronald: Absolute Chad of a drawing. This was an instant yes for me because of the toes. Judge 2: Really liked that your character was incorporated with Mankini Cowboy. You put a lot of effort into it and it shows. Judge 3: I looked into his eyes and I knew in my heart it was first place. 2nd Place Cheesecubestick Ronald: I wanted this to win. You went out of the box when creating this. Thank you. Judge 2: The gif went above and beyond expectations with being unique. You are first place in my eyes. Judge 3: *Adley voice* I like it a lot. 3rd Place Keystone Ronald: This makes me laugh every time. Great toes. Perfect concept for this stage of the game. Judge 2: You came through in both of the drawings you submitted. I really liked the background scenery and the fact that Mankini is holding his mankini and cowboy hat. The two most important things. Judge 3: lol for Austin Powers. Honorable Mentions Pai Chan Lilian This concludes the First Annual Art Contest. All winners please get in contact with me or Mankini Cowboy himself, Thank you. Looking forward to seeing you all next time!
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