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  1. Thanks for this fix, The game is able to patch for me now. I had to make a video on how to apply the Patch. Many people contacted me, they didn't knew how to manually move the Patch files. Check video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MeaDlldeK44
  2. The conversion is easy. But creating a loop start/end by editing specific songs is probably hardest part of finishing this mod. Especially since I have no way of obtaining the Raw files those songs, which suppose to be opened through FLStudio or Criware, etc.(Creating loops would have been much easier with Raw files.) I used Adobe Audition to edit the tracks. I used PES Audio Converter to convert the tracks for the game. Check this thread out for details on how to use PES Audio Converter: https://psu-clementine.net/community/index.php?/topic/326-custom-music-mod
  3. The Graphic settings we currently can apply in Options are very basic, but there's a lot of Graphic settings left unused in Nvidia which we can actually use to improve the overall quality of the game. Also, a few existing Tweaks that can be useful for compatibility, optimization, with Mods to overhaul the game further. I will be going through everything in detail; including troubleshooting specific bugs and issues the game currently has with anything here applied. CSAA preview Off/On What GPUs these settings was tested on? GeForce 940MX, GTX(1050, 1080, 1650, 1660 & Super/Titanium 10 or 16 Series Variants), RTX(2060, 2070, 2080 & Super 20 Series variants), RTX(3060 & 3090) Not tested on: GTX 680M or older GPUs. Titan GPU variants, Quadro Series, Max-Q variants of Mobile GPUs, Titanium 20 or 30 Series variants, or other newest Nvidia GPUs. Why not AMD GPUs/APUs? I currently do not have one. Before you start: Make sure you know which drive & directory PSUC is installed on. For example, My PSUC is located in: E:\Phantasy Star Universe Basic Graphic settings from PSUC Options: These settings will apply to any Hardware, regardless of Topic title. Frame skip = Allows the Software/Hardware to play PSUC at skipped frames of in-game movement. 0 does 60FPS with Visual smoothness & 1 does 30FPS with Improved Performance at the expense of Visual smoothness. Detail level = The option listed there affects the number of Particles/Effects shown, including Detail level of Particles/Effects. Clipping = The options listed there are Draw distances for Scenes, Objects, Enemies, Players. Draw distance info here. At the expense of Performance; applying the options to Far will reduce popping of Scenes, Objects, Enemies, Players. LOD = The options listed there affects the 3D Models/Characters Level of detail. Level of detail info here. At the expense of Performance; Setting the options to their maximum value will render 3D Models/Characters at Highest Level of detail. Textures = This option affects the quality of Textures(.xvr) in-game. Anisotropic Filtering & MIPMAP = These options affect the quality and optimization of Textures on any surface in-game. Anisotropic filtering info here. Mipmap info here. Motion calculation = This option determines rather PSUC should use a CPU or GPU. Recommend selecting CPU. Hardware option causes Shadows to flicker and increase temperatures of GPU. Post effects = This option affects in-game post-processing filters/shaders. Post processing info here. Shadow Mapping = This options determines rather Shadows should be casted by your character, Party, Enemies. This does not affect Shadows casted by Scenes and Objects. Known issues with Frame skip set to 0: Specific Hardware play PSU at slow motion with Frame skip set to 0, regardless of changing CPU affinity of process and adjusting framerate cap. If you're able play PSUC at normal speed with Frame skip set to 0, your loading times and movement will be %2 slower compared to another player with Frame skip set to 1. Known bug with PSU Options on specific Hardware: If Screen size selection is blank, this means PSU Options was unable to detect your Hardware. This is due to Hardware missing specific installation, or PSU options does not support the Hardware. When this bug is in affect, you will be unable to change any Graphic settings for PSUC. The workaround for PSU Options is editing the .ini located in: AppData\Local\SEGA\PHANTASY STAR UNIVERSE Illuminus INT(Frame skip) = 1(60FPS), 2(30FPS) RATE(Detail Level/Effects) = 0(High), 2(Low) CLIPPING = 2(Far), 0(Near) LOD0(High LOD models) = 64 LOD1/LODBUF = 32 LOW_TEX(Textures) = 0(Normal), 2(Compressed) ANISOTROPIC_FILTER = 1(On), 0(Off) MIPMAP = 1(On), 0(Off) CALC_MOTION = 0(CPU), 1(Hardware) POSTEFFECT = 1(On), 0(Off) SHADOW_LEVEL = 0(None), 1(Self only), 2(Party), 4(Enemies) Advanced Graphic Settings for PSUC: It's required to use Nvidia Inspector so you can properly apply and use specific settings for PSUC. Don't apply any of these settings to _GLOBAL_DRIVER_PROFILE (Base Profile) Open Nvidia Inspector > Search Phantasy Star Universe > Add application to current profile > PSUC.exe > Enable Show Unknown Settings. Recommended Settings: GSYNC - Application Mode & GSYNC - Global Mode = Fullscreen and Windowed GSync info here. Vertical Sync = Fast Sync Removes noticeable Vertical Tearing above screen in-game and other artifacts. Vertical Sync Tear Control = Adaptive Adaptive Vsync info here. Antialiasing - Mode = Override any application setting Antialiasing - Setting: Recommend using 32x [32x CSAA (8 color + 24 cv samples)] for Higher quality, or use 2xQ [2x Quincunx (blurred)] for Improved performance. Antialiasing - Transparency Supersampling = 0x00000008 AA_MODE_REPLAY_MODE_ALL Enables Supersampling to Improve in-game Texture quality further. Enable Maxwell sample interleaving (MFAA) = On Maintains High quality edges during movement in-game. MFAA info here. Nvidia Predefined FXAA Usage = Disallowed Disables FXAA from conflicting with Higher quality Antialiasing. Anisotropic filtering mode = User-defined / Off Anisotropic filtering setting = 16x Texture filtering - Anisotropic filter & sample optimization = Off Disables Anisotropic optimizations to maintain 16x. Texture filtering - Driver Controlled LOD Bias: Off allows Sharper image quality in any distance, On uses Default. Texture filtering - LOD Bias = -3.0000 Enables Sharper image quality when Driver Controlled LOD Bias is set to Off. Texture filtering - Negative LOD bias = Allow Combines Antialiasing settings with LOD bias to eliminate jagged edges created from LOD Bias. Texture filtering - Quality = High quality Maintains High quality Anisotropic filtering. Power management mode: Use Optimal performance to maintain GPU temperatures or use Adaptive to let GPU decide. Shadercache = Off Disables saving GPU Texture cache from PSUC to C:\ProgramData\NVIDIA Corporation\NV_Cache Enable application for Optimus = 0x00000001 SHIM_RENDERING_MODE_ENABLE Forces GPU and current Profile to be used for PSUC. Optional Settings: Frame Rate Limited V3: Choose an FPS limit you want PSUC to cap. Best results is a value similar to your Display/Monitor. Ambient Occlusion compatibility = 0x00000034 Ambient Occlusion setting & usage = Quality / Enabled Enables Ambient Occlusion for PSUC. ASYNC10_ENABLED = 0x37605835 APP - Enable dual core optimizations unless the application requested to disable them When PSUC is using less cores in specific scenarios, there will be lesser lag. ASYNC9_ENABLE = 0x37605846 When safe - Enable AsyncDevice except in configs that do not work (some SLI, Optimus) This frees up space on the CPU so PSUC can perform smoother. ASYNC9_PRESENT_MODE = 0x96184013 Async - All DX9 presents will be asynchronous if AllowFlipBatching is set If PSUC decides to use FlipBatching for an asset; Asynchronous will be enabled. Apply changes when everything is configured. Known bug with PSU using specific Antialiasing: Multisampling [Supersampling (D3D only)] [Combined SS + MS] Sparse Grid Supersampling To fix this bug, Install DXVK / 32-bit d3d9.dll to PSUC directory from file dxvk.tar.gz Uncommon bug with PSU using Borderless Fullscreen Windowed: Borderless Gaming Simple Runtime Window Editor Scenes with many LOD Models or NPC characters will cause PSU to crash without warning, while using Borderless Fullscreen Windowed. Crash recorded here Switching back to Windowed Mode will fix the crash. - I'll be updating this Topic when I find more stuff soon~ Mod packs: PSUC Music Mod Pack Bando's HD Enemy Texture Pack
  4. I used to have a Track List written in the ChangeLog for the private version of this Mod Pack. I haven't decided to put one on this version because it would've required extra time just to write down the names of each track. Thank you for bringing up that idea though, I'll be sure to write Track List the next time I update this Mod Pack. This Mod Pack is using Soundtracks from a variety of RPG/JRPG games, There's many titles to name here but not all of them will be listed. The reason for the large size of this Mod Pack is because every track inside are edited carefully while uncompressed, lossless 32-bit float, and some tracks for each area are 15 mins+ combined with a crossfade of more tracks. Game Soundtracks used in this mod: Phantasy Star Online EP1&2 / Phantasy Star Universe / Phantasy Star Portable 2 & Infinity / Phantasy Star Online 2 Death end re;Quest 1&2 / Megadimension Neptunia VII / Fairy Fencer F / Omega Quintet / Cyberdimension 4GO / Mary Skelter 1&2 Mega Man X: Command Mission Sonic Mega Collection Tokyo Xanadu / Ys (Series) Soundtracks .hack//G.U. If you would like to preview what the Mod Pack sounds like in-game, check out my recorded live stream on my YouTube Channel: https://youtu.be/xLFpOKIUr9c?t=7380
  5. I would like to see Kokura Temple area as a playable mission in Agata Islands. https://i.imgur.com/cCz0Jt0.gif
  6. Phantasy Star Universe Clementine - Music Mod Pack This is my PSUC Music Mod project I've been working on for almost 3 years. The project was private for awhile, and been shown to many on my past PSUC live streams. I'm finally releasing this mod publicly for anyone to use since I've completed it on this Version 3 update. The original Music in PSU is my favorite to listen to. Modding different Music to the game though was just my personal preference as I play through. For now this mod will stay as Version 3 because I want to work on hand drawing high quality textures for the game, which is coming soon on a different mod. Contact me for info~ This mod is 2.54GBs, it includes Back Up files to revert back to original PSU. Download Link: https://drive.google.com/u/0/uc?id=1-CCB_D-U1GtsPZ0T3fd3uj-_k3P09Xl9&export=download Install Instructions: Extract PSUC-BGM Mod.exe from PSUC-MusicMod-V3_1.5.zip and follow instructions when opened. Once you located your Data folder and click Extract, you will get asked to Confirm file replace. Click Yes to All After replace, the exe automatically closes and the install is completed. Optional Mods? The Optional UI-Mods can be installed manually by dragging the specific files to Data folder and replacing existing files.
  7. This is one of my favorite mods so far, Awesome work Bando!
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