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  1. about 8 months ago i asked in the discord why the tornado dance was not functioning as intended. i was told a few things to try trouble shoot. all this time later, i have finally exhausted that list, so now i will ask here on behalf of my sister and I: My tornado dance skill is level 43, it hits 4 times as expected, but does not cover the additional distance i have seen it move when others use it for mobility through stages. is there a reason why my tornado dance does not travel the additional distance? as currently it is faster for me to walk through the level than it is to spend the pp on the tornado dance.
  2. Thank you Marmy, Thank you dev team. I cannot express the level of appreciation i have for your hard work. My sister and i am very thankful, I am sorry to hear these terrible things have occurred. i hope you find comfort Marmy. Thank you for your hard work!!
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