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  1. Selphea

    PhotonFX ReShade

    No prob! It's a bit of a rabbit hole with a lot of shaders to explore. If you dig into the different libraries and settings out there you can change a lot -- even doing raytracing (with some drawbacks). Sometimes it's more fun than playing the game itself! My own settings for 4.9 are in this thread. I personally prefer something lighter so you won't see as huge a difference, but if you want some ideas for what to use you can take a look. For me the must-haves are: SMAA. Anti-aliasing but retains sharpness better than other AA types. Bloom. Makes light sources "bleed"
  2. Selphea

    PhotonFX ReShade

    Reshade is an app, PhotonFX is the name of the configuration the OP uses. Unfortunately PhotonFX uses shaders that are not supported by newer versions of Reshade, so this is about as new as it gets. If you want to adjust settings for older Reshade, the process is similar to this: I believe the setting that changes saturation should be in one of the text files if not McFX_settings, though I'm not familiar enough with the text files to tell you which one and where.
  3. Selphea

    PhotonFX ReShade

    From the looks of it, this isn't using Reshade 4.0, might be 3.0 or 2.0, I'm not sure. If it's 3.0, try pressing Home and see if it calls up a menu. If it's 2.0 then you'll have to manually edit the text files.
  4. Yes this is what I was looking for! It's a bit hard to find PSUC videos so there's not much to go by. It'll be quite a bit of time for me personally to get a bunch of classes and PAs and weapons nicely set up to test things too that's why I gotta ask and confirm. Agree on Twin Dagger, most of the PAs are like, stand in one spot and make small hitboxes in front of you so they're quite situational, but when they're good they're really good. About Bogga Robado, I was looking at a few recent Fortefighter TAs in #clem-flex Discord and on 2 target enemies, they seem to use Assault Crush. L
  5. It's a complex one! The original system put the value on weapons, so relatively speaking, weapons were more valuable. And by design PSU weapons are fairly common compared to PSO1's Lavis Cannon hunts and such because they were meant to be broken until you can 10/10 one of them. But I agree breaking is dumb. The current system puts the value on grinder quantity, so grinders are more valuable but that devalues the base weapons, which end up flooding the market, and many weapons are not worth grinding. The ideal system IMO would be, you can select a copy of the same weapon as a "gr
  6. YES I didn't play every class so I'm guesstimating for some of them that's why I had to confirm! The Getting Started page takes you here but that's just the generic Sega description. It doesn't really tell you what's the meta, what's the noob traps and so on. Also thanks @Seority @packor @Fruzsina for your comments! I didn't intend for this to be a guide but I can edit it to look more overview guide-like.
  7. Trying to figure out what each class does. As in, not the concept but actual play, like if someone were to write a guide they’d need to cover these in-depth. Would be nice to compare notes and see if I missed anything. I didn’t cover the situations where a weapon works best in a specific scenario since that works better in a comprehensive class guide. Fortefighter Pros: Highest HP and DFP class, least likely to get interrupted. Best class at Twin Claws and Knuckles, tied with Fighgunner for best at Twin Sabers. Cons: Has S Axe, Sword, Spear but they're shared with Fighmaster
  8. Just my $0.02 So the classes with Tornado Dance are: Fighgunner, Wartecher, Guntecher, Fighmaster The classes with Shusou are: Fortefighter, Fighgunner, Wartecher, Acrofighter Generally speaking, it's the classes with Lv40 and above skills. Except Guntecher but that was Sega's decision. Personally that makes sense. The melee classes get a gap close because their PAs are usually shorter range. We don't have a lot of PA Boosted weapons yet but there's some weapons like SIlver Cranial and Rainbow Baton that are PA boosted and A rank. Agree the A and S distribution i
  9. Goodness, the amount of hardcoding in this game! Would it be possible to have the prototype affixes as two letters appended at the end of a name? Like Buccaneer NV, Crimson EE and so on. And if the name is super long probably abbreviate it a little like Yamata M. NV or V. Promoto AR? At least if one part of it is fully spelled it's easier to make that mental association.
  10. Prototypes are affixes. They're also kinda controversial. Some people think prototypes are already too rare and mess up the market. And some think there should be more prototype types. If I were to think of what's in the spirit of PSU, it's probably something like Special properties should always be tied to a specific weapon, e.g. Twin Dil Blades should be known for range boost, Vish Adac for stun and so on You can craft or upgrade some weapons to an improved version (maybe higher rarity, better stats, specific affix...) similar to Customize Service, though it may require so
  11. Selphea

    HBAO+ on PSU

    Yes I'm using Borderless Gaming. Try using the Clementine launcher, click the screwdriver and wrench and set Custom Resolution to your fullscreen resolution. Then click Play from the launcher (don't launch from PSUC.exe) As for AMD, apparently you can't easily force it. There's a way to do Ambient Occlusion (and even Raytracing) on Reshade but it messes up your minimap and I hate getting lost so I don't use it . But for the Reshade method... Install Reshade as usual Get Reshade Debbie Replace d3d9.dll with Reshade Debbie's 32 bit DLL (drag it in and rename)
  12. Selphea

    HBAO+ on PSU

    Added a Reshade preset for PSU Clementine to go with it.
  13. The more I read Discord's chat history about Guntecher, the more I think the issue isn't that Guntecher is too versatile, but that it's very specialized in what it does. It's AoE ability is actually pretty weak. Lv40 A Lasers with no speed boost is pretty far behind Gunmaster, Lv30 attack techs with no speed boost is also pretty far behind Masterforce. But it does 1 thing really well: self buff then put out a ton of single target damage from Longbow and Crossbow. Even in situations like close range mobbing and multi hitbox bosses, GT generally isn't going to deviate from this formula. It'
  14. For #2, adding special properties was actually done before with Customize Service. I guess the only question is whether the scripting is possible.
  15. We have different opinions here but that's why this is a good discussion! There's 27 weapons in the game and Master classes don't cover all 27. Not to mention they have a very narrow playstyle. If Master classes are straight up the best, that means if you happen to like a weapon or playstyle that isn't covered by a Master class, the game isn't going to be very fun because you're going to feel like you're slowing the party down by playing an advanced class. PSU had that problem with Master classes, PSO2 had that problem with Hero, both times they had to 180 because of player feedback. The
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