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  1. Javes

    Steam Deck ?

    In regards to the controls, there's actually a ton of buttons on the Steam Deck. You have all your standard Xbox controls and then 4 additional back paddle buttons and trackpad. That's why it excites me: because I use a pretty weird control scheme, where the 2 attack buttons are mapped to the shoulder buttons, like in Dark Souls. With those back paddles I could map them in such a way that my thumb never has to be taken off the right camera stick, which I tend to love using, especially during boss fights. I still have a lot of questions, though, like I wonder if I can add PSU as a non-Steam game and have the Steam Overlay while playing. If so, it would mean I could assign keyboard hotkeys to each trackpad. So when I rest my thumb on a pad it will bring up a mini UI with a bunch of keyboard shortcuts (you can map up to 16 shortcuts per trackpad) and you activate them by clicking in the pad. It's kinda hard to explain, but basically it makes playing MMOs like WoW, which have tons of hotkeys, very playable on a Steam Controller / Steam Deck.
  2. Javes

    Steam Deck ?

    Thank you, Lilith. I don't have a Steam Deck or Linux PC yet to currently test, but when I do, I'll give those links a try. Playing PSU portably on the Steam Deck sounds like Nirvana to me! And it's not a huge game, so you can probably even install it to the $399 64GB version, with space to spare.
  3. Javes

    Steam Deck ?

    Yeah, I'm aware that you need to use something like Wine, or other compatibility layer, for getting it to run on Linux. Guess what I'm asking for: is a solution for an easier setup process, when you attempt to install the game on Linux? Like, there could be a series of buttons on the installer that download or link to the places where to download the required software to get it working on Linux, or something. Anyone else here getting a Steam Deck, and wanting to play PSU on it?
  4. Javes

    Steam Deck ?

    I've read that this is playable on Linux (and for the record, I play on Windows), but are there any plans to make installing and setting up the game easier for Linux users, especially for those of us who are getting a Steam Deck and can't wait to play this portably? Cheers
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