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  1. the point of aoe I'm trying to make is enemies multiple hit spots only get hit once with laser compared to grenades, as a Guntecher i like to stick with mainly support techs (this is coming from my perspective on official servers which we will get to eventually) Dizas, Rentis, Buffs , and heals when there is no Acrotecher, i also use all basic spells and Ra spells if the need arises. My main draw to guntecher is the crossbow no more than that and no less, i would just love to see the get grenades and a viable option to ranged aoe for larger mobs with multiple hit points. Slightly off topic but i also noticed that not a Single A rank Grenade was added to the area drop list to my knowledge i would also like to see this changed as well as some other A ranks for other weapons. because some a ranks are amazing ^^
  2. 1. Laser is very situational and is ass because of that. 2. Forgot Fighgunner had A rank Grenade launchers. 3. Fortegunner isn't dead it still uses other weapons that Gumaster can't use. (Crossbows, Machineguns which suck atm, and Spears) and yeah Guntecher is super nerfed atm because we dont have GAS hopefully soon they figure out something awesome for classes that greatly benefit from the GAS system.
  3. I would like to know peoples opinions on Guntecher Getting A rank Grenade launchers, currently the only classes that can use these are Fortegunner, Protranser, And now Gunmaster but they all use S rank. I think giving Guntecher this option would 1. Give Guntecher a form of aoe Dmg which it lacks (other than using techs) (you could also argue to use the shotgun but that defeats the purpose of using a crossbow) 2. A rank Grenades would have a small market because no other class uses A rank Launcher 3. This is Clem server and Clem can do what it wants \o/
  4. @LadyRena Samegid not hitting correct amount of targets, Aoe range is not correct and visual effect looks like lvl 1 (range could also be why it's no hitting the correct amount of targets) LV1 LV2 LV3 LV4 LV5 LV6 LV7 LV8 LV9 LV10 Consumption PP 32 (fT: 25 / MF: 38) effect Infection LV2 HIT number 3 body × 8 HIT LV11 LV12 LV13 LV14 LV15 LV16 LV17 LV18 LV19 LV20 Consumption PP 40 (fT: 32 / MF: 48) effect Infection LV2 HIT number 5 bodies x 11 HIT LV21 LV22 LV23 LV24 LV25 LV26 LV27 LV28 LV29 LV30 Consumption PP 48 (fT: 38) effect Infection LV3 HIT number 5 x 14 HIT LV31 LV32 LV33 LV34 LV35 LV36 LV37 LV38 LV39 LV40 Consumption PP 56 (fT: 44) effect Infection LV4 HIT number 5 x 18 HIT LV41 LV42 LV43 LV44 LV45 LV46 LV47 LV48 LV49 LV50 Consumption PP 64 effect Infection LV5 HIT number 6 x 21 HIT Foverse not gaining Correct amount of hits. level Duration Endurance LV 1-10 2 minutes and 40 seconds Ten LV 11 to 20 3 minutes and 20 seconds 10 × 2 LV 21-30 4 minutes 10 × 3 LV 31 to 40 4 minutes and 40 seconds LV 41-50 5 minutes and 20 seconds
  5. well crossbows are amazing and are a extremely mobile shotgun basically while still being able to heal and buff and cast techs, crossbows and cards are the bread and butter of this class sadly cards are only A rank plus if we was able to get 41 bullets for single handed guns (like upgraded them with gas system) you would have 5 bullets with the most mobile class in the game. IMO crossbow is 10x better than any shotgun only bad thing is leveling the bullets is a absolute pain in the ass until later levels.
  6. So after some leveling i noticed Foverse doesn't gain the appropriate amount of hits it's supposed to have. mine is level 21 and it only gets 10 hits before disappearing. LV 1-10 2 minutes and 40 seconds Ten LV 11 to 20 3 minutes and 20 seconds 10 × 2 LV 21-30 4 minutes 10 × 3 LV 31 to 40 4 minutes and 40 seconds LV 41-50 5 minutes and 20 seconds
  7. The tech isn't hitting the correct amount of enemies, and visually looks the same as lvl 1 Samegid at 41+
  8. You also forget the game is in testing, the game technically has not officially launched. yes its fun to play but what good is it going to do anyone if you don't report bugs and try every little thing to make sure that it works correctly. Once the game resets and everything is in working order then we can go from there. that's my opinion tho.
  9. Weapons Wands Rykros Baton 9* wand ,Twinkle Star 8* wand, Divine Uzume 14* wand (step down from glass hammer) Siren Glass Hammer 15* wand (because i can ^^) Rods Plantain staff 9*, Chao Staff 9* Divine Amaterasu 15* Eternal Psychodrive 15* (again cause i can) Crossbows Emperor Axeon cross 15* De gol us bow 9* Cards Angelic Breath 9*, Gal wind Burst 15* Tech Mags Alchemist Shadow 13*, Dol vaverg 14*, Enferna 15* Ranged Mags Opaopa 14*, Eye of Rykros 13* Units Feri / Force 15* head unit Feril / Cronos, Gerard / Shot 15* arm unit All 10 star and up body units I could literally go on forever with this list most high end things on here could be sold for max meseta or something, i also added some really reasonable pieces of gear in here as well for classes that cant equip S rank gear. In all Honesty I'm just happy to have anything at all so thanks ^^
  10. Hey Midori idk if this is possible with people being busy and all, Is there any way we could make this so that drops that aren't currently available grey'd out (or some other color) would do it myself but I'm sick and dealing with kidney stones and can't be bothered atm, no problem if its not possible thanks ^^
  11. I absolutely love this class, Humans and Newmans get a 3% boost to all stat modifiers but i feel Cast are also great to play, To me personally i feel that your single handed guns shine here (Crossbow's and Card's) coupled with a wand with Sa spells, Debuffs, and Buffs. If we had a gas system to increase PA bullets to 41 this class gets even more fun plus you get to tornado dance around the map
  12. Cool just figured i would start doing this to help players figure out where to go without having to look up info and people with more knowledge could help me correct the missions that are unavailable, i have seen a ton of people here in Clem who have never actually played PSU which surprised me.
  13. Figured i would do something random because I'm bored and this might be messy but first time for everything. (Some of these mission might not be available so if you see something that's not available please let me know and i will change it thanks.) So here is some new ranks you can run on missions Guardians Colony * True Darkness S2 * Distant Memory S2 * Mag S2 * Program DF S Parum * Duel in the Ruins S2 * The Egg Thieves S Neudaiz * Moonlight Beast S2 Moatoob * Citadel of Sands S * Snowcap Screamer S2 * Lonely Laboratory S
  14. yeah i remember them being quite strong still would be fun to have them regardless i also remember them being a pain to level.
  15. Would be sad if they didn't.
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