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  1. So I am not sure if this was intended or not, but according to PSUPedia the Nightmare Dust twin claws are 9* A Rank, but they are showing up as a 10* twin claws. Here is an image of them in my inventory for evidence. It even says in the area drop tables list that they are 9* A Rank, but currently they are 9* S rank lol https://gyazo.com/65da5e6ad9e82463ed249b54617cfb27 https://gyazo.com/3e813e88962bcc0501165393ea48f854
  2. DTSWaRDawG

    50% weps

    Alright, sounds like a plan. I am going to assume you mean DM me on here? If not, then I am in the discord if you'd rather message me through there.
  3. DTSWaRDawG

    50% weps

    Oh I know how to search for stuff in the shop lol. I just scrolled through prices for a really long time and didn't know how to price these items. At the time, any 50% items were just maxed in the shops so that wasn't much to go on. And yeah I don't think I'd use the items so throw me an offer and we can go from there?
  4. DTSWaRDawG

    50% weps

    Not even sure if these are worth anything, but I have a 50% lightning Palasra and Hiken if anyone is interested. Thanks!
  5. Every time I log in and try to play the game there is a black hole thing in the bottom right of the screen that appears and the client freezes while showing me the "Awaiting response from lobby server." text and it just stays frozen there...what do? EDIT: Fixed; I am using an AMD Threadripper 1950x and the game bugs out when trying to acquire all 16 cores. I used a program to put my CPU into "Game Mode" which turned off half my cores so that I only have 8 running. I can play the game and have been playing like this for about a week now so it definitely works like a charm!
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