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  1. I'd love to see some more missions in Moatoob and Neudaiz. I don't know how possible it is to do, but it would be so awesome to have missions that are out in the cities of each planet. Someone suggested Ohtoku City at night, HELL YES MAMA. It could even be an idea for some sort of event really. Liberating each city from SEED creatures, perhaps using some of the NPC models through the city as well? Coming back to reality, it would be nice to see some more missions in Moatoob, W kugu Ajis Kugu maps, or even Lonely Laboratory lobby. But maybe there's somewhere else you could access the mission to spice it up? Towards the Tenora Works, or inside it? Neudaiz, hear me out... Phantom Fissure map.. literally call it HELL. Lava Flows all over, YES. Also with Neudaiz, Shitenkaku is a beautiful place, maybe the offering box could be phased through to access a door behind it for a mission? Incorporate Ohtori Castle into the blocks? Maybe even floating platforms with that view of Ohtoku City ^Oh also, Parum. Foran Waterfall. Can we please have a mission where these boxes are? I don't remember this being open on official, but it's literally MADE TO BE SOME KIND OF LOBBY. Enemy-wise, let's just never have things that shoot. Like ever. pls n fank u. Anyways, I'm getting carried away. The kid in me is like "we get a say in our favourite game as a kid?!" It would be so cool to design a map!
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