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  1. The system is still free, you just have the option of donating and getting some things perhaps YOU want in return as a way of saying thanks for donating. This works great for those folks who don't always have the time to grind for what they want (especially something very hard to get with a low drop rate) and have the money to "speed up" their progress. (time is money as they say) The Donation List also didn't have EVERY single thing in the game available to purchase with the DT system, some things like Dark Meteor (strongest shotgun in the game) or the rest of the Dark weapons in the game were unavailable. It can be tweaked to limit how much it requires to get said item on the list, therefore rather very rare items, the most sought after would be the most expensive obviously. This would limit the system being abused I would think. While I'm glad of your concerns of legality concerning this practice, I think you should consider that both servers are PRIVATE, therefore the respective server owner(s) have complete control and all legal interest in it to do as they please with said server up to my next point... Considering the fact these server's software are using what is still technically SEGA's IP, we've long breached the grey area of legal matters long ago in that regard, what would this matter by now I would think?
  2. I would certainly look forward to a system like this, as Ultima PSOBB employs something similar to this and it has worked out pretty good over the years for them IMHO. Any donations to the server were counted as "Donation Tickets" in USD amounts (1$ USD = 1 Donation Ticket) which were in turn used in several ways. There was also a Donation Ticket List of weapons, armors and items you could exchange and redeem for with a GM for your tickets. DTs would also stay with your account here via the forums and kept a running tally as you used them. They would even be used as a means of trade, along with Photon Drops, Photon Spheres or even other items found in-game. I would encourage the Clementine staff to look into implementing such a system, fairly, while at the same time, I'm not a big proponent of pay to win. Regardless, the incentive to donate and keep the server alive with the Donation Ticket system worked out pretty good for Larva and the Ultima server. After 10 years or so of existence as a PSOBB server, I'd say it's a effective system and I've certainly never heard of any real issues with it during my time there. Just my 2 pesos from an old PSOBB vet... ^_^ P.S.: If you guys are serious about looking into implementing something like this, SOLY is the guy you want to talk to on the Ultima forums, he set all of that up or at least helped, AFAIK.
  3. This was pretty common on PSOBB, particularly in EP4, there were 3 different versions of the boss there, St. Million, Kondrieu and Shambertin. They all fought in similar patterns, but Shambertin was the rarest, toughest and longest fight of them all. Also in the ultimate difficulty, you fought Ultimate versions of the same bosses, like in the mines in EP1 with Vol Opt -> Vol Opt V.2. They were physically and stat buffed, also their natural element usually changed, which means what tactics for that boss worked before was thrown right out the door when facing their ultimate variant. Basically, these bosses were hard to get to show up and quite hard to beat, which is why they are ULTIMATE variants. When they did show up, you had best bring your A game, a plan and lots of well equipped help along with you or you will DIE. *edit* OH yea, I forgot to mention! I got to face the rare Big Varder boss variant on vanilla PSO2 this weekend for the first time, King Varder! He's a roving, moving battle platform, with massive amounts of ordinance to bear on a target, boss of the Underground Mines on the planet Lillipa. I stomped him real good with my Phantom class, hehe. (I'm at level 92, using a bunch of nice, high-end rifles ^_^ ) He was a bit more difficult, but I'm too high level for it to really make a difference. (max difficulty @ Super Hard, level 65?) But yea, I'd enjoy seeing some of this on PSU, when I get high enough level to properly face them that is. *facepalm*
  4. Last I checked my install folder for PSU, it was a little over 6 GB Javes. I am planning on putting it all on a thumbdrive for backup and mobile play on a laptop when I'm out of town. I used to do that with PSOBB and it worked out pretty decently, I used my mom's Intel based Toshiba laptop with Win 8.1 to boot! Steam Deck is pretty fascinating, but I imagine due to it's limited controls and form factor, there is only so much you can do or play on it, we shall see.
  5. Thank you Metsume! I had been researching trying to find a decent HDAO ReShade option for AMD graphics card users in response to Selphea's HBAO+ post... But this is even better than anything I could have found! I got rid of the fisheye effect though, even though I have a curved monitor, it's still a bit distorting, it's not worth it IMHO. The effects however really give the game a whole new coat of paint and lighting, it's pretty incredible how much of a difference it's made. This mod is a keeper IMHO!
  6. I agree with this strategy, but to add, Rangers and associated classes and perhaps FOs as well will have a bit easier time with Dimmagolus as they can hit from a distance. As the wiki states, his wings can be attacked and if dealt enough damage, it will cause him to fall down to the ground. Dimmagolus is Ground element, therefore making Lightning attribute weapons very useful. https://psu-clementine.net/wiki/index.php/Dimmagolus For Rangers, try to get in a position to attack with using the aiming reticle when he is stationary in the air. Level 40 bullets at least are a necessity in order to hit him hard and hopefully you're using the element he's weak against. If you're a melee type class, you're gonna be in for a bad time with Dimmagolus sadly. You can try to attack him with pistols, but you really want some seriously heavy ordinance (grenades up close) or strong rifles or laser cannons that can hit from a far distance. Best bet is to NOT solo him as a melee class. If you cannot defeat him, If I'm on, give me a buzz or any other Ranger type class for that matter. Surely they can help you defeat Dimmagolus.
  7. I'm curious, are you guys running full screen on your computer for PSU? I'm currently using a old little system tray proggie called Windowed Borderless Gaming for PSU and running near my desktop resolution I think, you can set it to whatever resolution your video card is capable of. It unfortunately is nowhere near a standard resolution PSU was designed for sadly, so things seem a bit distorted or either real pixelly at times in-game. I think my max resolution is 1920x1080. Back to the topic, I'm running a Sapphire Radeon RX 590 Pulse 8GB GDDR5 and sadly, cannot implement this Nvidia exclusive Ambient Occlusion option. However, I'm going to investigate and research about the AMD Adrenaline driver options to see if there is a similar function to implement this on our cards. So far, I'm reading about a HDAO implementation that may work. Wish me luck!
  8. If you quit over something this trivial with the game IMHO, then what are you truly playing this game for? Sure, PSU AOTI is far from perfect, but neither was PSOBB... This was even after the server I was on the past 10 years, the owner and staff had changed the game considerably beyond it's original content and difficulty. Meh, sure grinding is difficult here, but you ain't seen nothing till you've tried to augment crap with the "god" affixes in PSO2, haha.
  9. Ohhhh nice! This needs to be a part of the wiki, stat! Thanks for the nice work there Midori! You're not the same Midori I know from Ultima PSOBB server by any chance? 0_o
  10. While I understand where you're coming from Adoooma, PSOBB is kind of suffering the same things in ways on it's various servers at this time. The main reason I believe is because it is an old RPGMMO game, also Clementine PSU and PSO2/NGS, it's successors, exists and are running well it seems. There is more options to get your Phantasy Star Online "fix" as it were, therefore the oldest and more commonly found game is going to naturally wane in popularity. Another factor is how the server is run, it's staff and owner, the base community whether it is toxic/hostile or inviting/supportive and how well it is managed on the software and hardware side. Therefore there are many factors surrounding a game server's demise. BUT, there is one major point in Clementine PSU's advantage at this time is: There is currently only ONE private PSU server in existence and Clementine is it. The server has only been back up since late last year and many players who remember the game even in PSOBB or PSO2 remember it and I'm sure, would love to come relive their memories of the game here. So honestly, even with any of it's faults at it's initial state of the server at this time, Clementine is only going to grow in server population as the word gets out they are back and running, out of it's testing stages. IMHO your fears of Clementine becoming semi-abandoned are premature I'd say, the server isn't even back up to the content and missions available what SEGA was running back in the day. The best is yet to come, but there will be "growing pains".
  11. Yea, this is not much different that what I've seen Larva and his staff of the Ultima PSOBB server do. They have drastically altered the ultimate difficulty for the game there, but it actually makes it challenging. In return, you have custom weapons, armor and gear undreamed of from the vanilla PSO1 to help you fight the the stronger monsters with, you also get EXP far faster. Some of the player generated quests are utterly amazing, but also mind-numbingly difficult. (I'm lookin' at you my sweet mon amie, R-78 ) Granted the balancing there still needs a bit of work, but I enjoyed it alot for what it is. With that said, PSU is effectively reborn and no longer under the whim's of SEGA's original vision and intent. It's now what Marmalade and his staff have dreamed up, for good or bad. I'm along for the ride, for they certainly can't be any worse than what Larva and his staff have done. (and IMHO I think they run the best PSOBB server out there )
  12. This all greatly depends on the strength of said player and their arms. So, for lower level players, I don't think this is a problem at all. They can overcome their targets by sheer numbers since their attacks are far weaker... They are still going to burn PP like no tomorrow in trying to defeat stronger monsters. However, for higher level players IMHO, they have earned that perk. You fail to realize also, the elemental bullets may be far stronger, but they are also... Less accurate. This means, more attacks. Besides, think of it this way, energy based weapons can fire near limitless, especially if they have a miniature reactor for a power source. Bottom line, of course this is all theory and conjecture, but I digress, the change has been made and this one wasn't our call. Appeal to the server owners/server staff if you do not agree is my humble suggestion. I don't think it's near a big a problem as you present it though. Primarily in situations where you're attacking alot, like at a boss fight, you're still going to burn through PP like crazy trying to defeat them. Even the newer regen rates will not help that much IMHO, I almost guarantee you're going to be using photon charges there, particularly for your primary weapon of use against them.(which has it's elemental weakness)
  13. It's all good, even I didn't know about the updates page till a few days ago myself, haha. About the PP system changes, I dunno, I use rifles ALOT. I carry about 4 of them as a matter of fact, I burn through PP on each of them here regularly on the quest I'm currently working on trying to get some Guld Milla replicas, Beach Bum Beasts B quest, on the Paracabana Coast. I'm having to solo this, so I'm using my rifles to snipe and use guerrilla tactics to defeat the monsters, as if I went toe to toe with them, I'd end up VERY DEAD. While the changes have certainly eased my PP usage, I'm still having to resort to using photon charges for my other weapons I do not have or can afford duplicates of currently. I think this is a perk for the secondary classes/master classes, the lower starting classes do not enjoy this benefit. So I don't feel this is necessarily game-breaking, especially if you're heavily using a weapon with a high refire rate, like ranged weapons.
  14. https://psu-clementine.net/wiki/index.php/Updates/July_2021#Update_20 System PP will now regenerate on all weapons regardless of being currently equipped, however, they must still be on the palette. https://psu-clementine.net/wiki/index.php/Types PP Recovery Every five seconds, weapons recover a certain amount of PP. This amount is variable, and Types get recovery bonuses for their 'native' weapon types as well (more info about the recovery rates here): 25% bonus to PP recovery on Striking weapons: Hunter, Fighgunner, Wartecher and Fortefighter. 25% bonus to PP recovery on Ranged weapons: Ranger, Fighgunner, Acrofighter, Acrotecher, Guntecher and Fortegunner. 25% bonus to PP recovery on TECHNIC weapons: Force, Guntecher, Wartecher and Fortetecher. 80% bonus to PP recovery on Striking weapons: Acrofighter. 80% bonus to PP recovery on TECHNIC weapons: Acrotecher. PP Consumption Fortefighter, Fortegunner and Fortetecher consume only 80% of the original PP when using Skills, Bullets and TECHNICs, respectively. In other words, they have a 20% reduced PP cost for Photon Art I've noticed they regenerate MUCH faster now too, the class-specific PP regen bonus seems to be working now. All of my ranged weapons regenerate like crazy, what used to take 15-30 minutes to fully recharge while held, all palette weapons can now be fully restored in PP in a matter of minutes. I'm certainly not complaining... This is not a bug, it is a FEATURE.
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