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  1. I'm always down for some more Neudaiz scenery. Maybe even a mission where you have to work your way through the forested islands for a couple blocks and the last block is defeating enemies in Ohtoku City at night, defending it during the Holy Light Festival or Fireworks. Also on that subject, we definitely need more night time skyboxes in missions like in Duel in the Ruins.
  2. Seems to be due to Psuseed and Xinput Plus both using dinput8.dll, I'm not sure if there's a workaround for this yet outside of using a different borderless windower tool like Borderless Gaming
  3. This handy program restores the functionality of your Xbox controller triggers for older PC game applications by placing a modified Xinput library (.ini and .dll files) into the specified game directory. If for any reason you wish to remove the custom configuration, just click Disable in the Xinput Plus application and delete Dinput.dll, Dinput8.dll, XInput1_3.dll, and XinputPlus.ini from the Clementine install directory. Note: This is tutorial is assuming you're using Default Pattern 2 (the original Xbox 360 / PS2 control scheme) in the Game pad settings menu. 1. Download the latest Xinput Plus from here: https://sites.google.com/site/0dd14lab/xinput-plus 2. Extract the entire contents of the downloaded zip file and run the Xinput Plus.exe as an administrator 3. Click the DirectInput tab, then click the Select button and navigate to your Clementine PSU installation directory and select the game client executable. (Either PSUC or the custom resolution client of your choosing) 4. Tick the Enable DirectInput Output box and change the drop down menu next to LT/RT to Button 12/13 and hit Apply 5. Open the PSU game options through the clementine launcher and go in to the Game pad settings menu, and manually set "Page left" to button 12 and "Page right, Chat Log" to Button 13 in their respective drop down menus and hit Enter on both the Game pad settings menu and main menu to save the changes. 6. Launch the game and your triggers should now work as intended. Right away you should be able to pop up the chat log with RT and remove that annoying orange Z during missions with LT. Xinput Plus shouldn't ever need to be open or running in the background once configured, since the configuration saves into to the clementine directory.
  4. Used to use this hairstyle on JP and it's missing in the Salon. Should have been the default Human hairstyle from PSP2.
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