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  1. I have noticed there are some /u weapons that dont exist, and could easily exist. I will provide some examples below in hopes that Bob or someone sees it and decides it's a good idea to add. A rank sword: Use Forging Hearts for core. Options: Forging Hearts/u +5% PA Damage, Zantetsu/u +8% AR (Already has a notorious 129% Range, so it could be an amazing filler for range on A rank swords, could use same attack/accuracy stats as Forging Hearts. Zantetsu is one of the coolest sword models in the game and could use some love! A rank double Saber: This one would be tricky as there are currently no A Rank PA Boosted double sabers that drop naturally, but it would be cool to add a new A Rank saber that is weaker than shippudotoh and has a PA boost. Could use one of the old models that players like like Pretty Baton, or Nyoibo. Would be nice to have an alternative for A ranks to shippudotoh. A rank Bow: Perhaps give Metal Arc Bow an inherent 10% PA Boost, since it already has decent stats, and make a /u version with 5% PA Boost A rank Twin Pistols: Twin Heaven Avenger would be an amazing candidate here, to complement classes that cant uses Twin Heaven Strikers. A rank Card: Another addition that would be nice A rank TCSM: This one is a HUGE one for me. Currently our only option is sunriser, which is an ATP boost. We already have Nidra with a built in PA Boost of 10%. Could potentially bump it to 20% as this would still make it MASSIVELY weaker than sunriser (970 TP vs 566 TP), and then have a Nidra/u with 5% PA Boost or 200% SE Boost. I hope this gets some love, because not everyone has billions of gold to throw around on custom weapons, and it would be nice to have some /u alternatives to custom weapons in these categories. I know hardcore players would probably appreciate this alot too.
  2. I hope I am not alone when I say i often find myself changing my classes on PSU. I have major ADHD and after like 1-2 days of playing a class i feel the need to swap. Due to this, I never should have made a customize weapon as it shelled out 50mill of my 300mill budget. (40M for board + cost of materials). It would be awesome if we could have the vendor price on customize weapons match the price of the board, or even slightly less, so that if we have remorse later on, we can choose to vendor the item, take a loss, cycle out meseta which is still healthy for the game, due to the meseta loss from the board + mats to vendoring the item for board cost. I would love this and maybe others would too, because we all make mistakes or rush into decisions sometimes.
  3. Yeah this post was made almost a month ago and was just never approved, after recent issues with Marmy leaving and Gnome taking over and all the drama over drops that has ensued since, I probably never would have even posted this lol. Im more than content with clementine the way it is now, as it is just a nostalgia game for me and i love it no matter what.
  4. Thought of an alternative method to get Feril Cronos and Feri Force Make an exchange for Feril Cronos that takes 99 PA Fragments, 99 BT Fragments, 99 Megisphere, 1x Gerard Skill, 1x Gerard Bullet, and 1x Red Knight, and for Feri Force, you could do 99 PA Fragments, 99 BT Fragments, 99 Megisphere 1x Ouryu, 1x Hyakka, and 1x Ghost Ring. This allows outdated items to retain some semblance of value while also giving an alternative route to getting URs and a dump for PA Fragments and Megispheres.
  5. Just gonna throw out a few suggestions, and let people do with them what they want. Suggestion 1: Fixing new player retention Problem: New players often find themselves alone or in very small numbers in comparison to the amount of 150's running around, and struggle to find groups for missions. This more than likely hurts retention Fix: Implement an in-house system where a high level player can "mentor" low level players, which would result in them receiving meseta for each mission they do to help a low level player. This would make up for their profit loss for taking time out of their grind to help a lowbie. I know this would more than likely be hard to code into the game, so it would probably have to be an honor system ex: Run missions with low level, at the end, ask low level to clarify that he ran X missions to help, screenshot it, post it in a channel in discord called "Mentor screenshots" and then a mod or someone can pay them out the meseta at a later time or something, or maybe guardians cash. (i.e. 25 bonus guardians cash per mission or 50k meseta) Suggestion 2: Cyclone Dance dmg output buff Problem: Cyclone Dance feels god awful for the amount of PA frags + A blank disc that you spend on it. Spiral dance outclasses it on every level, especially since the just attack animation for double-saber is 100% garbage and noone wants to do it for cyclone dance Solution: Increase damage output, or add a 2nd/3rd part to cyclone dance that extends the spinning animation, allowing us 2 chances to chain Just Attacks in to increase the damage output. Suggestion 3: Rare drop problems (This is a very heated topic on discord almost daily, so it clearly needs to be addressed in some way) Problem: SR/UR Drops are just too damn hard to find without committing 16+ hours a day to the game, and even then, it's still rough out here for most of us Solution: Mission spotlights. Every weekend, spotlight a few missions and double their drop rates for the weekend (i.e. 1/2500 becomes 1/1250). Have it start Friday at 12pm EST, and end Sunday at 11:59pm EST. This will promote grouping, and also help lower levels group up to get the increased drops from the lower tier missions, which is a 2 birds 1 stone scenario. While this will put more rare items into the game and reduce their cost a bit, as the spotlight shifts each week, those items will find their way back to being "rare" again after the surge of drops loses attention for the next target.
  6. Does this still work? cant get it to work for my pc :(
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