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  1. Safe Passage. Where we fight light variant mobs the level could have the cutscene textures we see on story mode before everything goes "unsafe" also... some custom A rank knuckes with HP steal, if possible
  2. same here too. gonna go back to the previous version
  3. yup. on my keyboard, it's the } key
  4. The only motive i'm suggesting this change is because trying to guess wich drop is wich can sometimes be a little bit of a pain You're farming Gra-photons or Megi-photons and see like 8 photon drops on the floor. You reach every single one of them and they're all im-photons except one And it's not worth it to fill your inventory of more useless drops than necesary by picking absolutely everything that drops on the run. That may fill your inventory slots before you reach room 3 on every run and make storage detours even more tedious
  5. Yeah, i agree right here. Getting quick and easy access to any item will just make the game lose interest quickly to everybody The dedicated players would lose interest quick and drop the game, only returning when there's a new update to again, quickly get the best stuff again, get bored and drop. Rinse and repeat The more casual players (myself included) WILL get the good stuff too. But since the dedicated players, wich i think is roughtly more than half of the population, won't be there playing anymore, the casual people with their erratic schedules to play the game won't get anybody else to play with and also drop the game Then nobody would be playing the game. The servers would be too empty to consider worth the hassle of keeping running the game. The game will shut down, yadda yadda. You get the gist of it It's a lose-lose situation on the long term ("long term" being a max of 2 weeks at best before things start breaking down)
  6. I do agree tbat getting your PAs canceled IS annoying But it's not something that easy to code TBH
  7. Does the damage increase also applies to enemies?
  8. I'll just say what i think and i've actually seen regarding how races rely on their special properties to deal extra damage right now. We already know how even after the nerfs, SUV and nanoblasts are still the MVPs on boss fights. Humans/newmans don't have acces to their SUVs unless they get an S-rank armor WITH extra slot Here's the problem: The only S-rank armor i've seen so far is A) exclusive to force users B) has NO extra slot ... I may be mistaken on this one There may be another S-rank armors out there we can currently get too. But as things are right now with the level cap (even with the decreased price on those S-rank SUVs), there's no way we can use them whatsoever
  9. It hasn't even been a week...
  10. If we do. I'd like to know where do i get them
  11. Zx.

    What are clubs?

    don't be like hat. you'll find one. i'm sure of it
  12. Zx.

    What are clubs?

    it just piqued my curiosity... is it just like a private group chat or it has more funcionts?
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