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  1. Nikki


    It's best to blacklist them and move on like with most bad people encounters on PSU. =P You wont gain anything by being around them, just frustration.
  2. Also check with your ISP to make sure you're not being datacapped/cutoff. Don't know your specific situation but that is a possibility.
  3. Ah i guess that answers my question on whether ppl can see their own topics. Your thread was just hidden, In the future for reports regarding players just give any of the staff a private message here on the forums, or a direct message on Discord.
  4. It sounds like some kind of antivirus is falsely flagging it soon as it gets to char selection and is forcibly closing it. Make sure when running the game that PSU clementine's folder is whitelisted in any security programs you have, even windows DEP (data execution prevention). You can open event viewer and see just what is closing it sometimes to take out most of the guess work.
  5. Post trimmed in some areas, some things updated to others.
  6. Let's keep the thread on a civil track please. Don't wanna see more of like page 2 or all that messy quoting/raging, just sayin
  7. Because your continual community behavior carries over. You're not exempt from in game punishment for continual shitty behavior in our other services. Sorry buddy but you'll have to actually serve out this punishment. Hopefully you shape up because I really dont dislike you.
  8. The forum account is not your in game account no. To make an account for the game type Accountname_n, and your password, after its created it, go to login again and remove the _n and use your password and you should be good.
  9. Much like some of the quests that are gone forever, We don't really have much anything pertaining to GAS as far as the actual stuff goes. We'll have to completely make some work around for it from scratch, and that'll be a bit distant in the future most likely.
  10. Honestly this is why Sega should be bought by Nintendo or something, this isn't shade at Microsoft they're just the platform of choice for this. This is shade at Sega's idiotic decision making that has been plaguing their games for ages now. For one, Most people who wanted to play PSO2, have already or are currently doing so. Secondly, limiting yourself to the Xbox platform only sequesters your sales focus to an already very limited group left of people who'd want to limit themselves to a console, especially since not everyone wants to use windows 10 to play it either. Furthermore, we already know that SoA is absolute garbage at maintaining their own servers, keeping out cheaters that ruin the game for everyone, AND that SoJ has been outwardly xenophobic about content updates to western servers. Even if they release it fully updated to the current version, it'll fall behind very fast. Like...we learn from the past but does Sega? Honestly this might seem petty but they took so long to release the western version that I hope it flops, screw em.
  11. Nikki

    Unable to log on

    The server's host is currently down, join our discord for more active updates for the server's status as they come.
  12. Updated with rules translated in Japanese. Thank you to Midori Hoshi for being a inbetween, and for Doll and others for the translation. If any formatting is wrong for JP, let me know.
  13. ゲーム内ルール 1:不正ツール、トレーナー、その他のプログラムは、特に他のプレーヤーよりも有利になるようなもの、またはゲーム、キャラクター、またはサーバが意図した以外に動作するようなもの(ゲーム解像度の変更は問題ありません)は許可されません。また他のプレイヤーやアイテム、ショップ、ルームを攻撃してはいけません。これらのいずれかを行っていることが見つかった場合、ゲームをプレイする資格は直ちに取り消されます。またはPSUやクレメンタインに関する裏技の利用やバグ、または他の方法でプレーヤーに不当な利益を与えるものに関して共有、リンクの提供を行わないでください。悪用を発見した場合は直ちにスタッフに報告してください。これらをこの規則の制定より以前にしたかどうかに関わらず、これらの行為を行ったことが発覚した場合違反とみなされます。 詐欺に関する注意事項もあります。レアミッションへの代価の支払いやドロップ品の交換のようなプレーヤーとのやり取りに関しては、他のプレイヤーからの支払いを前もって全額受け取るかどうかの責任はあなたにあります。プレーヤーのお金、アイテム、防具などをゲーム内またはその他の方法で詐取しようとする行為は、例え禁止されてはいはないとしても、その深刻度に応じてあなたのアカウントに対して警告を発します。 多重起動について。これを阻止するための措置が講じられるまで、最初のクライアント以外のものはすべて悪用と見なされます。これは不当な利益や意図しない利用と同様の考えに基づいています。これが効率的でないと思われたとしても申し訳ありませんが、これはゲームの不正使用になります。 2:人種差別、偏見、意図的に怒らせるような攻撃は一切認められせん。他のプレイヤーが距離を置きたい場合は、同様にそのままにしておいてください。直接的な嫌がらせはここでは許されません。これはスタッフに対するいやがらせにも適用されます。ブラックリストは相手から自分を見えなくしたりはできません。スタッフに連絡を取ったり、相手に反論したり、相手に攻撃したりすることもできません。嫌がらせを受けていると感じた場合、報告機能は賢明な最後の手段になります。ブラックリストはあなたの最初の防衛手段であるべきですが、もしそれが失敗したら私たちに連絡してください。 3:RMT(リアルマネートレード)はいかなる状況下でも規則に違反します。それに参加したり、幇助したり、拡散したり、リンクしたりしないでください。ウェブサイト、連絡先情報、PayPalアカウントなど、RMT'erが残した情報は、直ちに正しくスタッフに報告してください。また、これらのウェブサイトにはアクセスしないでください。あなたの個人情報が利用される可能性は非常に高いと考えられます。RMT'erが詐欺師であったり、違法である可能性があり、そしてあなたの安全を守ることは私たちにとって重要な案件です! 上記の項目と同様に、以前にこれをしたのか、現在の規則に従ったのかは関係なく、それに参加すると違反となります。 4:同様ですが、同じくらい深刻です。情報を盗んだりサーバーの動作を妨害したりすることを目的としたサーバへの攻撃、コミュニティ外や現実世界のプレーヤーの生活やスタッフへの個人的な攻撃、またはホストに害を及ぼすような攻撃については、適切な機関への報告によって対処されます。 5:いかなる場合でもスタッフを偽装しないでください。それはあなたのオンラインステータス、ここのフォーラム、Discordなどてす。冗談であれ、またはゲーム内の名前であってもです。
  14. Nikki

    Random Weapon NPC

    Pretty sure they might mean the Coren NPC that's on Ephinea and possibly other servers.
  15. In-Game rules. GENERAL No cheat tools, trainers, or other programs are allowed that specifically give any advantage over other players, or that cause the game, your character, or the server to behave other than intended. Also no attacking other players, their items, their shops, or rooms through these means. ALSO Do not share, or link, or provide any exploits or bugs linked to Clementine. If you find any exploits immediately report it to a staff member. It does not matter whether you did this before or after the previously or now existing rules, you are not above it and will be banned. Also, submitting false or intentionally misleading reports in an attempt at exploiting, bending, or flexing the rules for your own purposes will net you infractions if not a ban depending on the severity. SCAMMERS AND ITEM LOSS: Also a note regarding scamming and item loss. While you are responsible for receiving your payments from other players in full ahead of time for any player to player interactions like paying for rare missions, or doing drop trades...intent to go out of your way to scam players out of their money, items, armor or otherwise through ingame or otherwise means, will result in warns against your account/s if not a ban depending on the severity. This also goes for attempting to intentionally exploit your shop using bugs to scam players out of money or their items. Furthermore, any loss of money resulting from your own misspricing of your items will not be restored by staff, you're responsible for the pricing of your items. This goes along with us not restoring your items, full stop. We do NOT restore any items Whatsoever, whether from server lag, your own internet or crashes, or from other reasons like scamming. MULTIBOXING/MULTICLIENT About multiboxing. Anything beyond your initial client will be seen as abuse until and after measures are in place to stop this. This goes along the same lines as unfair advantages, and item gain and outside intended use. Sorry if this is seen as less efficient, but this is infact abuse of the game. You are allowed to play with family and siblings but you need to be willing and ABLE to show you are different people. Same machine play is too sketchy and we're not jumping around the rules for individual/specific cases as people will abuse this. If you're caught multiboxing we will outright ban your first and side account/s. COMMUNITY 2: No racism, bigotry, or intentionally inflammatory attacks whatsoever, even if you're within the race/ethnicity/sexual orientation in question do not use the words here in any guise or fashion, PERIOD. Likewise if a player wants to be left alone, leave them be please. Likewise this applies to harassing staff members. If you feel you're being harassed within report-ability, where a blacklist hasn't worked to rid yourself of the person, contact staff, do not publicly argue with, or attack back at the person, this includes snippy last word retorts. Blacklisting should be your first line of defense, if that fails contact us with proof of the incident, with proper screenshots. Please provide direct screenshots even if you're reporting someone on discord. REAL MONEY TRADING/OUT OF GAME TRANSACTIONS 3: RMT (Real money trade) in any situation or circumstance is flat out banned. Do not participate in it, spread it, OR link it. Report real money traders and out of game scammers to staff IMMEDIATELY, along with any info the RMT'ers leave like websites, contact information, or paypal accounts so they may be properly reported. ALSO, do not go to any of these websites as your personal information COULD AND MOST LIKELY WILL be used by them. RMT'ers are a SCAM, are potentially illegal, and will only result in very serious problems FOR YOU. Likewise as for the previous post, It does not matter whether you did this before or after previously or now existing rules, you are not above it and will be banned if you participate in it. We also do not allow, encourage, or want players to participate in cross-game trades as there is no way to enforce legitimacy from other games or servers. EXTRA 4: Any attacks on the server with intent to steal information or disrupt server operation, personal attacks on our playerbase or staff in real life, or attacks designed to harm our host will be met with reports to the proper authorities. 5: Do not impersonate staff members whatsoever. Full stop. Whether in-game, discord, or forums. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Forum rules GENERAL: 1: No spamming, no trolling, no intentional attacks directed at staff or other members of the community. Also do not post anything that would also violate our discord rules (no nudity or porn, gore, copyrighted content links to wares/roms, or movie downloads, no exploits involving Clementine or PSU, those should be reported to a staff member.) 2: Do not use any means whatsoever to attack the forums in any way. You will immediately be banned. 3: Try to keep topics in their correct section. Trade section rules: General: Keep it to trading, no off topic whatsoever please. No fake threads, example: "B>Waifu ;_;" Auctions: (auctions go in "Trading".) 1: To reduce forum clutter, please keep it to one thread, per user, per item at a time, until the auction is finalized. No alt accounts allowed. If you intend to sell multiple smaller or less valuable items, you can make a shop thread. Once your first auction is finished, request that a moderator or administrator lock your thread for you. You may then create a new thread for your next item. You may auction valuable rare materials/items as a group if you so wish, or intend on selling a large sum of them. Otherwise singular small value items are best kept to player shops. Again this is to avoid clutter of useless items. Auctions are for big boy items. 2: For the sake of transparency, All bids must be public in the thread they're intended for, This means no DM's on discord, no PM's on the forum, no PM's on game. 3: Bidders and Auctioneer must post their Guardian's ID Numbers, i.e. "10002345" on your ingame character. 4: Once you start the count down to finalization of your auction, you may not retract it. Likewise, if you put a bid up on a item, and you're CHB you may not retract it. This links in to not trolling/no manipulation. Bid carefully and make sure you are ready to part with your items! Any intentional manipulation will result in strikes against your accounts. 5: Do not put up items you don't intend to actually auction. Basic Buying and selling and player shops: 1: Do not put up items you do not intend to part with, the trading forum isn't a showcase for your riches. 2: unlike auctions you of course, can put up anything you want in your shops that you can reasonably sell, just no fake items, dupes, or cheated items please. 3: You may include Bounty's in your player shops as well, as its your thread mainly to do with your business within the community. 4: Also in your player shops, you can sell your services to level techs for people as well, as well as hunting for other players. 5: Should go without saying of course, though some will ask. You may of course, have multiple B> and S> threads outside of your shop for your wanted items. Just don't take up the whole page with your wanted items, be reasonable please. Special note for long returning players: We as a server will not be tolerating xbox 360/Demo/hateful player mentality. We have had constant issues with toxicity in players, condescending attitudes, sexual harassment, entitlement, spamming, biggotry, and passive aggressive trolling behavior during our testing phases. Keep in mind that we do not want any of what was going on on official servers, brought here. Sorry if you have fond memories of all the bullcrap toxicity that went on there but you'll have to leave it at the door. This is not a SEGA server, please remember this is a community fan server and we have to respect eachother. Thank you. -PSU Clementine Staff --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for playing PSU Clementine!
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