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  1. I'm sorry to hear the news about Marmalade (I hope their health improves, as much as is possible). It absolutely is not worth damaging or losing your health, over a game like this. I'm saddened to know that other people (especially trusted mods/admins/staff), have been involved in a significant data capture. It was a massive task for Marmalade (and his team of helpers), to do, and also doing it free of charge, for the player base. I haven't played recently (or at least not much), but the phenomenal progress in game play and features, has been an amazing journey, back into the past, when I use to fairly extensively, play on the original PC and Xbox360(/PS2) servers. I'm still amazed at the achievements that Marmalade has made. I thought that once the switches on both (plus Japan, later) original PSU servers were switched off. I would never see (play) PSU (online/live) again. Since the original server software would be unavailable, and details of how to do it, would be kept secret by Sega.
  2. I suppose what you (and perhaps the rest of us, or at least me) are saying, as regards "Easy", is (when looking at it, at a very high level, from above, i.e. in general terms), probably typical of what RPG (Role Playing Games, at least of the type that PSU is), gaming is all about. Take my hypothetical, but sort of typical (in a theoretical kind of way), game (NOT PSU, but to show a principle). So, you have a big bad dungeon, full of monsters, called Dungeon_Difficult_20. When you enter/try it at player level1, and starter gear, you get one-shot-killed, immediately after entering the dungeon. Later, you get enough exp (and anything else needed to level), and reach player level10, better equipment, have learnt the ropes on how to play and fight. Have better armor, restoration aids etc. Now you can get through the first half of Dungeon_Difficult_20, and get some good drops, Mana, Reward-Barrels/Chests and other supplies. Much later, when player level38, considerably better weapons, armor, fighting techniques, crafted restoration aids, both in-game pets, etc. You can complete the entire Dungeon_Difficult_20 with ease, fairly quickly, and get all the rich drops/rewards/exp and other benefits, a good player can get from successfully completing that dungeon. Then on to Dungeon_Mega_Tricky_Difficult_75. Which even a level38 player, still finds almost impossible. In other words the very fact that a game is a RPG (of our PSU type, as opposed to some other varieties, I think, i.e. player-levels/exp etc, rather than board-games/dice etc), means that it can be very difficult at first, but gets easier and easier, until it can even become super-unbelievably easy. E.g. A level 180 PSU player, doing a C-level mission in PSU.
  3. PSU does arguably offer Easy, Medium and Hard difficulty levels. The players just have to be aware of how to "**switch**" between those difficulty settings, and have the discipline to stick to it (tough it out, if necessary). A number of games, seem to use a similar method of "**switching**" between difficulty levels. The idea is that you choose what difficulty level you want, and then play the appropriate mission levels to suit (i.e. there is NO switch as such). E.g. Oblivion, if I remember correctly. Which some dungeons that are too difficult early on, so you can wait until your character levels up a lot, then go back and fight the monsters there, much more easily. E.g. Let's say that playing mission level "A" would give a sort of normal/medium level of difficulty. Then you can choose to play (solo only), on level B for an easy game, level C for a very easy game, level A for a medium/normal difficulty, level S for a hard difficulty and level S2 for a very difficult level. In practice there are a number of complications. Some of the higher levels might not be available to play (entry levels needed), there can be somewhat major 'game balance' issues, which this version (Clementine) and the older versions, perhaps had, to varying extents (opinions can vary on this). Also, playing solo significantly increases the difficulty level of a mission, and team play (especially big parties with very high level players, with good/great equipment), can be easy (or very easy), or at least easier. I.e. It is perhaps too simplistic to say the game is too easy, if tough mission difficulties are playable by the player, while soloing and/or very tough missions available for parties, such as S3 etc. The game (as far as I am aware), has always seemed to allow, ultra-super-easy modes of play, if you want, using various (game legal) techniques. Such as obtaining the best equipment for that level of player, available in the game (buying via the shops), from friends, other player account characters (rich high level players) as part of your 4 save slots, or even buying such stuff using real life money (usually against the game rules), but it does and can happen. Especially or only in the old/original game, by Sega. I remember on the old (closed) servers, that some (lazy or maybe too busy) player(s), would literally join missions, and then sit outside for the entire duration of the mission. Just to gain free/lazy MP points (and maybe meseta, I'm not sure). The game system seemed to allow this (i.e. not refuse to give players who don't participate, the giving of MP points, at the end of the mission). Typically it was between friends when this happened. Whereby, friends missioning, would leave their player character in the mission, while they AFK in the lobby, for hours, gaining free MP points. I remember in the 'old' days, (fully game legally) cheating (NOT exploiting bugs, just using the allowed playing techniques for power leveling), to get an additional character (not a main character save slot) from level 1 to level 100 (very approximate, I can't remember the exact figures, now), very quickly and easily. Just give the character great equipment, from the other players in that account, and plenty of meseta. Wait until the next big event. Then get friends to help me power level up, using the somewhat extreme huge/easy exp rates of the ongoing mission, by letting me mark (tag) the targets, especially big monsters. Then see my level number jump from say 5 to 9 in one step, just because the De-regan or whatever boss has just been killed. E.g. Going from Level 1 to player Level 60 in a day, of a good event, with suitable friends (or even solo, as some events make the monsters so weak, with low HP, to such an extent). I think the original game designers noticed those power leveling tricks, and so later, put in limits and formulas, to reduce the ability to power level, very quickly like that.
  4. Unfortunately, it is not possible. https://psu-clementine.net/wiki/index.php/Getting_Started_with_Clementine#Oh_no_I_am_not_cute_enough
  5. With a quick look. It would seem the entire forum has been moved to a new platform, which seems to have reduced functionality. I'm convinced there use to be a 50 megabyte upload capability on each post, and perhaps other, possibly reduced functionality.
  6. It seems to have changed (the forum), so it doesn't seem let me attach (upload) my own images, anymore. I don't remember seeing any announcement about that change.
  7. A simple post (text), link(s), text emails (PMs etc), need hardly any disk space (in general). But other file formats, such as pictures/images and especially videos (the video themselves, NOT links), can use up massively more space (Bytes). E.g. this message is probably going to be around 1,000 bytes (1K) or a few Kilobytes. But even a somewhat short video could be 50,000,000 bytes (50 Mb) (or 52,428,800 if you are pedantic about 50 MB). Pictures can be a few million bytes, depending on size, resolution and compression type used.
  8. What might confirm the theory, is to use a method that changes your IP address (there are free services that do this), and try what DIDN'T work on your new, second account. I suspect it would then work. Potentially confirming that the forum server(s), are imposing limits and/or dislike/errors when you try to upload more stuff (or whatever triggers your problems). To put it another way. The main connection between your original account and the new second account, is your common IP address. Otherwise, it wouldn't know you are the same user.
  9. The forum software (server) and maybe backend systems, are possibly using your IP address, and noticing that it has reached/exceeded one or more limits. Which is what it is starting to look like, to me. Some of those limits (in general), can be fairly silent (no error messages). I've experienced similar things, on other websites myself. EDIT: These limits can be tied in to IP addresses, to stop attackers from attempting to over load the server, and other abuses. (Not in your case).
  10. SPECULATION: Maybe, if you are posting lots of pictures, downloads, sending many forum emails (PMs), etc etc. Which is GOOD for the forum and the games success. You are possibly exceeding one or more of the limits (unwritten/undocumented as regards the normal forum users), which is perhaps causing the forum software (server) and its associated software to temporarily limit your activities, in some/all areas. A bit like my thread, where the 'forum' didn't like the number of 'likes' I sometimes made, in some threads. So, if you are a VERY active/enthusiastic member. You could be hitting/exceeding some of those limits, and (perhaps) the forum is using some aspects of the cookies to help control/limit these things. Hence by blocking cookies (private/incognito mode) and/or deleting them, it temporarily delays the system noticing/remembering you have already reached those limits or something. N.B. Above is speculation, as I did not write/create/setup or help with this forum.
  11. I'd suggested completely deleting all cookies for JUST this website (Clementine Forum). Here is one of the websites that explains how to do it for firefox, lower down on the linked to page. https://www.beacontechnologies.com/blog/2012/10/clearing-cookies-from-just-one-site.aspx If you do the above (or use other instruction guides) to remove the cookies for just this forum. I wonder what you might do, to initiate the glitch.
  12. The 'like' system is working just fine for me (and hopefully everyone else) now, thanks for fixing it. I just went round and found 16 posts I was impressed with, and liked them (they deserved liking, but I did the 16 as a sort of test as well), they all went though just fine. Presumably I could do more than 16, but I stopped, as that is the limit of what posts I could justifiably mark as liked. If the 'old' limit was 10, what I suspect happened, is the previous day (maybe evening), I liked perhaps 6 posts. Then came back the next day, and in the morning (perhaps, so within the assumed 24 hour day period), tried to like further posts, but on reaching the 5th one, had already reached the 24 hour (daily) limit of 10. I.e. someone likes 6 posts yesterday evening, 18 hours later (the next day, but well within 24 hours), they like 4 further posts, reaching the limit of 10. Hence me being confused and saying the limit was somewhere around the 4 mark. Anyway, thanks for fixing (or getting) this fixed.
  13. Further testing, seems to indicate that it is some kind of BUG with the forum, or very strange/weird rules, which I don't understand. It DOES let me like posts in some parts of the forum, e.g. (just now), here: Yet it still won't let me like the post here:
  14. In some kind of revenge, extreme irony kind of way, despite the fact I don't think I've (successfully liked any further posts). I just read and tried to THANK your helpful/useful post. But it (like before) just said .... Sorry, you cannot add any more reactions today. OK"
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