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  1. Hey all, This post is for any and all to post what they are thankful for about PSU Clementine Server. I've been playing PSU Clementine for close to 5 years, and don't really send my thanks anywhere except in a form of an in-game bow to mods/devs when I see them. Try to say nice and grateful words directed at developers and moderators in this thread, I will Start: All who have helped Clementine become what it is today, thanks for all you've done for clem. I've been very happy with clem and the many improvements you've made over the years. You've recreated my favorite game of all time and I appreciate it greatly. When clem is up and running and I'm up and running, it's always been happy times for me. I don't send in my thanks and appreciation often, but I'm always super happy and excited to read your updates about clem. I can imagine you get a lot of complaints and ungrateful people sending messages, and the happy are silently playing and enjoying themselves getting stronger in game. That's why I made this post, hopefully some choose to leave kind words. If I ever get rich I'll donate heavily to clem's progress. Live a good life and don't stress. God bless you all Thanks for creating happiness for me and many, The dog
  2. PogChamp thanks marm. PSU Clementine is lit.
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