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  1. I haven't gotten the download yet since I use a mobile hotspot for my internet and it's currently reached its max for the month so my upload and download speeds have been slowed. Whenever my net resets I will download and play Clementine again. As for the Windows Defender, I'll just have to see whenever I get the client. For the Discord, I joined it, but couldn't do anything since I don't have a mobile phone linked to my account (which I have attempted but the process requires another software to get everything set up, so I just gave up). I suppose I could just use the Discord in a "read only" state. I appreciate the response and insight. As I've said, I played Clementine a few years back and haven't had any issues with it. I was just checking in if anything drastic changed from when I last played. In fact last time I played, I was told that you guys were going to be doing some kind of update that would makes us have to remake our characters from scratch. Either way, I'm cool with starting all over, I just want to be back in one of my top favorite MMOs, in one of my favorite room designs in that MMO. Thanks to you all, I can relive my "soaking in the atmosphere" memories (since my PC copies of base game and expansion wont run due to GameGuard, so I have to resort to the Xbox 360 copy I have, and since the expansion was an online exclusive purchase, I can't get it on Xbox, so I'm just limited to the base game.)
  2. So whenever I try to download the .zip, it gets flagged as malicious software. I understand it could be a false positive, but I guess I'm being too cautious for my computer's safety as I literally get extremely depressed when my computer wont work and/or the internet is down. (I have an unhealthy need for a computer and internet). I have played Clementine before, but that was many years ago, and I'm not sure if anything changed in terms of the software, or if Norton is being stupid (I don't even know why Norton is still active. I haven't renewed my sub for years cuz Windows Defender is better, and I cant even open the Norton software window to edit anything for whatever reason. It's just blank, or I can't click on anything.) I can disable the Norton addon in my browser to download the game, so getting the download isn't the issue. My concern is, is the download and its components safe? I apologize for coming off as too cautious. I understand something like Clementine, a privately hosted server of a long shut down game, isn't going to be flawless, but errors are different from malicious content. I highly doubt any of the people running Clementine would put in malicious files, and again, I'm just being way too cautious.
  3. Not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but here goes. Is the Casino and its prizes accessible? The reason I ask, is that I would love to get the Private Bar remodel ticket as it's my favorite room ticket in the game. If not, then is there a way any of the mod can access the item somehow to give it to me? for a price of course. I understand it's not as simple as just datamining the items, as I know the Casino currency and prizes were linked to a server for those and I don't know if the mods have access to such a server. (maybe I worded that wrong, but I hope my message gets across. I'm not good at wording things.)
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