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  1. I'm sorry, but I'm against it. Basically you're doing the same thing in PSO2 in terms of... if X class doesn't have double jump, add it. If that class doesn't a travel PA, add it. That thing makes the game very repetitive, and the last thing which I want is being forced to use Travel PAs just because ppl want frenzy games...
  2. While using Regrant, the PP regen is glitched in terms of... The same initial PP that you had before casting Regrant regardless of how much PP did have that tech weapon, is the same PP which will come back + the regen of the weapon. For giving you an example. This wand or tech mag does have 140 PP left and the pp regen of that weapon is 12. If you use, for example, two casts of Resta (With 20 PP each cast), it will go to 100 PP, and then 112 with the regen. However, rather than using Resta, it will be Regrant. Although the PP cost of that tech is 6 PP each second, considering the weapon has 140 PP, it will recover the original ammount before casting plus the regen which will give to the weapon. Which means the wand casting Regrant will have 152 PP.
  3. At least with techs lvl 1+, I've seen the cost of Foie at lvl 1 which is 8, but in practice, an AT uses only 6 of PP rather than 8. And no, I don't have an unit which reduce the cost in PP of a tech, and much less while my AT is about lvl 10-20...
  4. Well, if you played many runs in S - S2, the last thing which you'll see is hybrid classes for obvious reasons. Yes, you can find some of them in B & A for unlocking master classes, but very few playing it over lvl 10 and playing it mainly since they lack the resources to mix their styles. For seeing WTs just using Renzan Seidan-Ga, you'll prefer FF above that class. The only viable hybrid atm is FI since it does have a good variety of blades & guns for even not being jealously by the Master Classes. And ofc, WT & GT without lvl 31+ techs can't be good hybrids...
  5. This weapon is requiring 540 of ATP rather than the 870 mentioned in the PSUPedia. I'll share the link of the weapon for more information: http://www.psupedia.info/Special%3ASearch/Daylight_Scar.html
  6. Damn Aelph, I'm sorry, but I disagree with it. If they must get AoEs, i think they recall for the techs even Ik the dramas about using techs in bosses.
  7. Well, honestly, and playing from lvl 1 to 105, I think I should write a feedback for helping the server to improve the quality of life of this game in network mode, or at least imo. And because that, I’ll start to contribute with it. In first place, it’s an honor to play PSU AotI because the nostalgia, thinking too an online mode of this game would be impossible because the lack of packets, seeing the true sacrifice which made Marmalade & the others like Tommy, Gnome and other people which I know personally since I was once a closed tester, but because my lack of time, it’s obvious that I’ve lost it, but for me, the most important is not which I were in the past. For me, the most important thing is the huge amount of efforts which staff made for making this game playable, and… oh damn, honestly I’d like to see this game completely playable even if that thing means waiting more months. If anyone who reads the forums doesn’t played, I can write here that the game is absolutely playable. Yes, of course there are still bugs in the server, but excepting maybe a few amount of bugs which should be fixed soon, the game is very enjoyable, and honestly I recommend to play the server. In second place, I’ll write my first impressions about the way of from being lvl 1 to lvl 105 because I think certain things must be remade for having a variety of things in early and mid-game. Yes, it’s ok there are a mission which is recommended for having better XP and/or MP depending of the needs of the user in the game, but honestly I don’t think it’s ok to have a mission which deals huge difference of them in comparison with the others in the same rank because that thing will make, not only people focus in just that mission for rushing to have max level and end of story. It will have the impression that the variety of things in early-mid is very few even some users in Discord chat wants to incite the others to play the other missions. Yes, of course the penalty of… for example, spamming a lot of CoMs is having PAs with very low lvls because that spam, but who cares about it when the variety starts to come in the end-game… and people can lvl up the Pas with people who have already lvled up in the past… Perhaps early & mid game is not the most important thing when the true game starts in the end-game, and end-game is really nice, and in this post, I’d like to thank a lot to @Jakoo56 & @Kyu for working in the area drops, seeing huge efforts in it. If anyone wants to see an example about what I’m talking, generally, in end-game stage, the missions which are generally played are… iirc: · Sakura Blast · Lightning Beast · Black Nest · Dancing Birds · Sleeping Warriors · Seed Express · CoM (Very obviously) In Moatoob, Idk which missions are mainly played, but the most important for it, IS… early & mid game sucks while endgame is attractive since players can choose the rewards which they can try to hunt, seeing much variety in that point. In third place, I’ll talk about my impressions about the game, classes, PAs & maybe anything which I consider important to mention in this post. But… that’s fine, I’ll start. With the exception of those missions with enemies who have Megid because the OHKO possibility for each megid, this game is absolutely easy to play. That thing means, lvl 21+ in PAs and having a good gear (Mainly S since A are for very few occasions which are absolutely needed) is even enough to solo every mission ingame. There could be some exceptions, yes, but outside of those exceptions, generally this game is freakily easy. Honestly, and because that, there is no reason to carrying more dolls than 1 unless Clementine has plans to make content with higher difficult, and… even it, I think expert players in PSU shouldn’t have issues with dolls. With this I mean, perhaps reducing the proc rate of enemies spamming Megid should be reduced for lvl 50-100 for giving some chances to newbies. But that point of enemies posting Megid is just an opinion personal… In terms of classes, anyone who have at least played regularly the game know which classes are the most popular & the most OP ingame. Which means, Fighmaster will be always the 1st class to seeing in many players since Dus Skadd, and even using Dus Skadd at lvl 1+ in a FF is absurdly powerful in comparison with other PAs which are at lvl 21+ since the huge increase of strength in power. Gunmasters, since they received Grenade Launchers, they made Fortegunners near completely obsolete, seeing some of them just for fun. Masterforces… no comments about how many people use Fortetechers at the main class since Masterforce made that class obsolete from a very long time since the main source of damage are in the rods, and even Masterforces can use both, S-Rank T-Mags and S-Rank Wands for having a fast & flexible option for damaging spawns with at least enemies with two different elements. Ignoring the master classes, which are for far the most common classes in S-S2 games, Fortefighers are still a common choice since there are weapons which Fighmasters can’t use it. But Fortegunners & Fortetechers are honestly a very rare case since Fortegunners are obsolete because Gunmasters with S-Rank Grenade Launchers. Acrofighters, honestly aren’t common to see ingames, but not too rare in comparison with other classes like Wartecher & Guntecher, the less used classes for the community for obvious reasons. Fighgunners are a rare case, yes, but not too rare in comparison with the two last classes mentioned in this post. And of course, I don’t have mentioned about Acrotechers & Protransers because the huge support which offers the other classes even if they lack of damage. While the Acrotecher is the purely support class ingame, the Protranser is more considered a special class focused in an item type regardless of the weaponry which they can carry. They’re common, yes, but not too common in comparison with Master Classes and even the Fortefighter case. The question is… why there are many few people using the Wartecher & Guntecher hybrids? Imo, and since I’ve seen many S-S2 games, the main reason which I think people don’t use is because the bad reputation which they had in the NA/EU servers of PSU plus… for making them “better”, they must sacrifice the part of using offensive techs for making a clone of the Fortefighter & Fortegunner classes, and… although maybe they’re “better”, honestly this is a huge same that they must get that way for being “anything” in the parties, losing a lot of since they’re hybrids, and hybrids are supposed to mix melee/ranged with the techs, and not just the buff part for being a clone of a Forte class, making it less attractive for the others. And here, I’m not talking about how they’re effective in TAs. I’m talking about the 1st impressions which people can get if they’re newbies ingame. It’s very unlike the Fighgunner, a class which can perfectly mix the melee with the guns for giving them a huge versatility even the damage of that class sucks in comparison with the others. Fighgunner can use a variety of S-Rank blades & guns, Guntecher can use a good variety & exclusive gear like S-Rank Crossbows, matchable with the S-Rank Wand, although maybe the disadvantage is the very low TP even they can use Wands like Siren Glass Hammer. And Wartechers… the gear which they use is very limted even they can use A-Rank whips, for non-talking that the synergy of a S-Rank wand a blade is pointless. Because that, I prefer firstly recommend to see Milraundil’s post about increasing the PA Caps of the Non-Master classes in 5, although personally I prefer to raise it in 10 rather than 5, for encouraging Wartechers & Guntechers using more times the offensive techs for mixing it with the melee/guns respectively. And finally, about the PAs, honestly the bullets are fine, although I have a feeling that allowing to buy non-elemental bullets at the beginning is a mistake since near all gunners are using those non-elemental bullets for avoiding the element system, or at least in my own opinion. However, this is absolutely true that in terms of melee skills, generally in near all weapons, one PA overcomes the others, making the others laughables/worthless when trying the others. Obviously, not all weapons have got that problem, but in the majority of the cases, one PA is mandatory in each melee wapons. About the techs, unafortunately I don’t have enough knowledge of it so I’ll ignore it in this feedback. In conclusion: Great job to the staff for the server, especially for @Marmalade. However, and even the game is in a very good way, there are things which must be balanced, and since there are no GAS packets for replicating it, the first thing which I recommend it is increasing the cap of the PAs of the non-master classes in 10 for making those classes more popular in comparison with the absolute domain which they’re having the master classes ingame… Oh, and obviously not forgiving the efforts of guys like @Killroy and @dualstream Greetings, Sakarisei.
  8. Lol, GM has already a good variety of S-Rank weapons, plus GMs are generally stronger in parties, at least IMO.
  9. Oh yes... Basically in any party you'll find at least one Master Class user, being the most common one the FM. Since GMs has obtained Grenades, that class has outdated a lot of the FG in basically all terms. Yes, ofc that class can still do anything if they receive lvl 21+ in melee since Skadd, but until that moment, GM >>>> FG. In MF case, it's not hard to find one since there are obvious reasons for seeing rarely a FT above than lvl 10 in a party. Although for the non-master classes, excluding the AT & PT for obvious reasons, FF is still a common choice for the people because other melee weapons which can't be used by FMs, generally non-master classes (Especially the hybrids) are in a disadvantage which can be caught quickly when you play S missions or above.
  10. Well, It’s true GAS was a good design just for having PAs/Bullets/Techs at lvl 50 depending of the class that you were, but I disagree in certain points which I’ve seen in those posts. In first place, GT & WT were just a homogenized version of the FG & FF with just Megistar lvl 3. Yes, obviously, GT has got S-Rank Crossbows and WT was the only class who were able to reach lvl 50 PAs in whips, making a good choice for people who wanted the whip rather than the slicer in FF. However, no one who used those two classes used the offensive techs, making an useless option for a player buying lvl 40 offensive techs since they were too expensive of buying it, plus people, since they focused in full ranged / melee, rather than increasing the offensive techs, used in other things like having resistances or, iirc, having certain styles like Elemental Burst. Obviously, they were “better” or “the best” since the TAs. But in those two cases, as a class design, they were a purely failure since those classes, finally, were a clone of the Forte Classes. That’s because I consider those two classes should have as by default lvl 35 (Or lvl 31+ if you consider it) in offensive techs for being useful in mixing ranged / melee with the techs. In second place, especially for you Milraundil, since I’ve seen the FT changes, perhaps you should lower slightly the TP of the FT at lvl 20 for not overrating the MF… or increasing slightly the TP of the MF, although another option which you can deal is… for example, giving a bonus of TP (I prefer 50% of the TP transferred to the ATP although a 25% can be enough) while using only bows & cards for giving a chance of seeing more FTs which use the physical ranged weapons for enemies who greatly resist the techs, or at least imo. The only thing which I’d like, or at least imo is… seeing with those changes, hybrids mixing styles (I’m already doing it with the FI, and that class is great as a hybrid, especially if they receive lvl 31+ bullets), forte classes being a bulky version of melee / ranged / tech users and acroes being useful with its own specialization (Honestly, AF should have a hidden bonus in one handed weapons since the main focus of that class is those weapons, although in practice very few AFs use it as a main weapon rather than the two handed weapons for obvious reasons). And finally, honestly, although I know about having GAS or anything similar is important for the users for increasing the efficient of the non-master classes ingame, I think they should have started with those limits mentioned in the post if Clementine doesn’t have data of GAS. Greetings.
  11. Honestly I like your suggestion man. If you want, we can discuss via DM in discord
  12. As the name of the topic means, honestly, and although I dislike TAs, I think people must have a section forum for TAing. I mean, a section when people can discuss about how to TA, the best builds for TAs and even a learderboard for it for encouraging people who prefer to TA rather than parties. If anyone is interested, Midori Oku… once, in the Discord chat, told it that he will make even a leaderboard of TA focused in making a championship / tournament like in the official servers. The only thing is since the server is in a public test, maybe that thing is pointless to make since there are things to make. But yes, I agree about TAers having a section forum for talking freely of the TAs.
  13. In basically any Phantasy Star game, the scape doll is an item which cannot be "usable" in terms of having the Use option in that item. Well, for unknown reasons, the Scape Doll has got that option, and if using it, it only discards the item with no benefit in it.
  14. Were you using the blue one?
  15. You… I can assure you that for every 20 WTs who don’t have intentions of unlocking the MF class, just one of them uses really the techs because the newman race while other two are using bows / cards for having some coverage for certain enemies who are mainly resistant to the striking enemies. In practice, there are basically no reasons to use the techs because the left slot is completely useless, and I can assure you that you can contribute much more to the party if you have a S-Rank T-Mag using your Sabarta (More PP and more TP, obviously) and then using your Whip / Dagger for not losing your time switching constantly the weapons. That thing offers much more coverage than just dealing damage near the same than a FF. If you think damage is the only reason while playing the game, I can assure as I, as a FI, can offer much more coverage than a WT since FI have huge variety of mixing your melee with the guns (Even that A-Rank Grenade Launcher is a very nice coverage for a hybrid like the FI) while WT is absolutely nothing more than a FF with buffs and end of story. FI is even more a hybrid than the WT. There is basically no need to have a huge experience ingame to see how other WTs are acting in parties since the lack of gameplay because the very limited of gear which they can deal. And finally, no one will stop from using that class for just Twin Claws and that very situational Sabarta at the cost of losing your time switching constantly even you have a S-Rank Wand with 20%. Just, the very few of people using the WT class means generally how effective is that class or not even certain JP TA Videos make them “better” just for using Twin Claws and buffs. Greetings.
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