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  1. :'\ That sucks. Really hope you do better getting away from this stuff, Marm. I appreciate everything you've done to bring this back. Really sad, I haven't played on the server a ton, I always enjoyed checking in to read the posts and see how things were going though.
  2. It didn't work. I already messed with everything a bunch though, so that might be why. I'm trying it on a fresh install now.
  3. I did, it didn't change anything. Thanks though.
  4. I'm trying to use a custom resolution, the highest I can set it to is 1024x768 though. The black boxes on the side of the screen are pretty annoying. Anybody able to help? Edit: Box(-es(not plural(it's just the right side)))* that's been bugging me.
  5. I just got a pretty bad one. I stopped being able to use any items on my palette. I thought it was just lag at first, then I died and went back in, it happened again. I went in a third time and took some hits and ran away to try messing with it, I couldn't figure out any way to fix it other than logging out.
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