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  1. It will stay broken to the current max grind it has. If something is currently 8/9 and it breaks, it will go to 0/9 not 0/10.
  2. If custom enemies ever become a thing, this will be the first one.
  3. To my understanding, they're all in one weapon now.
  4. So it's encouraging people to play in parties and that's a bad thing?
  5. Communication Do not harass, target, or be toxic towards any other community members whatsoever. Hate speech, or words harmful to any race, ethnicity, nationality, sex, gender, orientation, or any other group will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Please use the Blacklist feature in game, or the Block feature on Discord if you feel you are being harassed, and report the harassment with proper screenshots of the character name and ID number, or Discord ID of the offender to a moderator or staff member. Do not post or in any way distribute personal information about yourself or any community members. Additionally, no staff member for Clementine will ever ask you for any personal information. If you suspect such activities, please contact us. Overly sexual topics and/or fetishism is prohibited in-game, discord, and the forums. Any continued open discussion on any of these platforms will result in a ban. This includes posting and/or engaging in NSFW content. Any discussions pertaining to the topics of, but not limited to, rape, abuse, or racism, is strictly prohibited. All participants will be muted at the discretion of the moderation team. Repeated offenders will be banned. Gameplay Cheating tools, programs, engines, trainers, memory editors, speed-hacks, frame rate uncapping or any similar third party programs are prohibited. Exploits that cause the game to behave abnormally or alter intended game progression are to be immediately reported to moderation or staff. You will not be in trouble for reporting an exploit that you discover, witness, or are informed of. Abusing and/or not reporting an exploit will not be tolerated. Any automation, botting, macros, programs, hardware, or software, that allows play without any active user input is prohibited. Any sort of AFK progression, or progression without any continuous active user input will result in being disconnected. Continued offense will result in progression reset and/or bans. You, the player, are responsible for your own in-game items and Meseta. Any trading, selling, buying, or exchanging items or Meseta, including Photon Gacha, is done at your own risk. Items and/or Meseta will not be refunded or restored in the event of a scam, accidental selling, accidental dropping, or in any other situation. If you are scammed, please report the scammer, along with their character name and game ID number, and as much evidence as possible to moderation or staff. Depending on severity and evidence, scamming will result in a ban. Multiple clients running simultaneously on the same system or by the same person on multiple systems is prohibited and will result in a ban. Real Money Trading (RMT) is not allowed. Buying, selling, or trading of in-game items, Meseta, or accounts, for real-world currency, goods, or services is prohibited. Report real money traders and out of game scammers to staff immediately, and include as much information as possible, such as screenshots, game ID number, forum account, Discord ID, websites, contact information, PayPal accounts, or any other accounts and information so they may be properly reported. Clementine and staff are not responsible for any theft of currency, goods, and/or loss of sensitive personal information you may incur as a result of RMT. Miscellaneous Any attacks on the server with intent to steal information or disrupt server operation, personal attacks on our community members or staff in real life, or attacks designed to harm our host will be met with reports to the proper authorities. Do not impersonate, harass, or demean staff members whatsoever. Whether in-game, discord, or forums. The staff is free to handle the playerbase within their best discretion. Submitting false or misleading reports is absolutely not tolerated, and will result in a ban. Ease up a little bit. We're all human. Oozing negative energy all of the time (and I do mean all of the time) is exhausting, both for us and I dare say yourself, too. Repeatedly trying to make the server an unhealthy place for people will likely get you removed. Discord All Discord terms of service apply in full. https://discord.com/terms/ Be respectful of other members. Don't encourage poor behaviour. Do not troll, harass, impersonate, de-rail discussions, or attempt to raise a negative reaction out of other members. Refrain from posting illegal, sensitive or explicit content. This includes, but no limited to: NSFW, sexual or erotic content, explicit content, or links to illegally obtain copies of the game, cheats, or any other 3rd party software used to exploit. Do not encourage exploitative methods or scamming. Encouraging cheating, scamming, RMT (Real Money Trading), and the use of exploits is pretty lame, and in most cases it only serves to harm users or kill the game again. If you have information then please do not hesitate to talk to a member of staff in private. Try to be tidy and mindful of spamming. You have a lot to say, and maybe a complaint or two. Hey, we'll listen, we get it, but be mindful of your surroundings. Try not to spam channels or other users with messages of any kind. Respect privacy and personal information. Do not share any personal information of yourself or of any other person. Additionally, no staff member for Clementine will ever ask you for any personal information. If you suspect such activities, please contact us. Be courteous of channels with different languages. If you only speak English, please do not speak in a non-English channels, and vice versa. Pretty simple!
  6. From the team: We hear and feel where you're coming from, there are a handful of things we're working to get our heads around in terms of the whys and hows, but things as they are now aren't quite what everyone had in mind either. Whether it's a communication error, or there was just a misunderstanding, we're not sure, but we are actively working to try and resolve it while things are still early. However, it's going to take some time to be able to fix a lot of this and keep everyone's character integrity, but we believe we can do it, one way or another. For now we will focus on addressing the current MP and Type requirements, which seems to be what's hurting most for everyone, ourselves included. From me: There's a lot of good discussion and feedback in this thread, which is great. It's what we want from the community. There is also some not-so-constructive, negative emotions in here, which I understand but I need to ask that we please try to keep everything as civil, constructive, and clean as possible. I want to ask for everyone's patience and understanding on this, that it's a complex subject that we're trying to make work to make as many people happy as we can. Everyone has a different idea of how grindy this game should be, and we're working to try and find the level that works for most people, within the current scope of the game. We want to keep the thread open for now but we're going to keep monitoring and if it gets out of hand we may need to lock the thread.
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