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  1. Standard Xbox 360 wired controller. Rumble works fine on all games, emulators. Just can't get it working on Clementine. Super odd. Guess I'll keep trying random stuff every now and again or wait for someone that had the same issue to pop in with a fix.
  2. Hello Clementine peoples. I followed the guides found in this forum to use "Xinput Plus" to restore the functionality of the triggers, and that worked great. Can use them ingame for chat / selecting the mission info popup and mission completion poup in the bottom left for mission points etc. The only issue I'm left with now is the lack of rumble. I assumed this would work natively, but in those guides it also mentions restoring rumble so I then figured it was a setting in Xinput Plus. The rumble setting in there is toggled correctly to be on and applied, but I am still not getting anything ingame. I checked the functionality of the vibration to see if it was detected properly in the program and it works just fine in the tests. Does anyone know what I could to do restore this functionaility, or maybe anyone who has had this issue themselves and found a setting to fix it? It's not a huge dealbreaker to play, but would be great to have working nevertheless. Thanks!
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