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  1. The only one of these that is feesable is regrants and we will likely not change it to that behavior. Believe it or not Nagrants was worse before release and went around bigger enemies all the time. There isn't much we can do about the small enemies aside from making it girthy but the tech wasn't really made for that and it wouldn't match the visuals.
  2. Green photon effect obviously.
  3. Its not that simple either as reducing the power of those pa's. A lot of the later playstyles with AF AT and a bit of WT is using them is fishing for counters and getting Just Counters for more damage out of them. Reducing the power of the pa's effectively makes that pointless and the pa's worse off. Regardless its all a moot point in the end since we are not going to change how first hits work.
  4. Its definitely balanced that way the main problem with this change would be skills like vivi dezza, cyclone dance etc that would just shred everything with this change.
  5. This won't happen. It would be pretty unbalanced for a lot of pa's especially with the crit GAS options. Whats next making all MF's spells do crits or every gun shot?
  6. The upright ones defiantly froze like the one right before the boss. That flag is also probably used for the megid turrets that are not supposed to incap.
  7. The problem with returning original stats is you are going to have to add the original damage formula to compensate back or you are going to have problems with some enemies reducing damage by 70% and such with the current formula. Kyu instead froze the def so the % reduction doesn't play in and raised the hp. So enemies are having more hp but we do more to compensate. The attack can be toned down though I can agree with that.
  8. Yeah I used that mission a few times. Was really good for some quick tech leveling.
  9. You would rather grind 27000 mp then 19000 mp? Dang that is dedication.
  10. Did you happen to use a sol by chance when randomly dying?
  11. I would put my vote for Snowcap Screamer. Good work everyone.
  12. Nice good work. Will be nice to see other missions come back.
  13. Looking into it a bit I am not finding any sources of the higher varience other than psupedia. They used the drop on 360 for an event mission instead of the paid gc mission jp had so maybe they edited the stats when making that change.
  14. I didn't forget it. I just figured out someone should point that out. I voted yes if only because I want my 50 whip PA's.
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