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  1. yes Boma maga always freeze the targets, 1-11 freeze one target m 21-30 freeze 2 traget , 31- 40 it freese 3 targets and not working
  2. its taking damage but its not freezing at all, the boma maga always freeze when getting to impact, but it not working I been spamming the boma maga had I got it at 31 and still wont freeze and yes even on a 25% rate its now working
  3. @LadyRena the PA granade Luancher Boma Maga is not giving 100 % 3 hit target the PA for not giving no status effect here the original stats for Boma Maga LV tier LV1-10 LV11-20 LV21-30 LV31-40 LV41-50 Att. 122-140% 142-160% 162-180% 182-200% 202-220% Acc. 25% 25% 25% 25% 27-45% Ele. 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% Stat. eff. Freeze LV1 Freeze LV1 Freeze LV1 Freeze LV1 Freeze LV2 Bullets 1 hit 1 en. 1 hit 2 en. 1 hit 3 en. 1 hit 3 en. 1 hit 3 en. Hit effect 70% 80% 90% 100% 100% PP cons. Ba. FG GM Ba. FG GM Ba. FG GM Ba. FG GM Ba. FG GM 30 24 -- 35 28 -- 40 32 -- 45 36 -- 50 40 --
  4. the SQL or what ever is called need to be work on again. I got a error 52 on my room at 11:30 pm then I had it again when I was doing cave of ices S2 at 11:45 min and when I log on.just now at 11:57 then when I switch server I got same crash this happen today again 11:58pm on 5/20/2019
  5. Okay so on the last old alpha test server all the Buff were working. when Marmy fix them old test server and now I keep hearing from other player community saying that Shifta and Retier is working but not Zodial or Deband ? let talk about and help the PSUC Team with this issue and find some truth involved
  6. I disagree with you they need to be changes regardless if there temporary
  7. I agree some item shuold be lower for testing purpose
  8. I understand that but come on dude can you at least lower at 600k on Me / Quick and few other item like B rank and A rank grinder, I mean how the heck are we suppose to test the grinder with the weapon if there Stupidly over Prices, other item can be at least balance, but dude common sense will tell you how the heck can we test these time if your over prices them
  9. well not stupid if we got good vote and if you don't like are poll please don't post your shitty post on here is that simple matt
  10. Kimiko is very nice shop owner and he has all the cheapest prices for your needs and the stuff your are looking for, if we don't have the stuff you are looking for ? then all means we hunt the stuff for you for a small fee and deliver them to you, we have cheap prices for Gun, slicer, Riffle, wands, swords and more, we also hold and pond your stuff until you paid it off, the key is cheap for better saving, you dont have worry about over prices stuff while Kimiko can help you with ur low budget and get the stuff you really need come and check out Kimiko Shop you wont be disappointed
  11. the locking the rooms door dont work
  12. I know this is just temporary but I feel that the prices on Dallgun Viewing shop way over prices, what everyone Opinion about it ? Please share your vote and feedback please
  13. Carriguine-Rucar http://psupedia.info/Carriguine-Rucar.html Pricing information Weapon Board Buy price N/A Buy price N/A Sell price 27000 Sell price 4500 Shop location Not for sale Shop location Not for sale this is wrong is not 80 meseta its need to set to 27,000 meseta
  14. I feel that the tech pa exp way to darn low they need to adjust that
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