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  1. It is not my job to explain how you've been snarky throughout this entire thread when it is very apparent to anyone who will read through this. I am sorry that your attachment to an outdated gatcha like mechanic for an essential function of the game makes you feel so strongly. However, you are clearly in the minority here when it comes to how grinding works currently and it would be for the benefit of basically every other player for it to be reworked. As far as responses, I'm not going to be answering on this thread anymore. I said all I originally intended to say in the first post.
  2. This isn't much of a fix. Funny enough in the following games in the Phantasy Star Universe Franchise, There were missions beyond S rank. There was even a rank called Infinity in the Japanese exclusive Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity. You're saying people are divided on the current system. However, the only players I see who like the system as it is are yourself and Spikey. It's very clear the majority of players would prefer rework of the system that doesn't have a pointless randomness mechanic.
  3. It's not going to break the game. If anything a better grind system brings more enjoyment and gameplay potential for the game. If the game has to rely on cheesy mechanics to last, then it isn't a good game. Sega realized this and completely reworked the system in later installments. Ever since your first reply you have been snarky and salty. Disrespect isn't appreciated on what is otherwise a civilized discussion. Thank you.
  4. Just curious if there is a way to make the HUD bigger as I have increased the Custom Resolution to 1080p. However, this makes the HUD really small and lots of things are much harder to read.
  5. If I knew how, I'd help ya out to get it done faster!
  6. I'd like to use this but my manly beast guy would probably end up sounding like a japanese school girl to the players without this mod lmao
  7. Yoooo this slaps! I'd like to use ESRGAN to upscale the textures in Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst.
  8. Grind failing is one thing, grind breaking is another. Spikey and Ronald. While you two might get excitement from the potential of weapon breaking and like the idea of repeat hunting something you already earned, not everyone feels that way. (let me add I doubt you actually enjoy that process especially if it happens more than once.) Every other player I talk to and the Clementine wiki itself calls the randomness of the system an annoyance. It promotes players not take part in a feature. As for these solutions, I think they are great. A broken weapon repair kit or if a grind fails it doesn't break the weapon and alternatively decreases the grind rather than completely ruining grind potential are much more innovative than how it currently is set up.
  9. My weapon didn't break. I don't do grinding because of the randomness of it. It not a well thought out system and there are more reasons to change it than to leave it the way it is. Not to mention, the later grinding systems to be included in Phantasy Star Portable 2 and Portable 2 Infinity allow for players to keep the weapons they love even if they are a lower rank. But the caveat of that is paying the meseta and hunting for the codes to get it to be the same level as the s ranks. Does this mean someone could make a C rank sword into an S rank? Yup, but it takes a good amount of effort! A single extend code brings a weapon up a single rank. So a C rank weapon would require 3 extend codes. In Phantasy Star Portable 2 and its sequel Infinity, extend codes are not common whatsoever. So in regards to end game content, the meseta expenditure as well as the procurement of extend codes coincided very well with if a player were to just use weapons already of higher class. One of the main draws to Phantasy Star is playing with character looks. Weapons and gear are a part of that. It isn't always motivating to feel forced into new gear just because of stats. It is equally if not more motivating to be able to have the opportunity to level up the stuff you like to the max. Just as you would your character and it would be silly if every time you leveled there was a chance of your character breaking. That doesn't mean people are going to stop hunting S rank weapons and uber rares at all. I saw that first hand when I used to play Portable 2 online as well as Infinity on the Japanese Servers.
  10. The fact that grinding can fail does not make for exciting or interesting game play. It is annoying and completely useless. All it does is punish the player for using a feature in the game. Sega realized this and removed it completely in future installments of the Phantasy Star Universe franchise. It is so stupidly pointless that even this server's wiki calls the randomness of it annoying. All grind breaking does is make players not want to play. Especially after they hunted or could finally afford the item they wanted just for it to break. To the mods of Clementine, do us all a favor and get rid of that system. Just make grinding simple and easy. In Phantasy Star Portable 2, grinding was done by literally just going to the shop and paying meseta to grind a weapon 1-10 with no chance of breaking. That said, each grind got more and more expensive and each grind was really expensive on S ranks. Another cool feature was that you could grind past 10 with extend codes and bring said weapon up a rank. For example, you could grind an A rank saber to 10, use an extend code and it would become an S rank with 0 grind. After that, you could grind it to 10 once more. Extend codes were quite rare but it made them worth hunting. Not to mention, it was fun taking a weapon you loved all the way to its maximum potential. I know that Clementine is supposed to replicate Phantasy Star Universe. However, the original PSU is gone and there is so much more improvement that can be done. Clementine could very well be an even better experience than what Sega originally offered and this is just a single example.
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