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  1. Ah thanks for that! Sorry i'm really really late to this, i'll update the thread with a newer link to all the supplied sounds when I get off work today. also @Matriotix No idea why the volume is low for you, the conversion etc works great for me. It could just be the bitrate etc you are converting at. EDIT: Thread has been updated with a newer music/sound list.
  2. I honestly don’t know I never bothered to even look, I’ll have to go get the English voice patch and see what files are what, currently have no time atm, as for sound effects I don’t have those mapped out either so can’t say for certain
  3. Why do you think spoiler tags don’t work?? They work fine. Look up invision bbcode on the actual invision site [spoiler]text here[/spoiler]
  4. Well shockingly I had no idea you did this, or that you made a tut on how to do this, I made my own tutorial in the mods section for psu, and mine is far easier, just a few button clicks and remove the adx extension. Yours however is good for the more advanced users, but could do the same thing with mine if you add song after song to make a playlist for said lobby then save the custom song (playlist) as a .mp3 or .wav using any audio editor. Link here: Just posting it here if you would like a look at the process
  5. Honestly google drive should suffice, however a backup download on media fire wouldn’t hurt.
  6. Use 7zip or winrar to extract the archived packages. The files from the archive you put in your PSU Clem folder inside DATA. to change lobbies music:
  7. sorry for the video quality if it does bother anybody but I do say exactly what to do on the tool. - At the beginning of the video my audio did get cutoff, and I do apologize. I said: Today I will be showing you how to use custom music on PSU. - Keep in mind I made this video when I did not have access to the old server, I however had access to the old test server. - For anybody that gets lost below the video will be a text tutorial as well as text doc files with some of the basic areas with music, etc. Text Tutorial: 1. Download and install PES Sound Converter. 2. Once installed, open the program and change the conversion types to be MP3 to ADX 3. Drag and drop or browse for a song, and click next. 4. You should now be in the settings tab, go ahead and tick [Save ADX file with complete loop from start to end] 5. Save the converted file wherever you wish. 6. Look at the music list and find the one you wish to replace and rename the converted ADX file to the songs name [Example: Clyez City G Colony e189f5205c961dcea1feba0007cba2bd] and remove the .adx extension. You must have file type extensions visible to remove file extensions directly, go here for a tut on how to make file type extensions visible 7. Move the new custom song to your PSU: Clem DATA folder, You can either replace the file, or backup the original file then replace. - I recommend you backup the original file. Downloads: 1. PES Sound Converter: https://mega.nz/#!1ltUmI6b!tdhX4WMr1upNAvl81l7GFwN-u0qwa8QZSqawMfU_9Bk - Virus Scan: https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/1f4e323320440dd5e1ca9d03d8ea9a2afcb54a9433262e8881f89dd493d77e40/detection The scan has 1 false positive. If you don't feel safe using the sound converter then do not use it. The sound converter is 100% safe. Look up PES Sound Converter, or find another MP3 to ADX sound converter that will loop from start to end. However that's the only converter I found that would work properly! Here is another tut for those that do not trust PES Sound Converter, but the process is much longer to accomplish. 2. PSU Music List UPDATED: https://mega.nz/#!181xmCzR!uSsyQTIZ8tZfhDvGX4_AeIhxM2d9JOdL-ML9osQ3TZE - Virus Scan: https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/5482c07e8377de43b7c68b3bd3804f83b741a3bf283ea9f0cbc14653c5d996e9/detection IMPORTANT: How you get your mp3 files is on you! I do not condone piracy in anyway shape or form.
  8. A tut most likely won't come out just because theres alot more that can be done besides textures in these files.
  9. Don't use the moatoob one on certain seasons, I don't recall which seasons, on the old server that recently went down on some seasons you would spawn in the middle of moatoob, I did test this on and off with the season it occurred on, just don't remember which one. I think it was valentines day or Christmas.
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