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  1. Well, despite of the situation of the server, especially with Marmalade's resting from making content to Clementine, in conjunction of the staff which has made a significantly help to him, without forgetting some guys such as Killroy or other who maybe I don't remember from now, I would like to kudos to all staff for all the efforts which they have made for making the chance of playing PSU Online as a reality... once again, and not just as a beta test which was used to see it. That release made a significant moment for all guys who, with or without experience in online mode, dreamt for pl
  2. Tbh, I recognize that I don't answer or reply the forums for time reasons since I mostly work, but... when I've seen a topic like that, especially with a rage quit attitude from the author of this topic... Look, i dunno what do you think for making a topic like this, but, for me, this is a clear demonstration that you've a very big issue with yourself. Ofc, I'm not here for judging your feelings since it's a forum for discussing things. However, imo... 1) I'd like to agree with the 1st problem, if Marma hadn't told many times that the main reason of it is the client limitations in te
  3. Tbh @packor, i liked a lot of your post. I liked a lot of your post that i'll write you an answer to this topic. In my most sincere opinion, i prefer Clementine version of PSU than JP PSU because... not only WTs and GTs have finally their place without being kicked by the others because the lack of DPS, even in the JP version they were "buffed" in terms of getting certain PAs at the best one of the game (Such as Vivi Dezza in whips' world), with the inclusion of lv40 in Striking PAs in the WT for giving them some chances ingame. It's because basically it's noticeable that the PAs and basi
  4. Perhaps, one of the things which I've noticed in Clementine is that the dev staff is focusing more in crafting than SEGA did it in basically any stage of the game. However, for me, the most important update for synthesis is the Nano-Photon material, a photon type which is imo absolutely important for end-game gear since they offer, iirc, random element, but with a very high avg of element % at the cost of that random element. However, if anyone know the story of official servers, synthesis was abandoned after the release of many 13* - 15*, making the system completely useless. Becaus
  5. Tbh, I agree with the suggestion of this topic. We're here to play and enjoy the game, not making a wiki such as psupedia when ppl was playing in official servers. It's more, nowadays, ppl demands getting all the information which is and should be available for everyone. We aren't in the 2000 decade when information were very limited. So, please, if there is possible, try to reveal any hidden info which must be known by the others. Greetings.
  6. Tbh, that thing shows a Japanese installation, when you, perhaps, you've skipped the language option while installing the game, putting the wrong language. About the _n command for creating the account, I highly recommend you creating from the own launcher in the account option. Greetings.
  7. Tbh, I don’t think that consumable prices are a problem since synthesis, at least for fighter users, is one of the biggest meseta sinks which you can get since you’re completely dependant of element % for trying to get the most efficiency in terms of damage. And i’m talking about making 20-30 tries for trying to make a rainbow palette of 9* slicers for 40%+ of element… just for FF. And even i’m not having issues of paying the consumables (At least just mates, photon charges) with 30%s+ which i’ve bought to the ppl when you reach the PAs at lvl 31+, having atm 8 of them to that tier lvl.
  8. Honestly I think you're right. Basically all techers which I know gets the techs at lvl 11+ since lvling those techs are incredibly slow. It's even hard to ask for a FT with an entire pallete of techs at lvl 21+ since the grind time requires much more than the melee... although i'd like to tell you that lvling about 6 PAs for each weapon, unless you use just a weapon, is also hard too. Furthermore, I like that idea of increasing the DFP in FT. EDIT: iirc, later, in future, FT will have their own LBs. The same thing with the MF. Ofc, I prefer in the FT to get the attack techs at lvl 4
  9. According to the game, the Sinner's Banquet in B Rank requires lvl 35+ for accessing it. However, it can be accessed by ppl with lvl 30+. I'm bringing this pic as a proof of the bug. Greetings.
  10. Honestly custom missions are possible since they made a custom mission called Frozen Sanctum. You can check this video from the PSU Clementine channel for it. Greetings.
  11. Tbh, the main problem is not if Giro has the absolute truth in this topic or not. The main problem of it, and because I've talked about it with a friend, IS... You require about at least 20-30h of non-stop farming for getting at least three classes, because... as Giro said, if you spend time for getting a type, and your expectations are completely different from the gamestyle of the type, you're losing again the time for unlocking another type, and that thing can annoy a lot of. Plus, it's not the same starting with a fighter than a gunner or a techer, making the techer the hardest one to
  12. EDIT: Tbh, I'd plans to put my opinion from my perspective from Clementine Server. However, I didn't look Milranduil's tables for comparing it. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yeah, I agree that the MP in the basic classes are extremely slow. And I'm talking about a player who has unlocked at
  13. For unknown reasons, BBB at B Rank can be accessed even if you're anything which is below at lvl 35. I don't have accessed to it because for both reasons, they're too strong for me and it's bugged the access to that rank of the mission. Greetings.
  14. Honestly I like a lot of that idea. However, I'd like to make a feedback about it for trying to suggesting the staff, at least imo. In first place, when talking about upgrading a Photon art, when talking about refer to upgrade a certain PA (For example Vivi Dezza rather than the other whip PAs)… I’m not saying that I dislike this idea. However, with the great unbalance which has the Striking PAs, it will be completely predictable to choose those ones for upgrading it. I’m saying it because with the current meta, Renzan, Skadd, the drill style of the claw PA, and Vivi Dezza Will be mainly
  15. I can absolute assure you that if the 90% of the population were people with Master Classes, it was because how efficient were the master classes regardless of the Expert Types with GAS. And again. Basically I see you're justifying anything which cannot be defended. Greetings.
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