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  1. Unsafe Passage S Jenny Death/Beast/FG/122/Time-3:17 Managed to get my old time back!
  2. Unsafe Passage S Jenny Death/Beast/FG/119/Time-3:23 First decent run after HP affects Power nerf, can no longer consistently one shot every mob at my level, FeelsBadMan.
  3. Mizuraki Defense S2 Jenny Death/Beast/FG/117/Time-7:36 On my quest to conquer all the easy first missions on all the planets, not sure if layouts make much of a difference for this mission.
  4. Sleeping Warriors S2 Jenny Death/Beast/FG/115/Time-7:56 Breaking 8 mins was hard, this missions is def a slicer mission, Yoki's a beast. (figuratively)
  5. Mad Creatures S2 Jenny Death/Beast/FG/115/Time-3:57 Just got off work, this mad lad cannot be stopped. I love doing this, it lets me have fun with missions most people never put much time into.
  6. I think I'm done for today lol getting lvl 31 zagenga has made me feel so much more powerful.
  7. Unsafe Passage S Jenny Death/Beast/FG/115/Time-3:17 Zagenga is Love, Zagenga is Life
  8. Valley of Carnage S2 Jenny Death/Beast/FG/115/Time-8:24 Noticed you guys didnt have Valley of Carnage up there, So I went ahead and did a quick run, but man are Kog Nadds not fun, and the final block just goes on forever
  9. Fight For Food S2 Jenny Death/Beast/FG/115/Time-4:39 First run with lvl31 Zagenga, its just too much fun lol
  10. Cyclone dance is pretty wonky, the hitbox seems to hit only in front of you, and certain enemies it seems to miss consistently, it also only hits 1 target as opposed to multiple like its supposed to.
  11. I come back to my room to find everything I stored in my PM to be gone. I just switched classes and stored equipment in there not more than 2-3 hours ago, and everything was there. Storing a dimate in there and leaving my room then coming back, the dimate is still there. I also noticed my room music reset when I went to my room to find everything gone. Edit: Should also note that everything in my store is still ok, can take it out just fine. Everything is back after the server restart, thanks Marmy
  12. From what I've noticed, any enemies in a mission that are a higher level than normal enemies in that mission (grass assassins on scarred planet, zasharogan on the black nest, etc.) do not drop higher level gear like they're supposed to. It says they are lvl 100, but their loot table is still 80-99. Grass assassins in scarred planet A drop 7* twin daggers, not the 8* like it says.
  13. I don't believe Dusty Mines is available on this server yet, unless they moved it or something
  14. Sometime during a mission, my character randomly gained a visual unit effect, even though my extra slot is being used by a Me HP restore. In addition to the screen shot, I've also seen a black smoke effect, maybe others. Maybe related to nanoblasting, from what I've noticed further. psu20190428_184631_000.bmp
  15. I've noticed this only happens if you change blocks while the nanoblast is still active, letting it run out before changing is the only solution
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