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  1. I found if you manually add the game to GOG Galaxy 2.0 and link the executable we can launch it with out UAC prompt. So if anyone is looking to launch the game with out getting an admin prompt this is the way to go. Once in GOG you can even rename it and give it a star rating.
  2. Bummer but understandable. I might be able to make a shortcut with runas and saved creds to work around this. Thanks! Edit: Looks like windows has made doing this a lot harder since the last time I tried something like this. Looks like I'll have to just remote access his PC or walk over and type the password for him for now. I gotta keep him from out leveling me anyway.
  3. I want to put PSU on my sons PC who does not have admin access on his account. Because of the admin requirement when he tries to launch it I then have to go and enter a password. Is there a version of online.exe or PSUC.exe that does not have requestedExecutionLevel level="requireAdministrator" in it's manifest? I tried to use resource hacker to modify this to asinvoker but windows won't let me lunch the exe after this. I didn't expect this to work but it was worth a shot.
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