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  1. I know I mentioned it before in some other posts, but I'll probably address it again more directly. This is about direction of the difficulty scaling on clementine, and also the drops again. I understand that in PSUC, players some players may have wanted harder difficulty scaling, but I feel it's important that it probably should've been left as official, and instead, offer more GAMs (guardian's advanced missions) for harder content with appropriate loot to compensate the limitations around type level, and player levels, It would alter what weapons players can use for that particular content. The issue currently is that there wasn't really much of an option for the players that didn't want this change to begin with. This would be perfect for old events like IC where you can experience the mission as it was intended rather than having to make it a generally easier experience for everyone. GAM is design in a way that it's meant for party play for doing harder content, Strategically, A lot of time's i've noticed whenever someone complained about the difficulty, the only answer to that was... what.. do a lower difficulty instead of what was originally intended for your level? PSU wasn't exactly designed to be a hardcore game in particular, but forcing that onto players isn't exactly a good idea to begin with. We always had the option, but in the current state of clementine, we currently do not. GAM should be more of an endgame feature, maybe revamp all the existing missions with a new twist, enemy patterns and gimmicks, there's so much potential that could be done inside of GAMs and it's really where the hardcore focus should be. Maybe I should just ask for core systems of the game to come back in some light as there's now plans for gas to be implemented at some point? It's like when Kritika NA had already more difficult than original "existing" content made even harder because players were running it too quickly, and then the patch came and everything was made overly difficult for little rewards, (atleast they made drops slightly higher at the time while also having linear progression..) and that's why the game died in the hands of Enmasse. Now with its re-release its dying cause its p2w af lul. In the case of clementine, content was made harder Not exactly harder, just enemies are tankier and more and more enemies have sword and shield buffs now meaning some enemies can one shot you because they're also overscaled, Drops were also nerfed, not in just value, but physically as its very uncommon for just basic mobs to drop anything at all, and to add, community was also smaller than official server, so having a steady supply of something is also an issue. Item's like Twin Caladblog, don't really exist due to it being on A rank difficulty and no one farms it. it would be healthier if more enemies dropped more items rather it being tied to a clear box that usually holds nothing but note seeds and photons. <--- Materials like these should be removed from the clear boxes and clear rewards should be more rewarding for the effort you put in. There's been many more times where I wouldn't even see a single weapon drops, iirc the drops were made in accordance to not knowing the existing drop formula the official server used, so that's also understandable. I could be entirely wrong, so if I am, please slap me. It's demotivating sometimes when you go into a mission, run out of PP chargers, kill a boss and leave with maybe just.. 10k? cause the money drops on enemies were also nerfed into the ground, and don't scale appropriately at higher levels, also with enemies being scaled higher, something like a random foie crit or an enemy freezing you in place without being able to move, you end up dying, or on some other cases, maybe the player doesn't have higher than 21 stamina, and doesn't have Vijeri / resist, then your going to be replenishing Scapes, then you replenish your Trimates and stars, and buy all 10 of your photon chargers over and over, sometimes It feels like I lose money rather than gain it, until maybe one drop maybe. (there's been many more times where I wouldn't even see a single weapon drop) iirc the drops were made in accordance to not knowing the existing drop formula the official server used, so that's also understandable. And before its brought up, not every class can attack from range and deal appropriate damage to deal with these sort of situations where you don't need to be near an enemy, and not everyone plays the exact same way. That would be pretty boring, and not how PSU was designed to begin with. A lot of changes have been put into the game in accordance to the new difficulty alterations, like techs gaining wider range, having LB built into the class from the start, bullets being buffed to deal alot more damage than they used to, and bullet/techs having higher SEs. I'm not saying these are bad changes, but it doesn't solve all the issues in the game even when the other PAs are out. I feel like if the game was too easy before hand, Then why are some mechanics not being worked on to improve the difficulty, like enemy Debuffs and functional turrets with proper damage scaling, or having explosives deal 80% of Max HP? instead enemies were made artificially stronger with cheap alterations to their stats so they can cheap shot you with spells, enemies getting stronger due to the fact people joined my missions isn't exactly fun when you consider some specific enemies have absurd amounts of HP, so while it may work for most enemies, it really sucks for those tankier mobs if players can't tackle it accordingly. Restricting player level and increasing the enemy level to be higher creates a new issue for players which cause them to mission alot more than they're used to, and there's no way around it currently as our level cap is 119, but our enemies are 150~170. In the cause of Robotanical Gardens, Enemies have gone from being 140, to 170. yet for our S2 cap. Not only this, drops don't exactly get easier the higher the difficulty goes, missions remain rather dry over all. Not only this, but it seems players are adjusting their playstyle to suit these difficulty changes rather than playing the class they'd like to enjoy. It's forcing players to shit to a sort of meta. For example more and more players are playing hybrids to take care of two issues, Enemies having high defense, or enemies being weak to incapacitate. Is one thing being so strong that it completely negates the need for the others? Then it needs readjustments if its too good, or other aspects of the classes need to be brought forward to compete. It seems like alot of classes have a way to get around their weaknesses except for some melee classes, unless you have things like incap weapons, or something to deal with annoying mobs. so I would like to suggest something like either Super armor where melee users can take a hit, without being knocked 50 yards and having to run back to hit their enemy, And allowing some weapons to pierce enemy defenses like spears, great swords, axes, maybe even rifles and shotguns. but are readjusted so the damage doesn't end up just being like bows being spammed all over again. It's funny seeing people say the game is easy when they use like 1 or two tools to completely trivialize the games difficulty, regardless of how strong that enemy may be. If it's too powerful then its something that needs to be readjusted and looked at because it will only seem to get better and better as the difficulty increases and player level caps grows. Anyway, what are your thoughts? What are your disagreements/agreements to my statements? Feel free to also drop your own rant below. Getting out frustrations is a good way relieve some stress. Just keep it civil, and mature and give constructive criticisms. No one is ever right in their opinions, but also keep in mind to not devalue those opinions, and be mindful of them.
  2. Bugei is a decent armor set that drops off pretty early on if you don't have it's required weapons and alot of them aren't too viable either, making it a less reliable set to use. It would be nice to see this armor set have similar treatment to that of Shijin/Ouryu which is less conditional and has very similar set effects, as it stands bugei and shijin are too similar, except for bugei needing specific weapons to be become somewhat stronger / tankier. My suggestion is to add an leg unit to the set that functions much similar to that of Ouryu, but would be striking oriented, such as another rainbow unit. or if its an arm unit, make it like a lesser variant of Master swordsman, with more emphasis on amplifying accuracy. Perhaps even make the set striking class only so others wouldn't use it for a gunner class to balance it out and keep it true to it's form. for a 13* unit I feel Bugei should stand out more, especially due to how restrictive it is, and classes like acrofighter or FM wouldnt make much use for it unless there was an option for a rarity change on some of these weapons or a better alternative. It would be nice to see more armor get rebalanced around different types of play styles instead of everyone rushing for Ryukoh for that power increase/ resistance due to it being one of the best units in the game with its resistance. Shijin+ouryu set up is pretty decent, but the 200% speed increase while also still having similar results to hyakka is questionable considering it needs two parts to perform much similarly to a single unit. Sooner or later Quebbler will be added to the game, and its a very strong gunner based armor set. wouldn't it be nice if it had better use with more ranged weapons in the game instead of it being restricted to just a few handful? There should be a set specifically for play styles. Striking Focus only Ranged Only Tech Only Hybrid armor sets. Striking + range Striking + Tech Range + tech Defensive only sets Focus on pure survivability Defense/Eva End/Ment defense/Ment Status Immunity What I don't mean that these set should only focus on those particular stats. Because bugei is a great example of a defensive striking set that brings up more attention to what striking players (Fighmasters) tend to lack: Mental Defense, And Endurance while also granting some extra defense and striking power. (though accuracy would be nice but MS fixes that later anyway.) I think armor design should focus on a flaw of each type of play style instead of just being raw power increases. What are your opinions?
  3. I’m usually not the type of person to have a serious take on content in Clementine. Most of what I post in the discord or in game is played up as a character, aside from my past piss-drunk rants or whatnot. I’m putting my shenanigans aside and want to be taken serious on this topic. This post is going to be a general review on the custom event mission Illuminus Collusion. I’ll then go into mass-detail on general gameplay and balance changes that I think need attention. Keep in mind this review is my opinion. I don’t know EVERYTHING about PSU or Clementine, but I feel like I have enough experience with past builds of Clementine to put my thoughts out there. Despite what an ass I have made of myself in the past in game or in the discord, I still care about Clementine playing and feeling like a good version of standard PSU and I think the devs need honest feedback for future custom content and overall changes. Illuminus Collusion: The Good Mission Structure and Setting · The mission overall plays like a PSU mission should. Going into the mission for the first time felt natural, like the mission had existed before. · The areas or “blocks” of the mission were done well. It looks nice and is fitting for a spring event mission. · The “story” behind the mission is short, but the fact that it exists was a nice touch for the atmosphere of the mission. · The area and scenery were done well for it being set at the Paracabana Coast, a favorite area of several players. · The missions “secret” is a neat idea. I was always a sucker for the event missions that had a secret on official. Having to work together to figure out how to complete the mission in full is engaging in my opinion. Rewards, Drops, Custom Gear, and Milestones · MP and Meseta payouts are fine compared to all other mission in the game. An update came out rather quickly after the mission was released that boosted MP and Meseta payouts. I don’t know if it was a mistake that it didn’t have this right on release. I think it was intentional and player feedback caused the devs to increase the payouts, but I don’t have substantial proof to back this up, this is just my take. · The customs gear is great mainly for Techer based classes. If you play a tech heavy class you’re going to want to make and use the armor and units that come with it. The set bonus for all units/armor are good for the current state of the game. · Drops are alright. After the clear box drop rate increase milestone the NPC weapons are a good Meseta farm. The HRP is either a must have for rod users or a great boost in Meseta for gunners/fighter/hybrids. · The Milestone idea is neat. I like that the player base has an incentive to play the event mission to obtain more stuff for everyone. The Milestone rewards give a lot of good stuff, so it makes sense that players are running nonstop for the goods the Milestones have to offer. Illuminus Collusion: The Bad Mission Structure, Again (Walking Simulator) · There is WAY too much walking. The first secret is immediately left upon entering the mission. To enter this gate, you must shoot a coconut (which can insta-kill you! HAHA funny!) in a palm tree to get a key in the first room, then you must walk all the way back to the beginning to fight one Grass Assassin. One. Grass Assassin…. Thankfully, a teleporter spawns after killing the Grass Assassin that takes you in front of the next area gate in front of a corridor with one Jarba and even more walking. · After clearing block three you are taken to a blue gate and must wait on all players to arrive. You then must walk to the boss teleporter. This walk was really cool the first time through. It fit with the story the devs implemented behind the mission. The knocked out or dead NPCs on the ground made going to the boss teleporter suspenseful. After your first time, you realize you must walk this path every time. This walk is LONG. You’re literally walking for around a minute just to get to the boss teleporter. A minute isn’t a long time, but for PSU a minute of walking with no enemies or goal is excruciating. · The mission’s secret was implemented poorly. As stated in the first point you must walk back to the beginning from the first enemy room to access the first secret area. Three of the secret rooms contain only one enemy. The clear boxes in the secret rooms can drop good loot, though. All the walking and one enemy per secret room (besides the bee room in block 2 and last secret room in block 3) makes the secret rooms feel forced instead of extra neat content. For example, I want the HRP, so I must walk all this distance and fight this one enemy for a slight chance at a good clear box drop. · Block one and Block two feel too open. The first room in Block one is huge and a lot of enemies spawn here. I feel like the huge area could have been mitigated with the crazy amount of walking. Like, instead of big areas and walking through long, empty corridors it could have been smaller rooms sectioned out through the blocks like most PSU missions are structured. The huge areas and long walks feel out of place for PSU. The wide-open areas seem like they weren’t really thought out in practice. Block three feels much more like I’m playing a PSU mission. I think block three’s structure is really good. The secret in block three is satisfying when cleared as it has two tough enemies and are usually the last ones to fight before the boss. Difficulty · Illuminus Collusion on S rank difficulty feels good. Its not too difficult and not too easy, especially block three with the narrow bridge and Barta turrets. · S2’s difficulty spike is INSANE. You will die in this mission at some point, sometimes multiple times. In certain areas is almost impossible to avoid if you don’t have a diverse party. I’m not saying that dying in a mission makes it bad or unplayable. But not having a healer for certain parts of this mission will result in multiple people dying several times. Going from tolerable enemies on S to absolute TANKS on S2 that hit like a freight train is frustrating. · Some players have structured a strategy to make this mission more bearable. One or Two players split to do the secret rooms while the other players continue with the mission as normal. The amount of players doing this is low, more often you will join a party of players that are not doing this strategy, making the mission take around 20 minutes. 20-minute event missions are not a new concept. In my opinion, this mission is too hard, takes too long, and for too little reward. When I say this mission is too hard, I don’t mean I or anyone else is incapable of doing it. Enemies take too long to die and can slap you for 1500 hp no problem. Wearing 40-50% armor with Legsless seems to do very little when a level 180 buffed Grinna Beta machine guns you to death in around a second. We are at 104 Level cap fighting enemies 76 levels above us. I’m sorry but that just doesn’t make sense to me. The Boss Fight · If you’re a fighter, you have it the worst in this mission. From super TANK mechs taking half damage to striking to Howzer and Renvolt Magashi not able to be CC’d. Fighters must be close to Howzer and RM to deal damage, and you will get hit most of the time by either of them. On S2, if you get knocked back, there is a good chance you will hit one of the damage gates. These gates tick a percentage of your HP, so if RM hits you twice, knocking you back into a damage gate, you’re incaped. Even with perfect 50% armor and Legsless you can die in 2 to 3 hits on the boss fight. Honestly, if you could CC Howzer and RM this boss fight would be a lot of fun. Instead, its constant incaping if you don’t have a healer (for S2). · (THIS IS MY PERSONAL OPINION ON THE STRUCTURE OF THE BOSS FIGHT) The order of the three bosses doesn’t logically make sense in the PSU world. It should be Renvolt Magashi first, then Seed Magashi, then Howzer. This is the order of their appearance in PSU and AOTI, so it would make sense to place them in this order for the boss fight. This doesn’t affect gameplay, its just attention to detail that I think was missed. Milestones · I stated above in the good that I liked the idea of the Milestones. But the Milestones for this event mission are just basic event mission extras locked behind a kill/clear count. · 2x PA and EXP payouts were standard with past events, why force players to “work” for these extras when we have already gotten them in the past? Same with Voloyal Coins, although not to the extent that this event offers. The Voloyal Coin payout is a nice addition for the Milestones, ill admit. But all the other rewards aside from the PSU discs were tied to the event existing. · The Milestones seem like a ploy to get players to test the mission out. This is okay and bad at the same time. Its okay as this was the first full custom event mission released by the Clementine devs and they needed the player base to play the mission to get feedback. Its bad in the sense that if the mission was good and a nice experience overall you wouldn’t have to rely on the Milestones to get players to run the mission. Hence why I pointed out that the rewards are things that came default with past events. Locking these rewards forces players to run the mission, regardless of If it is fun or not. I think most players won’t give any kind of tangible feedback for the mission. Mostly “It was good because I got stuff”. The State of The GameTM Gameplay · Hard missions and enemies DO NOT equate to fun and engaging gameplay. The mindset that Clementine must be hard to be fun doesn’t make sense to me. The test server proved that enemy HP scaling with party members was not fun. People complained and the devs dialed it back significantly. But then did a complete 180 with the enemy HP scaling per difficulty. 150 enemies on S2? With buffed HP? I don’t understand this. When the final release came out, AFTER the MP and EXP rates were changed to official rates, the party HP scaling felt fine. But now we have Illuminus Collusion on S2 difficulty with level 180 enemies. So does this mean that S3 will have 220 or higher level enemies? For what? Are we going to fight level 300 enemies at S4? Why? S2 enemies literally wiping your HP in one or two hits isn’t fun. Masterforce has it the worst in IC S2 getting one hit by most large enemies. Its driving people away from playing MF which is supposed to be one of if not the strongest class in the game. You cannot put damage on enemies if you are constantly on the floor having to rely on others to redo player buffs. · I recently watched official 360 Masterforce gamplay videos on Youtube and the gameplay looks fun! Throwing Diga at S3 Grinna Betas and killing them in 2 or 3 Digas looks great. Watching closely the Grinna Betas on S3 have around 20k HP. What happened? Grinna Betas on S2 with a full party on Clementine seem to have around 60k+ HP. Constant attacking and nothing dying feels bad. Clementine doesn’t have to be Official easy, but 180 enemies absolutely tanking everything and spitting in your direction resulting in an incap ON S2 is frustrating. It does not feel like PSU. Balance · Gameplay balance is… all over the place. Gunmaster is crazy powerful with level 5 Zalure with twin Mayalee, the stun shotgun PA, the 3 hitbox shotgun bullet AND an insta kill rifle PA. MF and FM seem like they are being left in the dust. MF is super squishy to the point of getting one hit by several enemies and FM cant compete with GM in most situations. GM having level 5 Zalure makes AT less valuable. Sure AT has level 50 buffs, but AT’s Zalure is a huge part of what makes the class work well. Giving GM level 5 Zalure throws off the balance immensely. · Gunmaster literally has no weaknesses. GM’s DPS is insane and its utility is unmatched, rivaling or beating AT utility in some cases. Level 5 Zalure with Twin Mayalee, insta-stun larger enemies with Barda Maga, speed boosted Killer Shot to wipe out spawns of humanoids/machines. The list goes on. Even enemies with bullet resistance get DESTROYED. · Limit Break is not a buff, LB is something techers should have by default. Taking away the 20% techers had before LB was figured out and implemented is counter intuitive. It seems like techer hybrid classes aren’t being inspected as closely as they should be. AT shouldn’t just be a party buffer, that’s not engaging gameplay. Masterforce, the squishiest class, has one of the lowest DPS compared to the other Master classes. Its primary LBs, Basic and Gi-Techs, requires MF to move in close to a boss or enemy for it to take effect. FMs already take a beating and at the rate the enemies’ ATP is scaling, its just going to get worse. The squishiest class should not be the weakest. · How is accuracy being balanced? The inaccurate classes don’t seem to be doing more damage than gun main classes. I don’t think that low range/low accuracy classes should be falling back in damage. For example, beast FMs using ANY double saber will hit 0s consistently. This is anecdotal, but when leveling Tornado Dance on my Beats FM, there were several instances where I hit four 0s in a row. FOUR 0s! that’s the entire TD PA! Content being a way higher level than the player doesn’t help the current accuracy problem. Several accurate striking skills have been gutted and the less accurate ones suffer. · (This point is more specific to Illuminus Collusion.) Fighmaster is in a comfortable spot in the majority of missions, but in IC, it falls behind significantly. With incap being so strong in the mission, it makes GM feel even more powerful but makes FM feel weeker. This doesn’t help that the humanoid enemies like to run a million miles away. Other fights have the same problem. · There should be an open resource for damage calculation. Like a public DPS chart for the players. This also sort of goes hand in hand with a drop chart. We had a drop chart for the test mission, why don’t we have one now? What’s the point of hiding this from the players? How is DPS being calculated in general? · How exactly is potential damage between the 3 damage types compared? What is the stance on which damage type should be the strongest? While it makes sense for the least defensive MF to be the strongest that doesn’t seem to be the case. Melee weapons having to deal with the most 0s and simply not having 50% element seems to not factor enough. · Meseta NPC rates. This is something that has bothered me since the final release went public back in October 2020. I don’t understand why NPC weapons and armors sell for so little. Like, I get that 120k for a 9 star armor is a lot, but nuking that down by like 90% to 9k per 9 star armor feels bad. 99% of the useful gear you obtain is dropped by an enemy or clear box, so why nerf the NPC meseta rates if the community controls the market via the player shops? To me this is counter intuitive. It feels too late to redo this system now. So now we just deal with getting next to nothing for NPC weapons and armor. IT DOES NOT FEEL GOOD. This change seems like it stemmed from literally nothing. Do the devs not want players to have meseta? Why? There was and is no good reason to nerf these rates. · Enemy incap rates to my knowledge have been fixed. But small enemies still cannot be incaped. This means Ares Espada is directly nerfed without being able to incap enemies that should be susceptible to incap. Why is Ares so weak still? Ares is supposed to clear rooms and now struggles because of the enemy incap rates. This is the same ordeal as Skadd’s potential and likely nerf. It just makes Paradi Cataract the meta when they should both be useful. Ares Espada’s damage in my opinion was nerfed too much. It should have been a tradeoff. Enemy incap was nerfed so therefore Ares should deal more damage. Instead, it gets both nerfs. It seems senseless. Espada’s range is straight up bad; Mars, Ares, and Gigas. Espada’s range should hit enemies slightly behind the player but is now struggling to hit directly in front and on the players sides. Espada’s range/hit box is generally too small. Cataract is supposed to be a utility-based SUV, while Espada is supposed to be a damage dealing SUV. Espada is designed to wipe out spawns, if its not doing that, it’s not doing what it is intended to do. Keep in mind that SUV gain is significantly lower than it was on Official JP/360 too. Final thoughts This review is long and dragged out. I think I covered most of the important stuff. This is not me drilling Clementine because the game is awful. The game is alright. It just needs changes that have thought put behind them. Its great that we have a way to play Phantasy Star Universe online again. The amount of work the devs have put into this game is incredible. The game seems to be at a crossroad right now and in my opinion has taken a few too many wrong turns. I am just one guy, one fan of PSU and Clementine so I don’t expect this review to completely change the state of the game. I just want the devs to have some concise player feedback from someone playing the game. -Skinny Peen
  4. Firstly, as a foreword, I want to clarify that this is a discussion. I won't claim that I have all the answers to the topics I will be discussing below, but I'd at least like to bring some of my ideas and lite criticisms to the table for consideration in order to make some classes better or just more enjoyable to play, if they're possible to implement. I'd also like to say that I'm very happy and impressed with how far Clementine has come as a server and where it's going. Kudos to all the admins, moderators, and supporters for getting the server to where it is now; it's already better than official in a lot of ways in my opinion. With that being said, and hopefully my overall enjoyment of the server being made clear, I can get into what this post is actually about. Balance. I'll try and keep this as organized and straight to the point as possible. It may be long though, apologies in advance. Note: Topic and sub-sub-topic transitions will be bolded for the sake of making this easier to read and organize. Currently, I main MF and WT on the server. I also sub AT, and I have a friend who mains GT (Human GT, to be specific), so most of my proposed changes will be surrounding those classes. Starting from the top, I'd like to look at Dam-techs. Right now, outside of a solo play defensive option, they don't really have a use, and even then they have some issues with them imo. Damfoie, Dambarta, Damdiga, Damgrants, Dammegid Cons: Generally speaking, as soon as the tech goes down, faster mobs (which will only get faster as we get into higher difficulties) have a tendency to rush you down so quickly and effectively that you can longer use the tech unless you hit their re/despawn range. This excludes that you're also probably getting hit because of that. The damage on these techs is low. As of right now, Dam-techs seem to be a mix of offense and defense, but fails in both. It stops casting after a period of time so that it isn't a complete lockdown, but still somewhat defensive. Although, it also hits low damage to the point where it won't even kill the target on S2, so they end up slipping through and damaging you (if they don't just ignore the tech to begin with), ruining the positioning for the dam-tech, and to top it all off, it's also a huge PP dump in comparison to just running up to the spawn and casting a Gi-tech and getting better results. Poor damage; poor defense. Not looking good so far. Damgrants has sleep. That's it. That's the description of the problem. If they do get staggered, the mobs will get knocked out of range, then put to sleep very frequently, so they just sit there not taking any damage. What am I supposed to do? Cancel the tech to reposition, then have all the other mobs flood in and damage me and ruin my positioning for one mob? This is not helpful at all. To add, this is not even useful for team play because as soon as they get tapped by anything they wake up. I'd rather just freeze, shock, or literally any other form of CC. More on this later. This can also be applied to laser cannons, but I don't have as much experience with those, so take that with a grain of salt. The range on these techs feels unholy inconsistent, not to mention there's no value for context or comparison on the wiki. Damfoie feels very small, Dambarta feels medium, Damgrants literally goes across the map. The other two fall in-between Damfoie and Dambarta. I have no idea what's going on here, but some range values would be very helpful. Proposed Fixes/Changes: Give Dam-techs an identity and a more defined spot in the tech kit. Is this tech type more offensive or defensive? Whatever you decide, I have suggestions for both that'll be listed below. If you want the tech to be more defensive/utility based, give it blowdown, a higher status effect level, and infinite hold time, or at least increased. However, lower the damage to compensate, if necessary. Why blowdown? This gives the squishier force-types another option to deal with bigger, harder hitting mobs beyond just going up to them and spamming Nosdiga for stun and damage, or just eating damage to deal DPS in whatever way. This does somewhat conflict with Regrant's effect, but I look at this as more of an on-element option for lockdown versus it just making Regrant completely useless. Why status? This would be a way to balance the very strong lockdown that Dam-techs would have with this proposed change. Not every enemy can be burned, frozen, poisoned, infected, etc., so mostly you'd just be using it for a defensive lockdown, but when the status gets to kick in, it'll be a nice reward on top of what you're already doing. In the case of MF, these changes help towards avoiding the scenario of "Use LV10 Sabarta as MF" that will inevitably ensue in solo play later on. Their lockdown tech is not only comparable in utility, for themselves that is, to Sabarta, but also does damage and complements MF's PA level caps. This would be a lot less awkward, I feel. Sa-techs would still have usage on other classes however due to their nigh guaranteed status proc instantly. You would not catch me using LV50 Dambarta over Sabarta for support in my melee parties because it could potentially be a waste of time and not proc freeze quickly enough. Giving sleep its GAS customization innate. Simple. If a mob is sleep, the first hit gets a damage boost of X%. If the enemy is going to be out of my hit range due to being put to sleep, at the very least I'd like to blow it up when it's the last mob remaining. In the case of teams, when it is out of your range, at least another player can hit it for big damage thanks you. A form of support, somewhat. Also, it actually makes sleep useful. I'd keep a close eye on sleep traps though. I'm not sure how out of hand that could get, but again, that's why this is a discussion. Share your thoughts, please. This next bit will be about Acrotecher. One of these I can see being potentially problematic. It's the section I'm the least confident in, but I have a few suggestions based off what I've seen/played. I'm especially intrigued how everyone would feel about these. Acrotecher Proposed Fixes/Changes: LV30 PA cap. I'm not sure why AT gets twin daggers when they can't even use any of the PAs to their "full power" beyond Soujin Ranbu-shou (JP PA). Kind of weird. Access to S-rank R-mags. I think this will give AT some extra, interesting status effect utility to support the party with. This is the problematic one considering some of the later R-mags. Changing AT's limit break from Gi+Dam to Gi+X. AT never uses Dam-techs right now, as far as I can tell. With my proposed dam-tech change implemented, you may see them used more, but even then I doubt it because you have traps and Sa-techs. Any other limit break would be useful, in my opinion. Just gonna jump right into Guntecher. There isn't much to say, but my friend and I feel techs are somewhat neglected right now despite having a limit break. Most of these observations and suggestions are on his behalf. Guntecher Proposed Fixes/Changes: Increasing LV21 Ra-tech base hit count by one. Right now, taking limit break into account, fighting large melee/range resistant mob pulls can be somewhat cumbersome because only having 4 targets allows for them to slip through quite often. Not to mention the somewhat awkward targeting priority that Ra-techs have. Now, having used Ra-techs on MF and hitting 5 targets at 41+, this almost never happens considering you're gonna see around 5~6 enemies at most per pull in non-JP missions. This would make the tech casting on GT feel a lot better. The balance here is that it doesn't get as much range or damage notation as FT or MF would get. This may make their bossing capabilities a bit stronger, sure, but honestly, my friend is noting how dangerously close bow DPS is to his techs already, if it's not higher already. A single hit option versus a multi-hit option. Again, this is something to discuss. Last general note as well, Nos-tech tracking. It's kind of wonky on flying bosses. I think this is just a bug though, but I thought it would be worth mentioning anyway. Okay! These are my takes and suggestions on some things related to balance right now. I'm eager to see what you all will think. To reiterate, I do not have all the answers. These are just my observation-based opinions that I want to share to get some type of discussion going. Again, this is written with all due respect in mind to all the people who contribute to building this server and making it what it is. Try not to tear into me too hard. Thanks for reading <3
  5. The problem: Currently throwing cards are in a weird spot where no class really uses them or excels with them, the best candidate for them is clearly guntecher but they prefer crossbows in most situations, AF gets them and can use them to decent effect but have to give up their unique identity of having S rank RCSM and single handed weapon for the cards which always felt... ehhh~ to me, FT have too low ATP to make good use of them despite 30 bullets it always felt to me like throwing cards was the most neglected weapon option that never really fit well into any build. Solution: My solution is to have throwing cards scale of tp instead of ATP, lets look at all the classes that get access to them to decide how it benefits or hinders them: Guntecher: GT's are the hybrid tech/gun class so it feels like throwing cards should be a natural fit for them however with the existence of far stronger options such as crossbows and machine guns throwing cards rarely see use outside of fun factor (and they can be fun!) however were they made to scale with TP Human and Newman GT's would be considered a whole lot more I'd feel, it's currently not uncommon to see CAST or BEAST GT due to high atp an no real reliance on TP this change will just be a small power boost to Human/Newman giving them similar damage (ideally) with cards as other races do with crossbows while leaving Beast/CAST untouched. Wartecher: WT's already have high atp so this change won't affect them much at all honestly, but it does lead further more into the theme of them being the techer/war hybrid, though 20 cap bullets is a obvious hinderance this change won't mean alot ethier way to them. Foretecher: This one is interesting, since FT has always had 30 bullets anyway they are naturally adept with throwing cards however their abysmal atp paired with the fact most people play this class as newman (which is encouraged further with racial stat boosts) cards kinda fall flat, however if they was made to use TP instead of ATP then suddenly FT gets a very real single target dps options for spell types that are missing it, if your element advantage isn't fire or ground then there's really no single target dps spell options to FT and cards will fill that gap well and also help distinguish the class abit more from MF when it's released. Acro Fighter: This ones interesting, since Humans gain a high racial bonus for this class and the RSCM already scaling with TP it seems this type was designed to be catered to the strengths of a Human and this change will cement this abit more letting them use the AF's high TP stat in more ways than just RSCM's (and AF have a really high tp stat!) however this could be considered a nerf to other races so potential to cause upset there. Acro Techer: This class is much like WT in that it's balanced to have both TP and ATP, however having cards be TP I feel fits somewhat more thematically then ATP due to being a techer and all but realistically doesn't change too much. thoughts opinions and discussions and feedback are all welcome, but please be civil
  6. Just give them more incentive to actually use their techs so they don't feel like a gimpy forte fighter with buffs is all, I think most Wartechers would be happy lowering S rank wands to A rank for this is it's deemed too strong in it's own right, thoughts/opinions? reasons for to me is because of the obvious synergy you would have with using a melee in the right and magic in left hand, akin to what guntecher has now with their combo, switching off melee to a wand doesn't feel very fluid an slows down combat I think it would serve them a lot better to be able to do both decently without having to swap weapons an might and magic combination is what this class is themed around, currently there is little reason to cast techs as even resistant monsters go down easier with twin claws maybe with this change they can make a use for it. It will also buff their support options allowing them to heal without swapping off weapons though albeit they can do this with just A rank fine so /shrug Edit: made a low effort post slightly less low effort.
  7. as title says techs scale off ATP + TP making hybrid casting ability almost on par to full MF in straight damage, easily confirmed by adding/removing an arm slot unit from your line shield.
  8. Hello! I have been messing about with the damage formula when testing to see if the defense debuffs are working and I found out that DFP and MST, as a whole, seem to be weak and ineffective... Here are my findings: TL;DR defensive stats don't do much when it comes to protecting because of the way it is calculated. Armors (in a lot of cases), along with defensive buffs and debuffs, are meaningless because of it. Zalure seem to be increasing very little and isn't worth using First of all, the maximum damage formula is as follows (taken from Psupedia) : maximum damage = floor(crit x (atp x pa x (1 + ele) x buff - enemy's dfp) / 5) Keep in mind that, in this post, when I mention ATP and DFP, it also covers TP and MST. techs are the same! The only thing that change is that ATP is swapped for TP and DFP is MST along with a 1.2 multiplier to TP if you have a rod. Here's (quickly) how the formula works. First, "floor' means that, whatever number comes out, it will just chop off everything after the decimal. 1034.9 becomes 1034. Next, crit/just attack is multiplying whatever damage comes out by 1.5, it does not affect DFP or ATP and will be left off for now. Then we have the bracket where the damage is calculated. ATP gets multiplied by PA power, element and buff applied on the attacker. At the end of the bracket is where DFP reduces the total ATP (damage) by a flat amount. Finally, the division by 5 is just to balance numbers. Now, the problem... In short, ATP gets many multipliers from multiple sources while DFP acts as a small non multiplicative damage reduction. This causes DFP to feel ineffective but also affects the way armor and defensive buffs / debuffs work. EXAMPLE: Here we have a character using rising strike (191% PA power) that has 655 base ATP + 280 from a 4* pallasch (neutral), hitting a Lv. 65 Badira that has 304 DFP. Running all of it through the formula gives us 296 maximum damage. Not bad! Now, let's give the player a Lv. 1 shifta buff (+11%). Maximum damage goes up to 335 (13.2% increase). If we remove the Shifta and add Lv. 1 Zalure (-11%) to the enemy, it's DFP is now 270. The maximum damage is now 302 (2.1% Increase). The damage increase is very low for a 34 DFP reduction compared to Shifta that was casted BEFORE the fight. This issue affects player armor too along with defensive buffs. Armor right now has very small impact on damage that is either physical or an element that your armor does not cover. It works in the same way zalure doesn't reduce damage much. Deband is in the same boat as it increases a stat that has very low impact in the damaging process. Debuffs, right now, feel completely useless because of this. I have now explained why I think the defenses are flawed and am willing to offer solutions but I also want to see what the community thinks. Thanks for reading and here's hoping for clementine to keep evolving! Have a nice day !
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