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Found 2 results

  1. Upon starting and entering mission area, all audio is gone/muted for everything. Leaving and returning or abandoning the mission restores audio. This is really odd because we ran it last night a few times just fine. Glitch/Bug is happening for me and my party. If it's needed, it was an S-Rank both times. Edit: Getting to Block 2 restores audio. Edit 2: Audio was lost again upon reaching block 3. Edit 3: Audio restored for me in boss room (Block 4).
  2. Phantasy Star Universe Clementine - Music Mod Pack This is my PSUC Music Mod project I've been working on for almost 3 years. The project was private for awhile, and been shown to many on my past PSUC live streams. I'm finally releasing this mod publicly for anyone to use since I've completed it on this Version 3 update. The original Music in PSU is my favorite to listen to. Modding different Music to the game though was just my personal preference as I play through. For now this mod will stay as Version 3 because I want to work on hand drawing high quality textures for the game, which is coming soon on a different mod. Contact me for info~ This mod is 2.54GBs, it includes Back Up files to revert back to original PSU. Download Link: https://drive.google.com/u/0/uc?id=1-CCB_D-U1GtsPZ0T3fd3uj-_k3P09Xl9&export=download Install Instructions: Extract PSUC-BGM Mod.exe from PSUC-MusicMod-V3_1.5.zip and follow instructions when opened. Once you located your Data folder and click Extract, you will get asked to Confirm file replace. Click Yes to All After replace, the exe automatically closes and the install is completed. Optional Mods? The Optional UI-Mods can be installed manually by dragging the specific files to Data folder and replacing existing files.
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