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  1. Sorry but you don't explain how to use the file at all, I'm honestly trying to do this on a friends computer since my SweetFx won't work and I don't know what to do other than put it in the main directory of PSUC
  2. So after decompiling all of PSU and inspecting Skill, TECHNIC and Bullet PA Parameters. The following classes area very much possible to create. Most the Stats for these Classes I thought of are based on pre-existing class stats already and for the SPECIAL type PA Functions would. I will continue to think up Class Types in this thread. [[ DualMaster ]] - S-Rank Twin Sabers,S-Rank Twin Daggers ,S-Rank Twin Claws,S-Rank Twin Handguns || Class HP Steal on Hit , PP Regen +15 Per hit Base Atk, PA DFP +15% ---------- [[ Assasasin ]] - S-Rank Bow, S-Rank Dagger, S-Rank RCSMs, S-Rank Spear, C-Rank Handgun || Class Lv4 Incapcitate On Hit, 30% Attack Speed ---------- [[ Elegantist ]] - S-Rank Double Saber, S-Rank Whip, S-Rank Cards, C-Rank Handgun || Class PA Modifier+ 15% , Lv5 Confusion on Hit at Class Lv20 , Lv5 Charm on Hit at Class Lv20 ---------- [[ PhotonFlorist ]]- S-Rank Wands , S-Rank Slicer, S-Rank SPECIAL RCSMs , C-Rank Handgun || Class Cannot Use TECHNICs, Class Wand can use SPECIALs Specific PAs, Class Mod ATP=Tech, Wand Uses Swords Basic Attack Animation and SPECIALs PA Animation , Slicer PA+ and Basic Attack Hit all Hitboxes on targets. Purchased at PA Counter for a Large amount of Meseta or Trade-in : Wand-> Copy Saber PA Rising Strike --> Rename --> "SPECIAL Phontonic Rise" Second Part of Photon Art will Area Cast a SPECIAL TECHNIC Version of Shifta+ Lv3 and Deband+ Lv3 Add Stamina+10 to the Party in Medium Range--Effect Timer: Lv0 15s, Lv11 30s, Lv21 45s, Lv31 60s, Lv41 120, Lv50 Shift/Deband+ Lv4 Purchased at PA Counter for a Large amount of Meseta or Trade-in : Wand-> Copy Dagger PA Buten Shuren-Zan --> Rename --> "SPECIAL Photonic Bloom" Second Part of Photon Art will Area Cast a SPECIAL TECHNIC Version Zodial+ Lv3 and Retier+ Lv3 Giresta+ "NO HEAL" Only Auto Recovery Lv1 to the Party in Medium Range --Effect Timer :Lv0 15s, Lv11 30s, Lv21 45s, Lv31 60s, Lv41 120s, Lv50 Zodial/Retier+ Lv4 Purchased at PA Counter for a Large amount of Meseta or Trade-in : Copy Dagger PA Shunbu Shouren-zan --> Rename --> "SPECIAL Photonic Cutter" Both First and Second attack send Photon Slicers out in the facing direction of the Main Character All Hit Boxes can be Hit on an enemy. Purchased at NPC for a Large amount of Meseta or Trade-in : Can only be equipped by [[ PhotonFlorist ]] SPECIAL RCSM 1dmg On Hit chance to inflict Jellen, Zulure ,Zoldeel upon success will cast on Target short range AOE.
  3. Updated original post. I'm not to sure if the info I've found is known or not but from my previous experience I did find a way to extract the .snj files so I'll be working on that in the future from now. If anyone has information pertaining to this feel free chat with me on discord or through these posts Discord - LordNemo#1312
  4. There acouple AFS files that won't extract due to Time Parameters even though I fix it in Hex and assign appropriate Bits to match the file extension. From my previous experience I believe you're right about how the file types are used. We should be able to extract static model data from the .xnr file and create an XML sheet and have the game reference XML data for loading specific Static Mesh like Weapons. Through my findings last night, Looking at Quest Data I believe S4 Missions pre-existed in the game ahead of it's time. Noticing there is a Language Section such as J/AE/G/F in the quest Data there is also Quest C, B, A, S, 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 then There are Block referencing which completely depends on the mission itself. Still much to brush through.
  5. Discord = LordNemo#1312 So I've been a 3d modeler for over 10 years now and well off and on I've been going at it attempting to extract PSU Gamedata objects along with their textures. At one point I succeeded and was stuck at re-packing without dataloss. It's been awhile since I've done some PSU modding and since I cleaned my computer out last month. I recently started playing PSUClem and again can't help but to feel we should be able to import models or use some sort of .XML format or .JSON for offloading new content. I got as far as Extracting the .afs files to .nbl files but I don't have knowledge of .nbl and can't seem to import the data to .obj , I don't care if the any data is lost because I will fix that physically and most likely polygon data won't be lost if someone has or can make a python script to convert .nbl to something more universal or better yes from a popular extension to .nbl. I'm trying to better know the data that is store within the .nbl filetype. So far what I've been able to extract are ..... .cvm to .ADX/.REL/.NBL/ , .AFS to .nbl So currently some .AFS files I can't exactly extract either due to TimeStamp being Invalid and I can't Hex edit the TimeStamp correct otherwise the AFS extension is lost so help would be nice on that lol I'll be updating this as with my progress even if I don't receive help lol Edited : 01/13/2022 1:49am ADX lossy compressed audio CRI ADX ADPCM audio v3, standard ADX, 48000Hz Audio: adpcm_adx audio/x-adx; charset=binary This format is being used to play as Audio for files ending in .ADX I've tested sounds and it's varies with a range from Menu music to Boss and Enemy Sounds. Enigma_Dev - Mentioned .NBL = This works almost similar to a .PAC or .DAT(Pack/Archive) format many Compile Heart games use. .NBL contains other File Types/Assets inside, located in the subdirectories, NMLL chunk and TMLL chunk. .XNJ = 3D Model .REL = File Integrity Checker? .XNA = Data Switches for Particles or 3D Models? .XNT = Index Data of Textures used on 3D Models in .XVR .XNM = Motion Data or Dialogue? .XNR = This does something with .XNA, .XNJ, .XNT, .XNM, Textures, etc. This may be some sort of Script. Edited : 01/15/2022 Example creature Data file types - Ageeta .BIN = Taking a big guess but this is partial AI information or attack pattern instructions. .SNA =[ en_xxx_1ndin.sna 1ndin Pelvis Chest Neck Head L_Thigh L_Calf L_Foot R_Thigh R_Calf R_Foot Tail01 Tail02 Tail03 1ndin_mdl Notes= "1ndin_mdl" May be the Rigging system for the Ageeta " .mdl " or " _mdl " mentions important for future .SNJ = Object Models [" en_xxx_1ndin_Lead " is the Model ] without "_lead " is the Rig. .SNR = Variety of Data involving Atk,Dmg and Targeting ? Maybe More ? .SNT = Texture Data SVR = I'm not to sure Edited : 01/13/2022 11:15am I'm working on archiving the data so I can sort through them easier.
  6. Wish I could have seem this earlier or i would have helped you fix the issue.
  7. I wish we had an NPC at someplace like Dullgun View Plaza that would sell random weapons with random % and grinds even broken grinds like the NPC in PSO1.
  8. Dude hiken PA's are taking like 5times longer than regular PA's is something wrong Q___Q
  9. Are you trolling me ? you're not being very helpful ....
  10. Nemo

    Quick question

    Yooo Jesse \o/ lol dunno how its spelled , uhh yeah they're DullgunViewPlaza it is kinda steep priced for how rare weapon drops are.
  11. Umm... Blender doesn't extract models it has nothing to do with it. Blender is a 3d modeling, animating, material, sculpting any many other things that include the manipulation of vertices/vertex groups but it does not extract or sniff data from any program unless you have some sort of custom python code which would be out of the normal to do anything of that sort with Blender. I've been using 3ds Max, Maya and Blender since 2009
  12. So I've extracted this model form Unsafe Passage it took some time to figure out what the texture and model files were to get this together. The thing is without any knowledge or reverse engineer of the PSUC file I won't be able to figure out how we can utilize the ability to edit models, create new models, edit textures or create new textures for retexturing and reusing older map data files for a renewed experience. I only want to help PSU evolve into what it could have been had it stayed around another 10years. If anyone has any info please help me out. I've be able to extract this model and texture data while retaining the Weights to each model. What are Weights ? Weights are a type of function that allows the bone data to attach to 3d model data and so it's able to become animated with the bone data animation. This means I don't have to edit weight data and it let's us better understand how models in PSU are animated by bone simply because this is raw data. I haven't been able to find if this game uses Normals/BumpMaps I'm guessing this game uses MipMaps though because most textures are 256 and under. Anyways I'm unable to do much from here since I can't simply exchange files because there's really not an all in one decompression manager for PSU. Kinda trying to figure out what to do from here ughh. Here's a picture of what I took out of PSUC lol
  13. I noticed the build data didn't change when logging in ? Do is this correct? April 28
  14. I can Extract the file data needed from the PSP version for any JP mission that'll but first I need to complete my .nbl extractor so I can edit .xnr files and testing for compression data. So this would be low priority but I would like to come to this eventually.
  15. I feel like the PA rates are basically perfect. If anything increase the rate from 1-5 10-15 20-25 30-35 40-45 that of course if it isn't already like that but I like the feeling actually having to earn the skill power. It means you put in the effort to focus and level up a certain skill. Don't want everyone running around with the same palettes. I think Meseta rates are perfect too the only time meseta dropped high were in event areas which is probably what most people even remember playing because they were so event full and full of meseta earning opportunities. Polls are the best way to get a feeling of what the community wants though sooo good job Matt.
  16. If you tell me what resolution your PC is running on I'll help you setup your PSU.ini file so it'll fill up your screen properly. Please take a screenshot of your PSUC file as well.
  17. Try this Press the Windows Key + R a window should pop up copy paste this " %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\SEGA\PHANTASY STAR UNIVERSE Illuminus " into the " Run.exe " Now download this " PSU.ini " file I setup for you, I've included it in this posted reply and on google drive. Replace the file called PSU.ini with the file from the download. Update me if the issue is still occuring because it could be something that is in the PSUC folder or a missing item. Screenshot your PSUC folder so I can better help you. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_SmeQBYUar6ehvoTZ2WyeYJF3n0smGjl PsuIlluminus.ini
  18. The Results with some tuning. I do play Fullscreen but i had to window it without borderless to get the FN+Printscreen to work for some reason. Edited : I should probably say the left half is without the Sweet FX and the right half is with Sweet FX
  19. I know Metsume posted the Photon FX Shader Mod and I'm not sure if it's the same but I've been using Sweet FX. First thing is first it's best to have Open GL 2.1 or higher capabilities and be playing in Direct X 9+ that last one is an obvious though lol. The links below are not download pop-ups you have the choice to review the parent website and determine if you feel safe but so far it hasn't effected me since 2014. It's really easy to mess up a step so follow closely. We need to start here Download the shader files for Sweet FX here --->> https://sfx.thelazy.net/downloads/ https://imgur.com/Y5S7DnL Next I'm pretty sure this is optional but lets just follow this guide for simplicity, download the file here --->> https://sfx.thelazy.net/games/preset/4023/ https://imgur.com/YJlU5Sp Okay now that we have the files let's create a temp desktop file called Sweet FX , you will need an extractor program there are plenty on the web I prefer using " 7z. " Open your Extractor program or right click the " SweetFX_1_5-23364 " file and extract it into the SweetFX folder we manually made. https://imgur.com/NHZ2OHL Now let's just click and drag the " SweetFX_Settings_Phantasy Star Universe_PSU Ultra " into the SweetFX folder we manually made. https://imgur.com/KX9nFf5 Last we need to Download the " SweetFX Configurator " located here --->> http://sweetfx.thelazy.net/?cat=3 https://imgur.com/D4Hrc1B Drag or Copy the contents into the SweetFX folder we manually made. If it asks you to Overwrite and Replace, do so replace files. https://imgur.com/u4JHjgQ Last Step before you get to configuring Now that we have everything in one place click drag or copy the contents of the SweetFX folder we have prepared into your PSU Clementine directory folder that has the Online and PSUC.exe in them. https://imgur.com/neAvhTS -------------------------------------------------- Once we have everything setup go into your PSU Clementine folder and Open the SweetFX Configurator >> Bottom Left Click "Add new game " >> Select " PSUC " . You should see PSUC.exe on the top left and it should say Active (13) to the side. If you see this everything has been done correctly so far. Screenshot for referencing. https://imgur.com/aD6jzp3 Okay so now that we're here there's not much I can tell you. Everyone's computer is different so there isn't really an all in one setting. What you do here to edit the effects is you click on " PSUC.exe " on the top left you'll see this area populate with different types of settings. Each setting you click on has subsettings and precise configurations you can make. It's best to start low then raise the settings to your liking. The best ones to edit in my opinion are the following below. FXAA Anti-aliasing ,Bloom ,HDR ,Luma Sharpen ,Levels ,Lift Gamma Gain ,Tonemap ,Vibrance ,Vignette I've provided an example of what it would look like when you click on Bloom in the red boxes I've marked. Each setting has a good but brief description of the type of changes it will inflict on the post processing. https://imgur.com/mgjxXVN Once you've made all the changes you click " Save new Config " on the bottom middle then click " Save / Load configuration " on the lower right side. A pop-up window should appear make a name on the lower left and click new preset. Click on the preset name in the Preset list on the top left then click Export Preset. Export to " SweetFX_Settings_Phantasy Star Universe_PSU Ultra " which should be in the folder that has opened up if not search for your PSU Clemetine folder and do so , replace the folder and that's it. You can press the Scroll Lock key on your Keyboard to toggle the effect's in-game but as I noticed my Alienware Laptop doesn't have that so you might need to use a USB Keyboard which is what I have been using i guess I never noticed because I always use my USB keyboard lol. Any questions ask me I'll try to answer promptly.
  20. I believe the Game must be launched in Fullscreen ? and It has to be the Xbox 1 2.0 version controller that supports the Bluetooth capability as if not wire it up.
  21. Nemo

    Event Idea

    Invasion of Darkness on the Guardian's Colony Event Trade in Area : Max Players 12 or 24. Depending on whether or not the Game lobby can handle it. This will be a lobby that becomes created when a player Hosts a 1Player up to 6 player mission it will create a 12/24 player lobby that cannot be privated. Similar to PSO2 Lobby system. This will be a non-combat area so players weapons will be unequiped or leave it alone if the Game Lobby can handle it. All in all if you can't do this make it a solo quest that starts straight into the block. If the Above is out of the question the 5th Floor NPC can have items added to it for trade-in for the event time. Event Trade in NPC : PSU AOTI has an area that has 3 NPCs that are girls the Cake Girls I don't remember what it's called, Anyways These NPCs will require Special Trade-in Items. Example - Dark Photon Reactor A x50 requirement for a " Random Element , Random Element % " This Item can either drop on the floor or automatically go into the players inventory. OR Inventory then the floor if the inventory is full. Crystal Drop Percentage C-15% x1 B-20% x1 A-25% x1-2 S-25% x1-3 Rare Crystal Drop Rate On All Missions This can drop in all missions and are the same percentage. 1% Enemy Infection Rate This is an " If Possible " Thing Infection rate spawn in missions part of the event. 15% Spawn rate, Enemy stats boosted by 12%. These Enemys add a 5% drop rate to the Crystal Drop Chart. Infected Drop chart for Enemy Infection Rate. C-20% x1 B-25% x1 A-30% x1-2 S-35% x1-3 Rare Crystal Drop Rate 5% All Missions on the Guardian's Colony are elegible for this Event. The purpose for the event is to get some items into circulation that are otherwise unobtainable and fun \o/ .
  22. Nemo

    PhotonFX ReShade

    Do you happen to have the texture extractor? Or is that a closed loop program still ?
  23. I love the Electric Carnival , Shred of Darkness and Absolute Zero Event.
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