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  1. Foverse is not working properly right now, I believe.
  2. Marm said it was a bug on #psu_general. Edit: But I guess you do not have access to that server, Matt, and are probably going to down-vote everything I say without providing any actual feedback or response. Oh, and here is the copypasta from the Discord: Marmy05/07/2019 Para already noted that the prices were jacked up. It's not intentional, but fixing it isn't very easy either.
  3. Line shields and units are fine (from NPC shops, not taking Dallgun into consideration), but weapons are steep (like, 660000 for an 8 weapon).
  4. Plus there are certain things that are not really on the Player Shop for one reason or the other, and things like dropping 66000 for an 8 star weapon is kinda... oof. I do not think we should have to rely on Player Shops. People like me can only provide so many cheap Cs, Bs, and As before we no longer have common access to them. And it is not a player's job to do that for players lacking money.
  5. I'll let Seority and/or Hanzo describe this in this topic.
  6. From what I understand, Zalure "works as intended" (-11, -15, -19, -23, and -27 percent for each "tier"), but with the current damage formula, a level 41+ Zalure only results in enemies taking approx. only 2 percent more ATP damage. However, the range does work and you can "tag" enemies with it.


    I'm glad you're moderating yourself and working towards a healthy goal while still being able to game! Keep it up!
  8. I do not necessarily agree with this, but I find it an understandable statement given my previous statement. I'm always more in favor or lower/reasonable NPC prices, haha.
  9. The community does seem pretty big, which is arguably good! I am sorry about your experiences with people being pretty rude. It really does feel that way---people quick to jump on to others (especially for others). Glad to hear about your experience! Thank you for helping out that newer player. I am glad you guys got your levels and you enjoyed yourself. You're correct about people being elitists and closed groups, and I am very happy to hear your approach towards those negative behaviors. Keep at it!
  10. Given that endgame is currently going to keep changing and changing (level caps rising and rising over a period of time), I am interested to see how these prices may be adjusted in comparison to the current player economy.
  11. Interesting. How much would you charge for Ageha-kikamis? I'm looking for 5 of them.
  12. Can you explain how you did so---how you got B and A rank items from less than 2 hours of work? Would be useful information for person(s) trying to get money early on.
  13. There are a few possible answers to this: You could have given meseta from a different character on your account to your current character. You could have partaken in the Protectors Kappa event that happened recently, which gives out quite a bit of money. Others a higher level than you could have given you the meseta and/or went to missions that provide high amounts of money if you had the appropriate level to match them. Income earned through the player shop involving items provided by one of the above methods. Were any of these things that you did? Or did you choose to invest quite a few hours into the game consistently? That would seem like a large amount of time spent to afford some clothing options, plus you have not specified how much meseta you made, so we do not know how many articles of clothing (nor what articles of clothing) nor outfits you could have procured. Plus this sort of thing could be argued as status on the live PSU servers, where as it doesn't really need to be considered that on PSUC.
  14. I think clothes should be more reasonably price. They're a bit too pricey. The thing is, yes, the money for clothes becomes seemingly inconsequential later on, but that's much later on. I think too many people are looking at this from the perspective of "I'm a fair bit later on in the game, so it doesn't affect me much". Should they be free? The ones that are available from selection---yes for these. Others? No, but definitely not be 40000 for almost anything, in my opinion. Clothing is an important part of self and player expression, and it does not have a mechanical impact on game-play, so I personally think a lot of them should be cheaper (and again, free for the options that were available from the start).
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