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  1. Zerath

    Solo boredom

    I’ll give it a look later. I didn’t know this! Still fairly new to the server.
  2. Zerath

    Solo boredom

    Hey everyone, I haven’t played for awhile. I’m really just looking for popular missions to join in on. Not really sure what missions are most ran so I’ve just been playing solo and gets a bit boring sometimes. So if anyone knows where I’d find people to join let me know. Thanks!
  3. New to the server! Haven’t played at all since the main game went down. Super excited to relearn the game after being away for awhile. Awesome updates too!
  4. Me being me I forgot I had recently made my background a moving one with music that plays with it. When I switched the background off the games runs 100% now. So all is good! Was a simple fix! Thanks for the info for a future reference if need be!!
  5. Hey everyone, I’m new here “not new to phantasy star”. But I seem to be having some slow gameplay speeds when doing missions. Everywhere else I have normal speed. But during the missions it seems to vary for some reason. Any ideas? Or is this normal?
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