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  1. Try first making sure you Frame Skip in your options before starting the game is set to 1 or greater. Not 0
  2. I am trying to work on upconverting alot of the textures, but it does take alot of time.
  3. still playing with this...... below are some comparisons. All images are in 1440p. I was going to do it in 4K where the differences would have been greater, but. The window keep making itself smaller than the taskbar so it was just smaller than the dx9 image, enough to make it look really weird when trying to do a direct comparison. You will see the best enhancement when I was able to add FXAA+MSAA to smooth it all out. This is the effect I was wanting the most from the start. Going to keep messing around with it to see what else I can accomplish. Comparisons DX9 Vs Vulkan Vulkan vs Vulkan+Reshade DX9 Vs Vulkan+Reshade Originals DirectX 9 Vulkan Vulkan + Reshade (HDR, FXAA+SMAA)
  4. redownload and reinstall https://psu-clementine.net/community/index.php?/client_download/
  5. I didn't make this mod. Just directions on how to adapt it for PSU. This is just a DirectX 9 proxy made by someone else. I just found it and started using it with PSU. Thought I would share.
  6. This mod will upgrade your game from using DirectX 9 API to Vulkan API. This has lowered my GPU Utilization from 30-35% down to 15-20%. Honestly I was more interested in this as more of a proof of concept than anything really. I still have my frames limited which is why my utilization is so low and why I said utilization % over frames per second. Below is a link to the DXVK Releases and should show the latest release when you click it each time. https://github.com/doitsujin/dxvk/releases To install this is pretty easy. 1. Download the latest release. 2. Extract the release. You could use WinRAR or other tools to extract its contents. 3. Go into the x32 folder and copy d3d9.dll. 4. Go to your PSU Clementine install folder. 5. Paste d3d9.dll into the root install folder. You should see online.exe, option.exe, and PSUC.exe files here. 6. Rename d3d9_33.dll to d3d9_33.dll.bak. This is just incase you have any trouble and want to remove the Vulkan Proxy DLL. 7. Also make sure you are using the latest Drivers for your graphics card to make sure you are using the latest Vulkan Runtime libraries. To verify it is working properly after running the game for the first time, you should have a new text document created in this folder called PSUC_d3d9. This is a log file that is created to show that it is working. To remove it. 1. Go to your Clementine Install folder. Delete d3d9.dll. 2. Change d3d9_33.dll.bak back to d3d9_33.dll. The idea to find this was actually from when I was playing PSO: Blue Burst recently. They had a DirectX 8 to Direct X 12 proxy. Which prompted me to look for one for PSU. I did find a DX9 to DX12 proxy. https://github.com/megai2/d912pxy This version was created with Guild Wars 2 in mind and I have yet to figure out how to adapt it to work with PSU. Happy Modding! ****Doesn't work with Gnome Glasses**** But works well with Pluvio's PSUFR (https://psu-clementine.net/wiki/index.php/Floor_Reader)
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