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  1. I'm not shocked to be quite honest, I saw the buildup happening a while ago. I just wish Marm took my advice and mentally dismissed the community's toxicity, but i guess its really not that easy. Not saying this as a toldja so or something snarky, so please do not take it that way. I'm just disappointed in myself, because I shoulda pushed harder when I specifically warned Marm about these people literally years ago, hindsight 20/20 I guess. Its kind of a shame to see it go this way but for his sake I'm glad hes finally gonna get a long deserved break from the community. I know I wasn't exactly nice as a moderator, but I pushed back on the community as hard as I did for a reason. It's a toxic cesspit of entrenched opinions and unwavering set in stone ideas for what somethings supposed to be, thats why I said multiple times "Ignore people and do whats needed for the game". I know my input wont be valued as much as I've prettymuch left this community much earlier in the same fashion, and I didn't contribute to the actual coding, but I sincerely hope you guys find a way to push forward and find a way to make this game work. Sorry for the PSU community's loss.
  2. Nikki

    Free Chat

    The cast/caseal enemies are genuine bad game design when used in groups.
  3. That weapon modifier thing reminds me of Terraria, and that's pretty hot. :)
  4. We can alter them, but I don't think we'll be doing user related requests. Rebalances may happen some day but as of now until Marm decides otherwise stuff like this is a pretty hard no.
  5. Unfortunately all the slots for class types are currently taken, and we wont be removing any unless something drastic happens. We are limited in what we can do with classes according to the number of slots available, and we cant add any sorry.
  6. Nikki


    It's best to blacklist them and move on like with most bad people encounters on PSU. =P You wont gain anything by being around them, just frustration.
  7. Also check with your ISP to make sure you're not being datacapped/cutoff. Don't know your specific situation but that is a possibility.
  8. Ah i guess that answers my question on whether ppl can see their own topics. Your thread was just hidden, In the future for reports regarding players just give any of the staff a private message here on the forums, or a direct message on Discord.
  9. It sounds like some kind of antivirus is falsely flagging it soon as it gets to char selection and is forcibly closing it. Make sure when running the game that PSU clementine's folder is whitelisted in any security programs you have, even windows DEP (data execution prevention). You can open event viewer and see just what is closing it sometimes to take out most of the guess work.
  10. Let's keep the thread on a civil track please. Don't wanna see more of like page 2 or all that messy quoting/raging, just sayin
  11. Because your continual community behavior carries over. You're not exempt from in game punishment for continual shitty behavior in our other services. Sorry buddy but you'll have to actually serve out this punishment. Hopefully you shape up because I really dont dislike you.
  12. The forum account is not your in game account no. To make an account for the game type Accountname_n, and your password, after its created it, go to login again and remove the _n and use your password and you should be good.
  13. Much like some of the quests that are gone forever, We don't really have much anything pertaining to GAS as far as the actual stuff goes. We'll have to completely make some work around for it from scratch, and that'll be a bit distant in the future most likely.
  14. Honestly this is why Sega should be bought by Nintendo or something, this isn't shade at Microsoft they're just the platform of choice for this. This is shade at Sega's idiotic decision making that has been plaguing their games for ages now. For one, Most people who wanted to play PSO2, have already or are currently doing so. Secondly, limiting yourself to the Xbox platform only sequesters your sales focus to an already very limited group left of people who'd want to limit themselves to a console, especially since not everyone wants to use windows 10 to play it either. Furthermore, we already know that SoA is absolute garbage at maintaining their own servers, keeping out cheaters that ruin the game for everyone, AND that SoJ has been outwardly xenophobic about content updates to western servers. Even if they release it fully updated to the current version, it'll fall behind very fast. Like...we learn from the past but does Sega? Honestly this might seem petty but they took so long to release the western version that I hope it flops, screw em.
  15. The server's host is currently down, join our discord for more active updates for the server's status as they come.
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