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  1. This is a suggestion that I thought about while running the new missions and getting BT frags from the clear boxes at the end. Would it be technologically possible to award JP mission PA frags via a clear box at the end of the mission, the same way that BT frags and x-spheres are awarded? I'm still very much in the PA frag grind -> PA leveling grind loop and would absolutely love it if there were some way around that downer of a bug.
  2. I remember, at the end of a mission in Shred the Darkness, there was a room with a bunch of pannons that had severely overtuned HP. The idea was that you had a number of extremely spongey training dummies to smack around for PA exp for a while. I'd like to see that sort of concept make a comeback, though it probably needs some kind of limitations, like being event only or having an entry "key" requirement.
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