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  1. It's possible to import the PSU 3D Models, with Object Groups, UV/Textures, etc into 3DSMax using a Script. Similar to how it's done with PSO2 3D Models. Both games does use completely different File Types btw. I'm not surprised about the S4 Missions still floating in the Data for PSU. Those missions were available in the old Network Mode with level requirement 150+
  2. I might be able to help, but take my advice with a pinch of salt about the File Types. I wrote notes on what I assume the File Types are based on what I can read inside them using Hex Editor and looking at the File Size of each asset. I used PSU Generic Parser to extract contents out of the .nbl from the NMLL chunk and TMLL chunk. Here's the note I wrote of each File Type: .NBL = This works almost similar to a .PAC or .DAT(Pack/Archive) format many Compile Heart games use. .NBL contains other File Types/Assets inside, located in the subdirectories, NMLL chunk and TMLL chunk. .XNJ = 3D Model .REL = File Integrity Checker? .XNA = Data Switches for Particles or 3D Models? .XNT = Index Data of Textures used on 3D Models in .XVR .XNM = Motion Data or Dialogue? .XNR = This does something with .XNA, .XNJ, .XNT, .XNM, Textures, etc. This may be some sort of Script.
  3. I used to have a Track List written in the ChangeLog for the private version of this Mod Pack. I haven't decided to put one on this version because it would've required extra time just to write down the names of each track. Thank you for bringing up that idea though, I'll be sure to write Track List the next time I update this Mod Pack. This Mod Pack is using Soundtracks from a variety of RPG/JRPG games, There's many titles to name here but not all of them will be listed. The reason for the large size of this Mod Pack is because every track inside are edited carefully while uncompressed, lossless 32-bit float, and some tracks for each area are 15 mins+ combined with a crossfade of more tracks. Game Soundtracks used in this mod: Phantasy Star Online EP1&2 / Phantasy Star Universe / Phantasy Star Portable 2 & Infinity / Phantasy Star Online 2 Death end re;Quest 1&2 / Megadimension Neptunia VII / Fairy Fencer F / Omega Quintet / Cyberdimension 4GO / Mary Skelter 1&2 Mega Man X: Command Mission Sonic Mega Collection Tokyo Xanadu / Ys (Series) Soundtracks .hack//G.U. If you would like to preview what the Mod Pack sounds like in-game, check out my recorded live stream on my YouTube Channel: https://youtu.be/xLFpOKIUr9c?t=7380
  4. I would like to see Kokura Temple area as a playable mission in Agata Islands. https://i.imgur.com/cCz0Jt0.gif
  5. Phantasy Star Universe Clementine - Music Mod Pack This is my PSUC Music Mod project I've been working on for almost 3 years. The project was private for awhile, and been shown to many on my past PSUC live streams. I'm finally releasing this mod publicly for anyone to use since I've completed it on this Version 3 update. The original Music in PSU is my favorite to listen to. Modding different Music to the game though was just my personal preference as I play through. For now this mod will stay as Version 3 because I want to work on hand drawing high quality textures for the game, which is coming soon on a different mod. Contact me for info~ This mod is 2.54GBs, it includes Back Up files to revert back to original PSU. Download Link: https://drive.google.com/u/0/uc?id=1-CCB_D-U1GtsPZ0T3fd3uj-_k3P09Xl9&export=download Install Instructions: Extract PSUC-BGM Mod.exe from PSUC-MusicMod-V3_1.5.zip and follow instructions when opened. Once you located your Data folder and click Extract, you will get asked to Confirm file replace. Click Yes to All After replace, the exe automatically closes and the install is completed. Optional Mods? The Optional UI-Mods can be installed manually by dragging the specific files to Data folder and replacing existing files.
  6. This is one of my favorite mods so far, Awesome work Bando!
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