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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone, I got tired of looking at the fuzzy, pixelated and blurry Area / Mission Select Maps so I decided to upscale and give them a bit of a clean up. DOWNLOAD MOATOOB NEUDAIZ PARUM A PARUM B All source files included on the git, throw the files into you DATA folder, backup your originals of course. https://github.com/JoycieC/psu-upscaled/tree/main/Area Maps/DATA Files Note that the Space Map is not included at present. PREVIEW (Warning big files) https://github.com/JoycieC/psu-upscaled/tree/main/Area Maps/Map Previews There are two versions of Parum because I couldn't decide which one looked better, of course the results vary between maps and I'm not 100% satisfied with the result for some parts, so I may revisit these later as there is a lot of detail loss when upscaling such low resolution source files. They are not intended to be professional replacements, but hopefully somebody will find a use for these or be inspired to make better versions. These were made using Topaz Gigapixel AI and cleaned up in an image editor after.
  2. Hello Clementine! Me and Jakoo have been hard at work to complete Area Drops for Clementine. We're excited to present this to all of you today. This sheet includes all specific drop items (both old and new). That's right, we've ADDED items to Area Drops to make them way more rewarding than Official's Area Drops. This version does not include materials/ores/consumables, but they will be added along with the specific drops with the first implementation. Here's a few note worthy things: -The percentages for each drop are NOT the actual percentages for a drop when you kill an enemy. They are simply the base percentages for the area drop table. To get the actual rate of a drop, you need to factor in the chance of getting an area drop roll. You can do this by taking the percent you see on the sheet and multiplying it by ~0.37 (~0.51 for Rare Missions), which seems to be the average chances of rolling that specific item. This is different for every enemy. -Almost no clear box items were added. We tried to keep it exclusive to content you couldn't get before. We've added items from event clear boxes since those might never make it into Clementine. There may be some still left in lower levels due to the lack of items we had at that level range. -Items for S3 (Lv 175+) missions were added. These items are stronger than all previous drops at much lower chances of obtaining them. -Insane items were added to S2 Rare Missions (Lv 150+) at incredibly low rates to give something for everyone to go for even at max level. Please take the time to understand how incredibly low the percentages on these items are before you freak out. These items WILL be incredibly scarce, and only obtained by a few people. As of now, S2 Rares cannot be played, but will be available in the future. Good luck. -Grinders were temporarily added to Rare Missions since grinder bases currently cannot be used. -Elemental items (mostly melee weapons) have slightly higher drop rates than Non-Elemental items (Ranged/Tech) since multiple of that weapon might be needed before a good attribute/percentage is acquired. Here is the link to the specific drops table: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1pDpWbM31EkHhhbmzQH_oMay31jjeEYVr6peaEYwflOs/edit?usp=sharing Enjoy!
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