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  1. Never do this. People should only support the server like that if they want to keep things going. Making it so supporters get GC for it lays the foundation for "Hey, if you pay money you can get stuff!" Doesn't matter that everyone can already get it, the fact that you could pay for more would start sending the server down a hole I don't know Marm and the others would like... but I'm not them, so they can speak about that themselves. All I can say is that for myself, if this were to happen, I'd leave the server and never look back.
  2. Oh joy. I expect to hear many tales to the contrary of this by matter of how some people are the mortal enemies of RNG. I expect to be one of those people, and with multiple items at that. I accept that you outright stated the odds, and that they're improved, but hooooooo boy I expect the worst. Of course I also hope that that it actually will only take 20 mins max... but well. "Hope for the best, plan for the worst" as they say. I guess we'll see when it hits the main line. Everything else sounds pretty okay though. Boy that's a level cap hike though, and I quite like it... well except for the fact I nearly hit the current one, hahaha. Oh well. Upwards and onwards like always!
  3. ... Except the post is about making it easier in the end, so you do care. That's what your idea of an earnable consumable does. Also what I suggested isn't any more or less an option than what you're suggesting. On top of that what're you even talking about that PA leveling is "arguably completely disconnected from the core gameplay loop?" It's at the very core of it because you're using PAs pretty much all the time. Anything that isn't a support tech gets leveled by natural use. If anything it's support tech leveling that's completely disconnected since you need to sit around and buff/heal people or debuff mobs to level stuff. That's the exception, not the rule.
  4. Why not just have a special mission you pay X amount of PA Frags to get into that's x2 PA EXP? I mean... it'd give them a little more use, at least until you both get all the PAs you want AND have them all leveled.
  5. I can't tell if you're just explaining that for the TC's sake, or if you misunderstood that I believe making first attacks for melee always JA isn't something that should be done, thus being against it. The better solution is to just do what everyone already does, and what things are balanced for. Do a normal attack first, and then JA your PA off that. If you don't manage to get the JA off, then that's just something you gotta live with. It happens. If you just don't know the JA frames, it's a matter of learning them and developing muscle memory (I'm going to assume you know the frames for the weapons you use). If you just mistime your press like everyone has no doubt done now and then, then your engagement just takes a little longer. That's all. What you're asking for further removes any need to use normal attacks. I mean yeah, they recover PP, but that's pennies and nickles compared to just swapping to another weapon and continuing your assault.
  6. So this is a rad addon for PSU as it is. It's quite helpful in what it does. It'd be nice if a few more features got added in over time. 1.) Monster Reader Honestly I like the idea of having the ability to see the health, buffs, and debuffs of active monsters. Knowing how much HP we need to chew through from the start is pretty nice, and to see how hard you're actually hitting in terms of your damage versus the enemy's max HP. 2.) Party Reader I've no idea if the in game UI will ever get scaled, and even if it did, I think a way to see current and max HP, blast gauge charge, and buff/debuff timers on party members would be very useful. Seeing someone's current PP count would be useful... but probably more trouble than its worth, and that's also something I don't think anyone really needs to know. 3.) Player Reader Probably should be at 2 instead of 3, but oh well. A separate module from the party reader that shows similar info as above, but include the exp bar along with a TNL count. 4.) Palette Reader Something that might be nice to have on the side could be a way to see the PP totals of the weapons on our current palette. Seeing that information at a glance would be pretty good, and you could probably organize in blocks relative to the palette slots. Like if there were a TCSM and a wand on the first slot, have the first row of the window show the weapon names, PP bars, and put the numbers for weapons in their respective bars. I think that makes sense? 5.) Bag/Bank Reader This one I don't think would be as "important" as the party/player reader, but would be a nice tool of convenience. It would be nifty to be able to have a window similar to the floor reader you already have, except have it swappable between your item bag, your PM's bank, and your shared box. Formatting might be a pain, like showing the different tabs or just listing everything in a compounded list per bag/bank/share box, so I think this would be more wishful thinking on my part.
  7. I see no reason for this to be done. Move in, use a normal attack, and then start your PA JA chain. Done. What you're asking for just removes a single step that isn't even that much trouble to begin with. Why even bother?
  8. Or maybe just zap the penalty Me and Har Quick have and make them give a fraction of the power Hyakka does (like... +25 and +75 maybe? Ionno)? The comparison as they are makes the sheer leap in stats look completely bonkers.
  9. Y'know... with all that's being discussed I also gotta ask: Are there any plans to raise the max amount of PAs we can have at a time? Is that even possible? I mean I don't even remember a detail like what the cap was on official, plus I don't know if even something like this would be hard coded or not (I'm sure dumber things in games have been hard coded).
  10. Ah, cool. Thanks for that explanation. Aces, dude. Good to know that if this is employed in the main line, there will still be a point. Can't say I can give any real opinions on removing the 0's since I main tech classes, so I won't dive into that pool.
  11. So the idea of removing 0's from our damage made me think of something as I was playing with my friends just now. What happens to Zoldeel? Y'know, the accuracy/evasion debuff. How will that function once such a change is made? You say that the idea is to make accuracy affect damage variance to a degree (or did I misunderstand?), but what happens when we debuff an enemy's evasion? Will that give us even less variance? Will it even function properly within such an idea at all? I'm asking because I genuinely want to know if it'll help, or if this idea is gonna knee cap one of the techs I use, resulting in me just turning it into a disc and telling my PM to hold it.
  12. Could we please maybe not do this? As far as I can figure, setting SR drops as global drops won't solve as much as you think. Instead of having them bound to a certain mission, they'll drop anywhere, sure. That sounds nice on paper. You then state the exact problem that would crop up, and do so extremely hard. People will look for the fastest mission with the most reward boxes, and then run THAT mission. You haven't fixed anything, really. You just picked the "problem" up and moved it to another mission. Not only that but setting a global drop like that could bog down drops that're specific to X or Y mission. Heck, it'll probably make getting SR items HARDER to get, considering it'll have a given mission's standard drops, the mission's material drop pools, and then other global drops to compete with in order to drop.
  13. As pulled directly from this page: http://re-psupedia.info/The_Upgrade_Device "If you have broken a weapon during the grinding process, it can be repaired for another chance at a successful upgrade. In order to repair a broken weapon, it must be at its maximum possible grind level (2/2 or 5/5, for example)." That's my source for a weapon needing to be max ground in order to repair it if it is damaged. You don't need to raise the floor for elemental drops since you plan on including the Upgrade Device; it lets you use GC to change elements of striking weapons and line shields, as well as pump their % rate up to a cap of 40% via that method. If I'm farming a striking weapon and get it in the wrong element, and it's low at that, I still got my target. Now I need the GC needed to change its element, and then pump it up to 40%. I know nothing about the guts of that quest, but maybe you can make the max for that 50% instead with a new GC price tier? Or just include it in the 30-40% tier, making it 30-50% instead. This is what I meant by the Upgrade Device (I think I kept using the wrong name, I'm sorry) almost always being relevant no matter what. I'll admit that I am knee jerking a little about the idea of weapons dropping at 0/8 and needing to spend to repair them. I apologize if I've been a pain in the ass about this. In light of reviewing that link, it might not be too bad, but that also depends on the rates at which we will be earning GC for our activities. Maybe it'll be a drop in the bucket, or it'll be a price we need to consider a bit. Far as I know (which isn't much) numbers have just been tossed around and nothing is set in stone. Depending on the rate of earning GC, I might be a bit more okay with that solution for making certain things drop more.
  14. I refrained from voting for that because I (obviously) don't agree with it. Also to point out the glaring problem with such an option... all the elemental features on the Upgrade Device will make it, and keep it, extremely relevant no matter what. I don't understand why they need to mess with weapon drops to do that.
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