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  1. Man I’ve been testing your server for nearly 4 years now major progression between those years too. I’m greatful you & the dev team are still working on updating this old game,even though there has been a few wipes I didn’t mind starting from scratch but I knew this wasn’t intended for fun until it reached its peak. We all had responsibilities to report any bugs however I want to report one bug I experienced back in mid may. im sorry that this is late but a friend of mine we were in my room server so basically thing was that I was going to sell my Ramegid at the time but my friend had disconnection issue on his end so when I tried unequipping the pa the very moment he disconnected it accidentally Replicated another lv50 pa although I did sell my main ramegid, I gave the replicated one to my friend yes I should’ve trashed + reported but we tried testing it out an ever since then it wasn’t working so we thought it was just a difficult bug to pull off so hence why we didn’t report it. One thing to point out when it replicated there was an item error above the screen like when you do those orange announcement texts. Anyway I hope this is useful for you to patch because who knows maybe some are hiding an exploit like this an I just wanted to get it out there, again sorry for the late report. Hopefully psuc won’t be heavily exploited upon its full release that ruins the experience especially the player market etc. Well Marm you & the dev team have done a great job so take your time & don’t over work yourself there’s more stuff to do outside of psu to keep us occupied especially pso2 Xbox beta looking forward to that. Hopefully this will be the last wipe & despite of that I’d go from LV 1 anyday on this server. It was fun while it lasted so See you & everyone on the Reopening of Clem take it easy dudes. -Kimiko / x FierceDeity x (YT)
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