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  1. ... Except the post is about making it easier in the end, so you do care. That's what your idea of an earnable consumable does. Also what I suggested isn't any more or less an option than what you're suggesting. On top of that what're you even talking about that PA leveling is "arguably completely disconnected from the core gameplay loop?" It's at the very core of it because you're using PAs pretty much all the time. Anything that isn't a support tech gets leveled by natural use. If anything it's support tech leveling that's completely disconnected since you need to sit around and buff/heal people or debuff mobs to level stuff. That's the exception, not the rule.
  2. Why not just have a special mission you pay X amount of PA Frags to get into that's x2 PA EXP? I mean... it'd give them a little more use, at least until you both get all the PAs you want AND have them all leveled.
  3. I can't tell if you're just explaining that for the TC's sake, or if you misunderstood that I believe making first attacks for melee always JA isn't something that should be done, thus being against it. The better solution is to just do what everyone already does, and what things are balanced for. Do a normal attack first, and then JA your PA off that. If you don't manage to get the JA off, then that's just something you gotta live with. It happens. If you just don't know the JA frames, it's a matter of learning them and developing muscle memory (I'm going to assume you know the frames for the weapons you use). If you just mistime your press like everyone has no doubt done now and then, then your engagement just takes a little longer. That's all. What you're asking for further removes any need to use normal attacks. I mean yeah, they recover PP, but that's pennies and nickles compared to just swapping to another weapon and continuing your assault.
  4. So this is a rad addon for PSU as it is. It's quite helpful in what it does. It'd be nice if a few more features got added in over time. 1.) Monster Reader Honestly I like the idea of having the ability to see the health, buffs, and debuffs of active monsters. Knowing how much HP we need to chew through from the start is pretty nice, and to see how hard you're actually hitting in terms of your damage versus the enemy's max HP. 2.) Party Reader I've no idea if the in game UI will ever get scaled, and even if it did, I think a way to see current and max HP, blast gauge charge, and buff/debuff timers on party members would be very useful. Seeing someone's current PP count would be useful... but probably more trouble than its worth, and that's also something I don't think anyone really needs to know. 3.) Player Reader Probably should be at 2 instead of 3, but oh well. A separate module from the party reader that shows similar info as above, but include the exp bar along with a TNL count. 4.) Palette Reader Something that might be nice to have on the side could be a way to see the PP totals of the weapons on our current palette. Seeing that information at a glance would be pretty good, and you could probably organize in blocks relative to the palette slots. Like if there were a TCSM and a wand on the first slot, have the first row of the window show the weapon names, PP bars, and put the numbers for weapons in their respective bars. I think that makes sense? 5.) Bag/Bank Reader This one I don't think would be as "important" as the party/player reader, but would be a nice tool of convenience. It would be nifty to be able to have a window similar to the floor reader you already have, except have it swappable between your item bag, your PM's bank, and your shared box. Formatting might be a pain, like showing the different tabs or just listing everything in a compounded list per bag/bank/share box, so I think this would be more wishful thinking on my part.
  5. I see no reason for this to be done. Move in, use a normal attack, and then start your PA JA chain. Done. What you're asking for just removes a single step that isn't even that much trouble to begin with. Why even bother?
  6. Or maybe just zap the penalty Me and Har Quick have and make them give a fraction of the power Hyakka does (like... +25 and +75 maybe? Ionno)? The comparison as they are makes the sheer leap in stats look completely bonkers.
  7. Ah, sorry. I guess I should have phrased myself better. What I mean is that C~B rank should have payouts too in order to at least start them along the road that'll really pick up as they rise up in level to A~S2. Show new players that "Hey you'll be earning this as you clear missions, you'll earn more of if it as you challenge higher difficulties, AND it'll be really useful!" Whether they can buy C~B prototypes is... well I mean some people might buy B rank prototypes for polishing off those HU/RA/FO type levels.
  8. Or just allow us to further mitigate the chance of failure with a time and effort investment that respects the players. I'll always maintain RNG for gear upgrades like this shouldn't be a thing, and is a bad function in a system that wants to encourage you to upgrade your gear, but in the same breath discourages it because the player's efforts aren't respected in the least. Why do it for even one weapon when you'll probably have to try like 100 times just because you were unlucky despite your best efforts? Now the idea of doing this for your entire weapon palette gets presented? Yeah, not doing it. Not worth the hassle cuz my time and effort won't be respected.
  9. A system like this definitely should NOT be one people can pay into. Sure, you can farm for it in game; you can earn it. But then this guy over here can go "Hmm... Well I want this faster so I'll throw cash at it." Congrats, you just entered mobile game territory. That is something that should be avoided like the plague, especially since the amount of features listed would "highly encourage" people to drop way too much money into it, and those who either can't or don't want to pay in get left in the dust. You will create the "free to play vs. pay to fast" dichotomy in an instant, and I think that's very bad. Now the numbers presented... I think do need slight tweaking? The math kinda makes the prospect a little intimidating? 600 S2 runs for that 15,000 cost, or roughly 273 runs on S4 (which isn't a thing yet). Not to mention only starting it on A cuts newbies out of the loop until a certain level, which isn't very fair. Even if they only get pennies and nickles, C and B rank runs should let people earn it too.
  10. PSU's grinding system as a whole is pretty garbage and disrespectful to the player's time, even in its current form, in my opinion. I have my own ideas on what I think should be done, but I have no idea if they could be done, and I think a lot of people would be unhappy with it, thus I don't suggest it. That aside, the original system was completely and utterly disrespectful to the player's time and effort. I mean, unless I remember wrong, the original system could straight junk your weapon and you need to re-earn it. Even if it wasn't quite that, it's still why even Sega changed it back on official. It was a horrible system from the start. Then it became, "Oh, you have a very nice Double Agito there. Oh, you failed to grind it? Can't get its max potential. Go farm all those materials and the board again, and then hope you get a good elemental percentage on it so you can try again. Oh, you failed another 4 times? Can only get 5/5 now." Better, but it only exchanged one horrible bad for a less egregious bad. It's *still* a bad in the end. No, that's not how a weapon upgrade system should EVER be. That's absolute garbage in my opinion. If you don't agree, I question if you've just grown complacent with the system. There are better options out there, they just need to be found, discussed, and hopefully made to function within the constraints of what PSU has set up. Tedium does not equal difficulty. Learn the difference please. One is time consuming and not fun, the other is the presentation of an actual challenge in some capacity. The OG grinding system is NOT a challenge, it's a lottery. A horrible one at that. That's not even close to difficulty, and I don't understand how it can be called "exciting" to, in essence, have a d100 rolled on a chance of success for your weapon to succeed or fail. Even with what Clem has here, I still hate it and find it still spits on the player. Difference is Clem's grinding system spits on your shoes, maybe your shirt at worst. The OG system spat in your face and rubbed it into your eyes, and then told you to get back to farming.
  11. I appreciate that you think my input on this is valuable @Seority, which makes me wish I had any sort of answer to the presented problem like the rest of you have laid out. I wouldn't mind seeing AT do more offensively, but I'm not a balance person. The only thing I can say with any sort of certainty is I think their melee PA cap needs bumping up. For as much as Acrotecher gets touted as the whip expert, not to mention somewhat more melee inclined than other tech users (except Wartecher, obviously), it gets really shafted in that area with its PA cap. I don't know if that'd fix anything, but there you have it.
  12. Again, you're honed in on the combat aspect, which I feel runs counterpoint to your question. "Which one is the better support class?" My answer is still Acrotecher. What your question actually comes across as due to everything you've said is "Which one is better at combat?" The answer to that is Guntecher. By your current ruling you'd pick a Guntecher over me, which is fine. I bet a lot of people would pick a high damage dealer class over me, because that's the way the game is. If you aren't dealing the big numbers, you're obviously a hindrance. I'm just lucky to have friends I can play with that don't care. They're experienced players and kill stuff relatively quickly anyway. I'm not arguing that. Please forgive me, but this is just me splitting hairs on what's being said. I'm stupidly taking more issue that I feel your question is not properly phrased for the material you're focusing on (the offensive capability). You're free to ignore my nitpicking. I don't think I'm adding anything meaningful to the conversation anyway.
  13. The daily/weekly quest system is a pretty nice thing to see. Something about it bothers me though. The reward for clearing missions, which is 20k meseta. Now... I find that reward helpful. VERY helpful... and yet it feels like for the longest while that is your largest source of income, and 20k gets burned up fast due to just the price of PAs/Bullets/Techs alone. Maybe I'm imagining it, but I don't ever remember just trying to get functional costing that much. Leads me to think that the meseta reward is trying to band-aid a problem people know is there... but don't know how to address. Especially if you want an outfit. God forbid you want an outfit and it costs 125k. That KILLS my pocket book right now. >_<;
  14. Your question is "The current best support class?" My answer is Acrotecher due to it higher tier buff/debuff/support tech access. Open and shut in my opinion. Thing is... I read your question, Seority, and then look at what you're saying, and I feel there's a huge disconnect between your question and your "answer." You bring up their class features, showing PA/Bullet/Tech caps, stat mods, and weapons, and then shoot right down the combat lane. It feels like what you MEAN to ask is "Which support class is better at combat?" to which the answer appears to be Guntecher, which I have no problem with. So... my question to you is, which of these are you actually assessing? Their support capability or their combat capability? From how everyone speaks, the focus appears to be the latter, not the former. When one says "support class" I generally think of them handling heals, buffs, debuffs, and probably doing damage that may or may not measure up to everyone else because the class focuses on supporting the team. As far as I see it, my job as Acrotecher is to keep people topped off, to keep my buffs rolling on everyone, and weaken our foes to further the gap and make my allies perform all the more better. Their damage increases are likely to outpace mine, and I'm okay with that. I play Acrotecher with the mentality of a White Mage; if I keep everyone topped off, buffed, and free of status effects, then I'm doing my job properly. Forgive me if I'm kinda stepping on the subject, but when I read this more and more I feel like the question you lead with in the topic does not properly represent what you're discussing here, which is primarily the combat aspects. Now that I've said this, maybe it'll finally let me think of other things. u.u;
  15. Well they appeared to solve the problem? What they told me was they checked the option "Do not save data on server" and suddenly they could log on. Not sure if that would really affect it, but that's what they did. Honestly I'm just happy they can log on and play.
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