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    I heard they also sit in ff14 Excalibur on some bench somewhere in the world.
  2. Thankyou, yeah! There is some work still to be done to it still. Since it reads chatlogs from the "LOGS" file, The file name would have to be updated daily inside the script. if I can figure out how to do that we would have here would be a working chat relay for teams. I'll post a github link once its done. (discord overlay might make this useless though I haven't checked if overlay works on psu) I also am working on a script idea for the main chat that creates a discord voice channel when a party is formed on psu(if it ever returns) so it would virtually make psu party voicechat in the in discord just like the 360version when someone joins you're automatically have a voice connection. the only thing is you'd manually have to join the voice channel once the bot creates it and same with your party mates. You can type a command in the psu chatbox "!inv Zephireis" the bot will find my name in the clementine discord and @ me say party leader has invited me to voice chat. Once everyone has left voice chat the bot will check if voicechat user integer is 0 the bot would delete the voice channel since its not and use and unclutter the sidebar. I honestly just like tinkering with stuff lol unsure of practical usefulness. Here is demonstration of my voicechat system proposal 2019-05-10 03-15-41.mp4
  3. Whats the password policy? I wish to change my password for my account (not a request reset) I don't want to use this password associated with my account and want to change it to a different one.
  4. I started on the demo in 08 (had more fun on there) Then went to full game in 2010 when I got my first job I made a few dumbass youtube videos My Main character was "Zephiris" white synthetic human CAST. Stayed until server closure. Mostly sat at the benches near the motoob gate. Hello.
  5. I made this chat relay using python3 and discord API. Not sure if any practical use of it, unless theirs a bot character always logged on the server and in your party which would enable a 2 way chat. You could possibly make this a virtual team/chat relay to discord. using the prefix " !t " will enable the chat in psu to be pushed to your discord server. This method is only reading local chat logs This would work better on pso2 since theirs a whisper option Anyway Thought I'd show off my hobby poking around on PSU Clementine there is still some stuff to workout it's pretty much finished and this be my first post on these awesome IPB forums! chat relay demonstrated in the video below PSU Chat One way bridge.mp4
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