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  1. Just want to bring more attention to this, uh Both hits were from a Delsaban, for reference I observed my human taking around 10~18 damage, my beast was taking around 16~23 In both cases any elemental resistance provided by my line shield against them was nil, unless I'm missing something here, a gap of 249 DFP only seems to have reduced the damage I was taking by roughly 5. If that. EVP certainly works as I was evading pretty much 95% of the attacks that got thrown at me on my human, however This was tested after the most recent patch as well. Can provide more info if needed, but I don't have much time during the day
  2. Update: Still haven't found out what exactly is causing this but it has slowly been going higher and higher lmao
  3. Going to second this report, it feels like line shields (outside of element), as well as DFP in general isn't really doing much - even with a proper element for resistance some enemies are still capable of chunking almost half my health if not more as a FF. I haven't really tested if this is happening with MST too but I'd wager a guess it might be. Hell I'm pretty sure I should be at least seeing some zeroes in C-rank missions by now. Hope this can get looked at.
  4. no idea how this happened, but apparently the game thinks ive killed 27 of each boss in the game (not counting de ragan, who ive killed 21 times). It also seems to think I have 27 more titles than I actually do too, I only have 10 according to the list This seems to extend to everything- The game thinks I've had 27 room visitors, performed 27 Just Counters (which previously didn't increase for some reason), Received Super Holy Light from the shrine 27 times... etc. Relogging, restarting my PC, etc. didn't fix it Oh no.
  5. oof looks like I'll be registering/making a char during my break at work, damn end of the month days drag on for so long Looking forward to hopping back in though
  6. Congratulations guys! I remember starting to follow development on this back during my early(ish) years playing PSO2. I never got a chance to play PSU and I'm glad to have gotten a chance to take part in the tests. Now that the release is finally right around the corner I can't wait man. This one is for Marm and the team: Thanks guys, congratulations and best of luck moving forward.
  7. Can't speak for exactly why it shutdown but I'm sure it wasn't due to the community, no matter how bad it got. I believe you were right, PSO2 was a likely cause since it was only a few months away and had been announced a year prior, but who knows. This is SEGA we're talking about, after all PSO2 was actually translated pretty early on, there were indications very early of English support in the client and the game was shown off in English at a PAX event iirc. There's plenty of theories as the why it took so long to come west, SEGA definitely put in support for it, my guess would be lack of a publisher they were confident in, or just confidence in the west in general. Feel like that's a discussion for another thread though.
  8. Jeez with every post you guys always manage to crank out more and more impressive stuff. Just as damn amazing as those guys who created their own server software for Shin Megami Tensei IMAGINE Thanks for everything you've done; can't wait to hop back in!
  9. Nice as it'd be to play again, I wouldn't wish that hell on anyone- especially not with the amount of shit they probably still have left to do. It's gonna take time, and hey, given everything that's going on it might be better for them to take a break and focus on their own health too. Better to have it working, stable and relatively headache-free than for shit to blow up in everyone's face. PSO2JP is still holding me over until Clem is ready. PSP2i too now that I've gotten into it.
  10. So with the advent of Marm saying they'd try to fix up some of the JP PAs in the next update, I think it'd be a perfect time to bring this back up- rebalancing on Grand Crusher, not sure if it's already been discussed on the Discord. Apologies if I mostly reiterate what's been stated by the OP, but these are all my personal experiences thus far. After having bought and played around with Grand Crusher, even if it might be in a buggy state still, I really don't know where it should be placed in my setup, looking exclusively at Swords, Gravity Break and Tornado Break pretty much cover everything I would need; with Spinning Break covering more annoyingly mobile mobs. I'm not sure how GC was on the JP servers, apparently it had a wider AoE range and that seems to be bugged right now? Either way, like was stated by the OP, I really don't see where its use would fall with how slow it is, how much PP it consumes, and what little damage it seems to output in comparison to well, everything else. And the reality of the situation is that we aren't gonna be limited to just a single weapon of course, so what's to stop me from just whipping out Dus Skadd instead? Or just filling its place with Jabroga? I believe simply extending the linear AoE range of it might not be enough, unless it's a drastic increase- but I'm a FF/FM, not a Gun-type, so how much could it really be pushed then? I think a minor increase in damage output, to bring it up to par with other Sword options, along with a slight linear range increase would be ideal, given the slow wind-up and the large PP cost- and this of course assumes that whatever else may be broken with the skill be fixed as well (which could be the whole reason why it has poor range).
  11. oh boy here comes the IP ban rip my 8k hours
  12. I'm a bit surprised there are some people who still aren't aware of translations and easier patching on PSO2, but then again some people do avoid PSO2 like the plague and I can't really fault them for that, SEGA has made the game feel pretty soul sucking IMO- Older fans get turned off by all the useless collab shit, newer players can still fall into traps with skill trees and mags, especially with how quickly you can level, and may find gearing up difficult because of how much you need to understand with the affixing system and whatnot. You can practically skip through Normal, Hard and VH difficulties. For lategame players, Endless quest grind and progressing Omega Masquerade every day gets real tiring. That said, Episode 6, Ultra Hard and the new Armada of Demise EQ have been a breath of fresh air so far. Personally, I've been having more fun on PSU so far than I've had in the last few years I've been on PSO2 lmao But by all means, try it if you haven't yet, for all its faults PSO2's gameplay is still solid enough to this day that I hop on every other day just to wail on shit sometimes
  13. Nothing has beat <3:30ish clears of Unsafe C for early levels for me, typically requires 2 people though, solo takes a bit longer due to running around I would recommend leveling/gearing to a point where you can clear Unsafe A in ~8mins though (solo or not) (great MP, along with a bit of money and EXP to help fund you early on) After that just do whatever, past that point I started being less worried about MP and more about money/drops. Fair warning spamming this shit will make you want to gouge your eyes out.
  14. Helmont


    I know who you're talking about, they play PSO2 and seem to be a somewhat shy person, unless the one on PSO2 is different (which I doubt, I've seen them do the same things lol) Can't understand it myself, but it isn't really a bother- I'm sure they're nice. Fun fact: If I remember right, I believe their Team on PSO2 is literally called "The Benchers"
  15. Worth noting that Casino coins will likely need to be wiped before the rewards get added (unless the server itself gets wiped beforehand) because the payouts seem bugged, I could place a few silver coins on every spot on the roulette wheel and still easily make back close to 10~15x what I spent, guaranteed
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