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  1. when did photonchargecosmo appear in the npc shop?
  2. And me, Checking for new patch files.... alot
  3. here is the guide to finishing with the minimum and maximum amounts of enemys and opening that all important rare block http://psupedia.info/Protectors_ζ_(guide).html
  4. I have to agree with Nhisso on this, to use s+10's on anything that isn't end game weaponary is just crazy.. I miss grinding the old way, why not go back to how it used to be? just lowering the grind ability of the weapon that failed, for those with mega cool 15* 50% swords and the like, add a weapon scape or something to undo it and charge 10 mill or something for that. Just a thought.
  5. Why is protectors Lambda listed here? Can we still accses it?
  6. Please do not add any more items to the dalgun npc, too much cash seems to be taken out of circulation, lots of high end gear going to npc because none of it sells. If i sold all the gear for all my chars it still wouldnt amount to 75M for a suv ( not that anyone would buy it anyway ) Cant we re write the training program to be another rare mission like the other four but put all the high end stuff in there with say the chance to get a ticket is only open whilst playing on a lvl capped char or something?
  7. Lightning Beasts S3 the SEGA shop/Cast/MG/135/Time - (13:41)
  8. Lightning Beasts S3 the SEGA shop/Cast/MG/135/Time - (16:02)
  9. Huge thank you from the UK! Love your work & your download packs sure kept me going until Clemintine came about. Can't wait for Despair and Hope, Clemintine will have to do without me for a while when that launches
  10. I’ve been running the Holy Ground at agata islands and there is normally at least one group running there. also seems to be people running seed awakened whenever I roll through there.
  11. Every so often when spamming this run, on starting a new mission it occasionally spawns you into either a completely empty map or spawns you into the scenery where you can't move. abandoning and restarting the mission fixes it.
  12. One of the only things I wish I could do on this game is have the ability to lock the item pallet so every time I open it, it is already on what ever I set it too, In my case wanting to lock it on Trimate. Would save the millions of frustrating times I waste a photon charge and then a scape doll immediately afterwards
  13. it all comes down to the 360 using big endian. https://chortle.ccsu.edu/AssemblyTutorial/Chapter-15/ass15_3.html
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