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  1. Honestly I like a lot of that idea. However, I'd like to make a feedback about it for trying to suggesting the staff, at least imo. In first place, when talking about upgrading a Photon art, when talking about refer to upgrade a certain PA (For example Vivi Dezza rather than the other whip PAs)… I’m not saying that I dislike this idea. However, with the great unbalance which has the Striking PAs, it will be completely predictable to choose those ones for upgrading it. I’m saying it because with the current meta, Renzan, Skadd, the drill style of the claw PA, and Vivi Dezza Will be mainly the choices of people who want to improve even more the Tas of people. Of course, I dunno if reaching the Pas to lvl 50 will be viable for basically every class, or you’ll make like the oficcial Gas when expert classes had the ability to increase in 10 the cap of the PAs/techs. However, it could be interesting, for example, in my opinion, GTs and WTs were able to deal nicely the damage of guns/melee & techs, and not just to be FGs & FFs with support, even if those builds were the best in the JP versión. In other words, it’s fine to custom the PAs / techs with many options, but it should make it carefully, even I’d like to seeing hybrids being true hybrids, and nothing of more melee than guns or techs or more guns than techs. In second place, about increasing the power of the weapons, imo, that thing must be done carefully. Master classes are already powerful to having things like it. Yes, Ik about custom power at max level. However, it could be interesting, in the case that the user cannot upgrade the rank viability of an existing weapon which is A for being S, giving a perk which gives a noticable bonus to many As which don’t have the PA modifier and/or increasing the atp/tp of As for people who want to use As. It makes sense to return the official things which were added in GAs, but again, it must be done carefully in terms of adding another things different like the official perks in GAs. In third place, I agree about Line Shields. Sometimes it’s a true pain to find a good armor with all slots. I’m not telling that there are few people with it because it’s false. Just those things are absolutely necessary for making resistance better. And finally, about the visual styles? Yes, of course… why not?
  2. I can absolute assure you that if the 90% of the population were people with Master Classes, it was because how efficient were the master classes regardless of the Expert Types with GAS. And again. Basically I see you're justifying anything which cannot be defended. Greetings.
  3. Yes, but at the end of the game, you were forced to get a very specific build of GAS if you could challenge with the Master classes & AT, the most powerful classes in EOL. Even FFs were forced to get different weaponry for avoiding to compete with FM in terms of dealing the same thing... but worse.
  4. Just check the popularity of GT in... S3 or above. The same that WT. If you play many hours, you'll have the answer there.
  5. Yes, but you forget one thing. If you lvl one weapon is mainly because the master classes doesn't have or the only way to have at lvl 50 the PAs of a certain weapon is from that class. Furthermore, for now it doesn't make sense to have the PA Data of lvl 41+ of other weapons than FMs & GMs since the cap of 40. Furthermore, lvling the offensive techs to lvl 40 via GAS were very expensive for making it viable.
  6. For me much better than spending many GAS' points in lvling the caps of the PAs/Bullets/Techs... I agree
  7. I'm sorry, but if I see a game like PSO2 when the only reason is the EQ, then I'll quit. Perhaps that people who want the EQ system is basically the people who play near exclusively that game. Otherwise, it's impossible to get a stable rythm in PSO2, and I'm talking about at least four years of experience in it. At the beginning, EQs were designed to get an additional boost of XP and meseta, which wasn't bad since the rares were in the general maps. However, especially since EP3, EQs had got a huge importance ingame until the only reason to do in PSO2 was the EQs. And why? Because the best rares are in EQs. And why? Because, if some rumors of EP5-EP6 are true, the best affixes are in EQs, although that thing is not absolutely sure since perhaps I'm wrong and perhaps certain bosses outside of EQs are farmed for affixing purposes... who knows. And why? Because if you want more trash for cubes, EQs are the best options. Obviously, there are too many reasons to consider EQs the most and the only important content in PSO2 since the other content are very situational, even because the weekly missions which gives apparently more meseta than TACOs, the 2nd most and the 2nd only important (and bored) content for farming meseta until the end of EP5. SEGA has made many mistakes which can be compared with both games, PSU and PSO2. However, I'm not here about comparing both games. I'm talking about why EQs are the worst thing for many reasons which can be explained by near all players who play PSO2. Greetings.
  8. Honestly I'm not very interested in TAs, but... since Aelph wished to see a TA of a FF, I'll post a pic of my result in a TA... in this case, Unsafe Passage S. This is my 1st one, although before to dealing TAs, I've bought the Dagger PA for rushing.
  9. Honestly I enjoy this HP Scaling which is in Clementine. It's more, I don't see a "huge discourage" of the other classes when I see perfectly a good ammount of full parties. Perhaps, and if people is annoyed with the HP scale, it could be interesting for keeping that scale for S4 or even for events with an increased difficult for making parties a needed thing in an online game since S4 is basically the endgame of all PSU, which means many S weps with 10-20% of PA/Tech damage modifier are there...
  10. Honestly I disagree with you... In first place, this is the 1st time that I've heard about techers or fighters complaining about the knockback or flinch effect of grenade launchers. Plus I've played with FI (Basically the only melee, although more than a melee is a true hybrid of melee & ranged) with Grenades and no one has told me about not using Grenade Launchers while they deal their damage. It's more, even techers are happy to it since the knockback / flinch effects aren't too powerful in comparison with the infamous Tornado Dance, which is mainly forbidden vs small enemies for the main reason that the knockback distance of that PA is too high for ignoring it (Of course, you can still use in bigger enemies). For me the main problem of grenades is not if they must have knockbacks or not. The main problem of grenades is that Boma Duranga is bugged. That bullet is bugged because that bullet is supposed to substract for each hit which you deal with the PA, a PA which should be near the same than the Regrant tech since both, the Boma Duranga & Regrant, has Damage Reflected as a special effect. Furthermore, and unless that PA is fixed, there are basically no reasons to use the elemental projectiles since they're ridiculously weak in comparison with the "OP" bugged Boma Duranga. It's the same that you're dealing always critical hits of elemental bullets, but against every enemy type, not just a certain type. In second place, I'm very happy of removing Grenades from GMs. I was fed up of seeing every GM with the grenades, with the addition of very few Fortegunners ingame because the grenades. Although certain Fortegunners were carrying the Black Rebellion rifle & other certain As which GMs couldn't use, that thing was seen by a few ammount of ppl, meaning that the popularity of the Fortegunner (Which doesn't mean they're completely useless) is based in the Grenades. Oh, and then I see about Dus Skadd in FG... Dus Skadd, unless GAS or similar thing appears to give FGs lvl 21+ in the melee PAs, is not mostly used in Clementine since the significantly ammount of damage between lvl 20 and lvl 21+, not being a popular weapon in a FG. Perhaps the most popular melee attack which I've seen while playing with another FGs is Infinite Storm, in comparison with the Crossbow because Zagenga and lvl 31+ bullets. In other cases, I don't have seen a FG using Dus Skadd, or not at least when FGs can't reach the 3rd combo. And the 3rd combo gives a significantly ammount of damage for thinking if Skadd is really useful with just 2 combo hits. Basically you forget that the only reason for using WT is if you want to use the whips (Especially the best one, which is A) rather than other weapons. Axes in WT aren't popular since other classes can have a better usage of it. Even the PT, which deals lesser damage than the WT because they have lesser ATP and lvl 30 rather than lvl 40, can combine the axe with the traps, making it a deadly combo since freezing with the EX traps avoids many zeroes which can be made if you hit in normal circunstances. I agree. Even if a long distance deals lesser damage than melee, there are a certain point which you must choose to attack from closed ranged, mid ranged or long ranged depending of the class which you carry...
  11. I'm sorry, but I'm against it. Basically you're doing the same thing in PSO2 in terms of... if X class doesn't have double jump, add it. If that class doesn't a travel PA, add it. That thing makes the game very repetitive, and the last thing which I want is being forced to use Travel PAs just because ppl want frenzy games...
  12. While using Regrant, the PP regen is glitched in terms of... The same initial PP that you had before casting Regrant regardless of how much PP did have that tech weapon, is the same PP which will come back + the regen of the weapon. For giving you an example. This wand or tech mag does have 140 PP left and the pp regen of that weapon is 12. If you use, for example, two casts of Resta (With 20 PP each cast), it will go to 100 PP, and then 112 with the regen. However, rather than using Resta, it will be Regrant. Although the PP cost of that tech is 6 PP each second, considering the weapon has 140 PP, it will recover the original ammount before casting plus the regen which will give to the weapon. Which means the wand casting Regrant will have 152 PP.
  13. At least with techs lvl 1+, I've seen the cost of Foie at lvl 1 which is 8, but in practice, an AT uses only 6 of PP rather than 8. And no, I don't have an unit which reduce the cost in PP of a tech, and much less while my AT is about lvl 10-20...
  14. Well, if you played many runs in S - S2, the last thing which you'll see is hybrid classes for obvious reasons. Yes, you can find some of them in B & A for unlocking master classes, but very few playing it over lvl 10 and playing it mainly since they lack the resources to mix their styles. For seeing WTs just using Renzan Seidan-Ga, you'll prefer FF above that class. The only viable hybrid atm is FI since it does have a good variety of blades & guns for even not being jealously by the Master Classes. And ofc, WT & GT without lvl 31+ techs can't be good hybrids...
  15. This weapon is requiring 540 of ATP rather than the 870 mentioned in the PSUPedia. I'll share the link of the weapon for more information: http://www.psupedia.info/Special%3ASearch/Daylight_Scar.html
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