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  1. Amazing News, looking forward uwu
  2. this sounds like cancer, if this goes live i quit my at..xd do you enjoy rebuffing, example one of your comrades dies in battle and you have to rebuff? giving up on your dps.. watching all the time if there are no debuffs on your party? this would be annoying, the few quests where enemys do debuff are already annoying me enough. "patch notes 4/01/22: new on ephinea, enjoy the new feature of random debuffs and enjoy buffing your comrades more often, be not just a debuff slave, take it one step further"..xd
  3. thanks for the quick response!
  4. Hello dear Marm, i have a question , if we grind old weapons after the update, old weapons that can still be grinded x/1-9, probably turn back to 0/10 as well right? Thumbs up, you and your staff are doing a great job, tyvm for all what you have done and are going to do! <3 edit: i also like the prototype part >:3c best regards
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