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  1. First of all, I appreciate that initiative from yours, @Selphea. However, I'd like to write here some things which you've forgotten, just for adding it to your post: In first place, Daggers and Twin Daggers in PSUc aren't a joke in comparison with the official version of the game, and, when I see all the details of the classes in your post, basically you've mainly focused in the Twin Claws because Renzan Seidan-ga when we aren't in that age when that PA were the buster of the others since the ridiculous damage which gave that PA with the right hands. Even I'd like to invite you seeing how Jess Victorix plays with single daggers with AF, seeing about how for example Shunbu is basically your main PA for CCing and shredding multipart enemies, with the exception of Hikai which is mostly used for single target purposes and/or enemies with till two parts. In terms of Twin Daggers, Moubu Seiren-zan is a killer machine for single target or enemies with two hitboxes, overcoming to basically Bukuu Rensen-ga in terms of Twin Claws' PA highest DPS against single targets while Hishou Jinren-zan can make a better substitute of Renzan Seidan-ga since the CC can give you more survival rate than you could imagine. Of course my intention of this thing is not understimating the Twin Claws, and much less when, for example, FF cannot use it in their S-Rank version. However, Twin Claws are, for now, an ok weapon which can be used if the user does want to combine with the movement of the character with certain PAs of the Twin Claws. In second place, since I mainly play FF... well, Bogga Robado is basically your single target PA and/or your PA for two hitboxes, unless you're talking about bosses, so, in that case, you'll mostly prefer Bogga Danga, excepting you're dealing an enemy with 4 hitboxes', prefering Bogga Zubba for that case. For me, questioning the efficient of knuckles is the meaning of little to no-knowing that weapon. Of course i'm not telling that that's the best weapon. But, Bogga Robado, for example, can be used as a wall PA for some enemies which can overcome you quickly for then, CCing them and, finally, aoeing to all of them with a CC which can be critical to the party. In third place, the true pro of the WT is that that class is the only one with the ability to have two offensive fields at lvl40, which means melee and offensive techs, and not the deffensive stats (Unless soloing/duoing) since a FF with AT buffs can overcome a WT with the exception of the MST. The main cons of the WT is that that class doesn't have a featured weapon (yeah, even with A-Rank whips, there are another options for it unless, you want to use it as a Tornado Break for cleaning a mass of mobs) because other classes can overcome (at least in melee) in terms of damage to the WT class. Then, add that the class that, if not used with human and/or newman in terms of using both, melee and offensive techs, then the class... not necessarily is a bad one, but you won't be able to use fully the versatility which offer the class because... WT is used for versatility, not for max dmg, even it's true that WT does have the highest damage with whips. In forth place, the true con of FI is that defenses sucks a lot of. Even AF can resist better than FI, not only because the higher evp. It's because it starts with lower defenses, making it a class which maybe you'll require to choose to attack between melee or guns depending of yours. In fifth place, in terms of FF, the main cons of that class is not if FM overcomes FF in terms of swords, spears and axes since FF has always another options for it; it's the lack of a good attack range outside of Mayalee Hit + Heaven Avenger, even if the SE Override of the handguns helps the FF class to get some help while soloing/duoing.
  2. Well, tbh I'm not used to discuss in the forums since i have limited time, but... since it's not the 1st time which I see a topic related with grinding system, this time I think that I must write it for clarifying some issues with this topic. In first place, I recommend to read @ScarletMel's post because basically that guy/gal has the right in terms of... in vanilla PSU (Not AOTI, vanilla), every time which a grind in a weapon failed, that weapon had been broken with no chance to recover. That's because later, in AotI, the grind system changed drastically since, for example, losing an important weapon like an Agito Repca with a higher element was catastrophic for the guy who had obtained it with tons of effort in terms of spending a lot of time... and although i didn't played PSU in official servers, I don't think that ppl needs to be clever for seeing the consequences of a system like it, but... Even if that thing was replaced for reducing the max grind of the weps, i'll write my opinion about that system because although I didn't played in the AotI version excepting for a "free week" since a serious bug in the official servers of SEGA, I grinded tons of entire rainbow weapons as a fighter... That system was made, maybe, for reaching to 5/10 or even 7/10 if the specific weapon is critical for the player as an average grind of the users, mainly because breaking a weapon means losing a lot of the value of the weapon. Yes, I know that we don't have GAS and the Full Custom Grinder ability of GAS for reaching in 10-20% the weapon damage of a 10/10. However, even if an ability or a skill like it existed in Clementine, really very few ppl will be encouraged to grind it, only to do it when in events when the grind boost appears as a feature of those events, and then seeing about how the "efforts" of accumulating the grinders for finding, for example, a 5/6 or even in the worst scenario casess, 1/2, is extremely discouraging for the users, even with counting with near all the helps for making the grind easier for them. If for a gunner or a techer is screaming to see one of the rods or guns completely destroyed because that OG grind system, imagine the face of a fighter with one of the weapons of the rainbow of a specific weapon type completely shattered since that weapon came with very high element... For finishing this topic, I can completely understand that people want to revert the grinding system for a flagrant ego in the past when playing the game. However, making changes just for ego is not the best solution, plus the majority of the community aren't teenagers with the permissiveness of playing tons of hour with near no responsibility in their lives. Of course, that doesn't mean that I will stop playing psuc if the staff decided to revert the grinding system. Just, the last thing which I'll consider is grinding, even if a repair system appeared for "patching" it.
  3. Well, despite of the situation of the server, especially with Marmalade's resting from making content to Clementine, in conjunction of the staff which has made a significantly help to him, without forgetting some guys such as Killroy or other who maybe I don't remember from now, I would like to kudos to all staff for all the efforts which they have made for making the chance of playing PSU Online as a reality... once again, and not just as a beta test which was used to see it. That release made a significant moment for all guys who, with or without experience in online mode, dreamt for playing the game with all virtues and weakness for just remembering old times from that game. Tbh, I'd like to invite you to post your kudos here to motivate the staff to continue making content such as that C-Mode which can be very interesting for me, especially when it existed in another form. But, anyways, thanks for all, Clementine Staff, and I hope we can see you with a smile while dedicating your time to the server Greetings.
  4. Tbh, I recognize that I don't answer or reply the forums for time reasons since I mostly work, but... when I've seen a topic like that, especially with a rage quit attitude from the author of this topic... Look, i dunno what do you think for making a topic like this, but, for me, this is a clear demonstration that you've a very big issue with yourself. Ofc, I'm not here for judging your feelings since it's a forum for discussing things. However, imo... 1) I'd like to agree with the 1st problem, if Marma hadn't told many times that the main reason of it is the client limitations in terms of having a maximum ammount of 50 items per client, which means, although he can reduce the penalty of it, maybe the consequences of it could be drastically, especially when there are too many useless items like 1-6* mats, or even the 7-9* mats. I think that, the main issue of it is 2) Basically you forget that FF does have access to S-Rank Single Claws, which means they can travel fast with the travel PA of the claw, and that travel PA, not necessarily is too bad for considering the FF class an useless one. Plus, FF, by far, is always the melee class with the highest ammount of atp, making SUVs / Nanoblasts from a FF Cast / Beast the most powerful of them , the melee class with the highest ammount of S-Rank melee weapons and the melee class with the highest ammount of physical defense & HP, making one of the classes with a very high chance of surviving if buffed. Additionaly, I know about how playing FM with Tornado Dance for rushing, but as Aelph said, that thing is not always the best choice since certain missions will not allow to do it for one or other reason. Furthermore, FM is one of the weakest classes in terms of resisting the hits although they have slightly better MST than the other classes with the exception of the WT since the hybridization of Hunter & Force. Yes, ofc FM is tremendously powerful if the PAs are at lv50 and the weapons are highly grinded and/or has an element rate about 45-50%. However, the lack of ranged attacks like FM makes the class the riskiest of all melees since, even with C-Rank Handgun for just some missions, the lack of ranged attacks. That thing will have serious consequences in bosses like De Ragan when they can fly and you cannot defend against flying enemies like it. Honestly you should know that FM can't use Sougacho Sekka, which means FFs with it against bosses can break significantly them. In addition of all them, I suggest you to talk with Aelph about how FG is ridiculously powerful from distances, especially with SEs' rates from rifles. I can guarantee you that travel PA is not the only important thing in PSU. Even if the staff were in the moment to add the dagger travel PA for all people, I can assure you that nothing will change, or not at least when there are another important things than the movement speed / attack speed. As some people said, this is not PSO2 when the only thing which matters is having the best ammount of damage & the movement speed since many quests / missions forces you to do the missions in a limited ammount of time, making it extremely aggresive. 3) I agree, but, tbh, I don't think the staff will start to think in it until S4 or even the clementine S5 version. The main reason for it is that not all ppl does have all their 36 PAs at lv40 (or less, depending of the class & the PA type), not all does have a rainbow 10/10 gear and not all does have the top tier units for it... for then making even better gear for it. I'm not saying here that the game lacks of challenge. Ofc it is, especially when I kill enemies from just 1-2 comboes, excepting for those ones with very high melee resistance, and... even that's not an issue since the big atp ammount of FFs can break near everything. Furthermore, there is already a C-Mode being developed by the staff. Just give them time for it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In conclussion: If you don't have fun of the game, I'd like to suggest you to resting from it. It's bad for ppl playing games which suffers themselves, even if they tell the others that they love the game. Loving a game should never means sacrifying yourself, especially when mental health is more important than... everything, including a game of mid half 2000.
  5. Tbh @packor, i liked a lot of your post. I liked a lot of your post that i'll write you an answer to this topic. In my most sincere opinion, i prefer Clementine version of PSU than JP PSU because... not only WTs and GTs have finally their place without being kicked by the others because the lack of DPS, even in the JP version they were "buffed" in terms of getting certain PAs at the best one of the game (Such as Vivi Dezza in whips' world), with the inclusion of lv40 in Striking PAs in the WT for giving them some chances ingame. It's because basically it's noticeable that the PAs and basically all the content ingame have been well balanced. Seriously, enraging for waiting the JP Version while this one is much better is, IMO... useless.
  6. Perhaps, one of the things which I've noticed in Clementine is that the dev staff is focusing more in crafting than SEGA did it in basically any stage of the game. However, for me, the most important update for synthesis is the Nano-Photon material, a photon type which is imo absolutely important for end-game gear since they offer, iirc, random element, but with a very high avg of element % at the cost of that random element. However, if anyone know the story of official servers, synthesis was abandoned after the release of many 13* - 15*, making the system completely useless. Because it, my question is... since Clementine is making custom boards such as the famous Har / Quick board, is it possible to see custom boards for end-game purposes? Is it possible to see certain items which can only be obtained farming the board for then farming the materials for it? Is it even possible to see in certain exchange missions the possibility of obtaining boards of certain weapons which cannot be obtained normally in game? I'm sorry if I've made many questions in the forums, especially to the dev staff. However, I wonder about the future of synthesis in Clementine, at least when they're dropping much A-Rank boards easily. Greetings. PD: Of course, I'd like to include another recipes such as converting ores from 10* to 11* or even better ones.
  7. Tbh, I agree with the suggestion of this topic. We're here to play and enjoy the game, not making a wiki such as psupedia when ppl was playing in official servers. It's more, nowadays, ppl demands getting all the information which is and should be available for everyone. We aren't in the 2000 decade when information were very limited. So, please, if there is possible, try to reveal any hidden info which must be known by the others. Greetings.
  8. Tbh, that thing shows a Japanese installation, when you, perhaps, you've skipped the language option while installing the game, putting the wrong language. About the _n command for creating the account, I highly recommend you creating from the own launcher in the account option. Greetings.
  9. Tbh, I don’t think that consumable prices are a problem since synthesis, at least for fighter users, is one of the biggest meseta sinks which you can get since you’re completely dependant of element % for trying to get the most efficiency in terms of damage. And i’m talking about making 20-30 tries for trying to make a rainbow palette of 9* slicers for 40%+ of element… just for FF. And even i’m not having issues of paying the consumables (At least just mates, photon charges) with 30%s+ which i’ve bought to the ppl when you reach the PAs at lvl 31+, having atm 8 of them to that tier lvl. It’s more, if the issue is the money, just get a party or try to get a lower mission lvl in A-Rank for it. The only thing which I can agree is about having some issues when you're a low lvl with limited resources for it. But when you're in party and you're at lvl 40-50, money is not really an issue, especially when going in parties is much more profitable than soloing (And soloing is profitable just for things such as PA lvling).
  10. Honestly I think you're right. Basically all techers which I know gets the techs at lvl 11+ since lvling those techs are incredibly slow. It's even hard to ask for a FT with an entire pallete of techs at lvl 21+ since the grind time requires much more than the melee... although i'd like to tell you that lvling about 6 PAs for each weapon, unless you use just a weapon, is also hard too. Furthermore, I like that idea of increasing the DFP in FT. EDIT: iirc, later, in future, FT will have their own LBs. The same thing with the MF. Ofc, I prefer in the FT to get the attack techs at lvl 42 since it makes a significantly change to the class.
  11. According to the game, the Sinner's Banquet in B Rank requires lvl 35+ for accessing it. However, it can be accessed by ppl with lvl 30+. I'm bringing this pic as a proof of the bug. Greetings.
  12. Honestly custom missions are possible since they made a custom mission called Frozen Sanctum. You can check this video from the PSU Clementine channel for it. Greetings.
  13. Tbh, the main problem is not if Giro has the absolute truth in this topic or not. The main problem of it, and because I've talked about it with a friend, IS... You require about at least 20-30h of non-stop farming for getting at least three classes, because... as Giro said, if you spend time for getting a type, and your expectations are completely different from the gamestyle of the type, you're losing again the time for unlocking another type, and that thing can annoy a lot of. Plus, it's not the same starting with a fighter than a gunner or a techer, making the techer the hardest one to making it competent since you need at least two techs of the same element for the bonus in the case that you want to play anything but FT since they don't have rods, but... oh, wait, 3-4 techs for each element, and... iirc, it's very rare to see it unless you're in As and you've dedicated much time both, farming the meseta for getting the techs which you need and the PA training of the techs for making it efficient... In other words, the required time for unlocking the expert types are insane for both, regular and casual players, especially if they want to play other expert types.
  14. EDIT: Tbh, I'd plans to put my opinion from my perspective from Clementine Server. However, I didn't look Milranduil's tables for comparing it. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yeah, I agree that the MP in the basic classes are extremely slow. And I'm talking about a player who has unlocked at the same time (Yeah, at the same time) three types for choosing between them. In my case, since I'd started as a CAST, it "wasn't a problem" for me because since they always as a Ranger, I'd took advantage of it for then switching to HU and then playing quietly as a full melee. However, I agree that they mainly benefit to ppl who want to encourage just in the forte classes and/or one specific class, but nothing of getting many classes.
  15. For unknown reasons, BBB at B Rank can be accessed even if you're anything which is below at lvl 35. I don't have accessed to it because for both reasons, they're too strong for me and it's bugged the access to that rank of the mission. Greetings.
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