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  1. Can we get a weekend randomized highlight boost mission on the weekend? The more people in your party, the higher boost drop rates which will help increase and stabilize player population (10% per member; 60% drop rate maxed) Also maybe one weekend a month, a 2x PA Boost. Helps bridge the gap for newcomers to catch up to us vets and daily grinders or let’s us vets experiment with different classes and photon arts to level.
  2. Suggestion: Can we let Protranser have access to S-Rank Slicers in exchange for the S- Rank Sabers? As for the future progress of the game, I think the introduction of the prototype weapons was phenomenal. But I’d like to take it a step further in regards to how the original PSO weapon system was utilized. Instead of weapons being released every few updates that outclass them previous tier, how about applying base effects to weapons. Example: Halarod Special Effect could be, “200% Range Increase Effect on Resta, Reverser, and Giresta; 200% Range Decrease on All Attack Spells” Shigga Desta Special Effect, “Adds Level 3 Poison Status Effect to all Elemental Bullets; Lowers Shot all Elemental Damage by 8%” Mugunruk Special Effect, “Adds Level 2 Zailure on hit, Damage Reflect on hit” These are some examples of increasing the lifespan of all weapons, since in a year from now, no one is going to want to utilize the current tier of equipment in the game today. There’s obviously Pros/Cons and balancing to this, but I feel this helps mitigate being OVERPOWERED and the re-hashing of the feeling of old content to be suitable. As for missions, as everyone has indicated, I’d like to see more people spread out instead of farming on Parum or Guardians Colony missions. Maybe make a randomize daily mission for the population to cycle through (randomized rates per day: 70% drop rate increase, meseta, PA, mission points, exp, or rare enemy spawn, etc.). There’s more than enough missions to cycle through and it’ll be great for players to really get a chance to go out and explore all the lobbies, content, and missions. Next event I’d like to see is a MAG or Famitsu style event. Just hoards of enemies to kill and increase drop rates, looking for various rolls of weapons [I’m referring to the weapon mechanic mentioned above :)] . As cliche as it may sound, that’s what has made the PS games so great, the hunt for elusive equipment so you can hunt the next thing faster and better. Could we please get a monthly cycle of equipment from the casino to exchange our coins for? Just a thought; Would it be hard if we could exchange Casino Gold Coins for Guardians Cash, to buy into the GC Missions? Thank you Marm and the complete staff on this PSUC project. I just want you all to know how much you all are deeply appreciated for reviving such a beloved game.
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